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Tammy's facial expressions by tamaraR Tammy's facial expressions :icontamarar:tamaraR 469 63 Flaky and Flippy by XxBrokenBitexX Flaky and Flippy :iconxxbrokenbitexx:XxBrokenBitexX 1,714 209 Yeah, go FIRETRUCK yourself by KICKASS-Bases Yeah, go FIRETRUCK yourself :iconkickass-bases:KICKASS-Bases 1,825 447
Hinata x Reader: Nervous
    It wasn't a secret that Hinata can't stand pressure. Whenever important matches rolled around, he wouldn't be able to sleep the night before and would usually end up trying to control an uneasy stomach or vomiting (most likely on a very, very unlucky teammate) right before the game was set to begin, although his nervousness would fade during warm-ups. After you became his girlfriend and began to watch him play in most of his matches, however, his pre-game anxiety grew worse and worse. Eventually, it reached the point where it began to affect him sooner and affect him while he was playing as well. And even though Hinata did his best to hide it, Kageyama, being the one who interacted with him the most, was the first to observe the change, and he certainly made sure everyone else picked up on it as well.
    "What are you doing, Hinata you idiot!" Kageyama bellowed furiously, gritting his teeth as his eye twitched in anger. "That's the fifth q
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Who Was Phone? by Gray--Day Who Was Phone? :icongray--day:Gray--Day 1,613 297
A Very Nervous Day
"Tch why am I so nervous." A young teen said pacing about his room.
We join our little story on a young man named Tim. He was a frail teen, no muscles, light but a pale skin, and well shaggy black hair. Today he would be telling his friend something that he couldn't hide from him any long.
"Alright Tim, you can do it! Just don't chicken out." Tim repeated in the mirror in his room. "But man this will be so hard. I wonder if he can handle it." Tim wondered hearing the doorbell ring heading down stairs opening it. "Oh hey Kain. Come in." He said side stepping his friend letting him in.
"Sure man." Kain said entering.
Kain was Tim's best friend and coolest kid in school. Having wavy brown hair, blue eyes, a nice body. He was the envy of everyone there. It confused people at school why he chose to hang out with Tim. But he didn't care, he connected with Tim and they became close like that over time.
"So what did you want to tell me man? I rushed over when I heard what was wrong." He said a
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Bondage Spider by humon Bondage Spider :iconhumon:humon 7,274 719 Bookended by Dilarus Bookended :icondilarus:Dilarus 522 76 Cousin Alex Mercer by DragonRider13025 Cousin Alex Mercer :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 804 146 The Art of Distress by WhiteDiamondsLtd The Art of Distress :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 2,030 194 Compassion by Aegis-Illustration Compassion :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 781 84 Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Shy Stamp :iconneko-musume:Neko-Musume 8,151 453
I am depressed.
I am sad. Crying. Bored. Alone. Empty.
I am guilty. Scared. Angry.
I am tired. Restless. Jittery.
I am nervous. Disorganized. Self-consious.
I can't think. See. Move.
I am in a fog.
I feel ugly.
I hurt.
I am dying inside.
I am depressed.
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Shorts and Boots ::Stock 14:: by spiked-stock Shorts and Boots ::Stock 14:: :iconspiked-stock:spiked-stock 278 42
Ease Your Pain (Leo x Reader) one shot
You gasp for breath frantically as you try to grasp on to something to hold your falling body. Your chest tightens and your vision blurs as you feel tears squeeze from your tightly closed eyes. "It will be okay, (y/n), it will be okay it's okay everything's fine" you say as you force your body to relax. "It's is okay" you tell yourself as you tremble. You calm your hyperventilating long enough to find your way to the floor. You lay down on the soft mats of the dojo, the smell of years of sweat and dedication radiate forth and you find peace as the scent wafts around you like a blanket. You can faintly smell them, this is where they spent the most crawl over to where he would always meditate, and lay down near the mark in the floor from burnt sandlewood. You softly run your fingers over the area, then deeply breath the scent of your love. "Why? Why did you leave me?" You sob
"(Y/n)...hey what's wrong?" you hear a soft voice say as you lay sobbing on the grou
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Take Cover by Carnegriff Take Cover :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 1,436 158 Another Place postcard by Carnegriff Another Place postcard :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 1,826 151
Toddler!Country x Adoptive Mommy!Reader intro
You wait in the airport for the plane to arrive. You recently decided to adopt a son. He had to take a plane to your hometown. His new hometown. You're kind of excited about being an adoptive mother. You glance at the adoption papers once again. You kiss his picture. 'Soon,' you think to yourself, 'I'll be able to kiss your forehead.'
The boy is 3 years old right now. He's turning 4 in a couple of months. His family died in a fire when he was 1, so he couldn't remember the whole ordeal. He claims to have vague memories though, and is especially cautious around fire.
You look up at the flight schedule and see that his flight is running a bit late, but it should be there about 15 minutes after the scheduled time. You decide to try to pass the time by reading your favorite book, (favorite book).
~Time Skip~
You glance up at the flight schedule and see that your new son's plane just arrived. You hold up a sign with his name on it so he can find you. Now you're both excited and nervous; you
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Sunlit stream by KFCemployee Sunlit stream :iconkfcemployee:KFCemployee 622 36 Commission: Its Still Me... by thesilvermist Commission: Its Still Me... :iconthesilvermist:thesilvermist 389 71 Just this once... by Rumi-Kuu Just this once... :iconrumi-kuu:Rumi-Kuu 838 242 Black Hat and Dr. Flug + Speedpaint by Lovely-White-Void Black Hat and Dr. Flug + Speedpaint :iconlovely-white-void:Lovely-White-Void 255 16 how i got my stutter by DoNotAttempt how i got my stutter :icondonotattempt:DoNotAttempt 839 306 Fake Sonadow by Narcotize-Nagini Fake Sonadow :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 402 77 It's Okay To Be Nervous [COMIC PAGE COMMISSION] by ARVEN92 It's Okay To Be Nervous [COMIC PAGE COMMISSION] :iconarven92:ARVEN92 501 94 Shy Angel Pose Reference by SenshiStock Shy Angel Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 166 16 Wolfshadowscry Has Been Boing Boinged AGAIN (16+) by krocialblack Wolfshadowscry Has Been Boing Boinged AGAIN (16+) :iconkrocialblack:krocialblack 294 29
A Start (BBC Watson x Reader- One Shot)
You got ready for the day, smiling at the rain outside as you tugged a thick scarf around your neck and a jacket around your frame. It was the perfect day for a walk in the park near your new flat with the rain heavy enough that most people sought shelter indoors but light enough that it wouldn’t drench you, leaving the streets pleasantly empty. You grabbed your polka dotted umbrella from the stand by the door, your hand relishing the familiar smoothness of its curved handle, and then left the flat at an elated skip.
The park was exactly as you’d hoped it would be- empty save for one or two people here and there going about their business. It felt good to be out of the flat just for the sake of being out and you twirled your umbrella on your shoulder as you hummed a tune from Mary Poppins, the action reminding you of the movie. You let yourself get lost in that train of thought and next thing you knew your world went from perfect to almost nightmarish as you ran into someon
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 166 25
Nervous by CathleenTarawhiti Nervous :iconcathleentarawhiti:CathleenTarawhiti 267 54 parassita by Carnegriff parassita :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 1,196 203 Liz and her dog by RamonaTreffers Liz and her dog :iconramonatreffers:RamonaTreffers 145 28 Shallow breaths... shallow breaths! by Phraxus Shallow breaths... shallow breaths! :iconphraxus:Phraxus 351 9 Fluttershy Equestria Girls Outfit by Jeatz-Axl Fluttershy Equestria Girls Outfit :iconjeatz-axl:Jeatz-Axl 881 55 Important Wizard by SorcerusHorserus Important Wizard :iconsorcerushorserus:SorcerusHorserus 1,349 67 Pup bump 1/4 by geckoguy123456789 Pup bump 1/4 :icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 267 16 Anxiety by Kaizoku-hime Anxiety :iconkaizoku-hime:Kaizoku-hime 473 65 The Big Day by ziude The Big Day :iconziude:ziude 273 165
My First Date
Nervously sitting in the theater chair,
     Holding my popcorn not knowing what else to do.
Sitting here, awkwardly looking beside me, at you.
              I'm still new to this whole dating scene;
My stomach fills with butterflies...Or perhaps that's my spleen.
                        I never did well at anatomy; all I know is I'm scared
How do I act? How do I know if you care?
          You look at me and smile in that side-way grin of yours
But I look away, bashful, and instead admire the floor.
                  Look at all the popcorn and trash—who cleaned?
When is the movie going to start? Oh wait, it's not even six-thirty.
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Commission - Erin the Zoroark by ZinZoa Commission - Erin the Zoroark :iconzinzoa:ZinZoa 330 43 Blank Expression Meme by JKSketchy Blank Expression Meme :iconjksketchy:JKSketchy 362 48
Starving sleep and apologies.
My sleep is starving.
It is shivering sweat like snow
across my shoulders as I sob scream
after scream against your skin;
"sorry, I'm so sorry,
go back to sleep."

I am sad
and struggling to stay
together but you slump
against my sickness
and hold me
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Shyest Juggalo by Squidbiscuit Shyest Juggalo :iconsquidbiscuit:Squidbiscuit 1,110 70 Drug Addiction by BenHeine Drug Addiction :iconbenheine:BenHeine 271 11 Akoswadheusthanita by mattpinyan Akoswadheusthanita :iconmattpinyan:mattpinyan 403 46 :iconnervous-laughplz: by xxghost250xx :iconnervous-laughplz: :iconxxghost250xx:xxghost250xx 586 139
People are not medicine
I will thaw out my
frozen ice box of a chest
for you
I will pump and resurrect
the dead tissues
so I can write about you
I will write about your
drug store Romeo smile
and the way you
hold your hands behind
your head like its the only
thing that will stop it
from rolling off your shoulders
I will write about the way
your eyes crinkle in the corners
and the way your dimples are uneven
when you laugh
I will write about the
tiny vampire footprints
you leave on my skin at night
when we're sat outside
on the sidewalk
contemplating Aristotle and Cobain
Like bleary eyed philosophers
I will write about the way
your fingers flex when you're excited
and how your knee
jitters when you're nervous
and how you like
lonely places
because they're so much more
than movie theatres and shopping malls
I will write about you
until I run out of words
and I'm sorry
I'm not poetic enough
to cover the breadth of
your firecracker soul
but I hope you know
this is the best
I can do
and I hope
that's enou
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 42 23
Sweet Valentine
I am a boy/girl who is kind of meek.
My breath gets caught when I try to speak.
You are so beautiful and very smart.
It’s very obvious, you’ve captured my heart.
My darling princess/prince, may you always shine.
I hope I can be, your sweet Valentine
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 25 13
Where Are We Going by AndrewMcIntoshArt Where Are We Going :iconandrewmcintoshart:AndrewMcIntoshArt 205 19