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Crash Bandicoot vs Cortex :icontheoriginalmistajonz:theoriginalmistajonz 508 20 Coco Nicole Kitty Blaze Elsa MLP EG :iconconikiblasu-fan:CoNiKiBlaSu-fan 322 51 Welcome Back Crash Bandicoot :iconjenl:JenL 358 68 The Big Bash :icone-122-psi:E-122-Psi 748 120 Crash Bandicoot :iconzody:ZoDy 1,393 797 Crash Reunion :icontveye363:tveye363 483 70 Dr. Neo Cortex :iconjenl:JenL 231 53 Dr. Neo Cortex :iconsedra60:sedra60 161 107 Crash Bandicoot vs MegaMan :iconbaryltdf:BarylTDF 196 39 All Crash Bandicoot Characters! :iconkrystalfleming:KrystalFleming 327 46 Contest Entry- Crash vs Cortex :icondestruccion:Destruccion 600 245 Love or Pursuit CLRD :iconquaikeroatmeal:QuaikerOatmeal 520 73 Crash Bandicoot :iconfiercethebandit:FierceTheBandit 409 34 Chillin' with Dr. Cortex after Art Exam :iconsarasaland-dragon:Sarasaland-Dragon 86 96 Crash Bandicoot 1 Tribute :iconshinragod:shinragod 271 94 Dingodile :iconjamesmantheregenold:JamesmanTheRegenold 283 32 Crash Bandicoot-Original Cast :iconecho-gecko:Echo-Gecko 235 63 Under the Ray :iconstrixic:Strixic 301 19 Crash bandicoot :iconking-sorrow:KING-SORROW 487 41 Doctor Neo Cortex Life-size Plush Doll :iconsarasaland-dragon:Sarasaland-Dragon 95 120 Crash bandicoot- my style :iconll-sunset-ll:ll-SunSet-ll 114 49 Crash Bandicoot: of the TITANS :iconlars99:Lars99 252 186 Neo Cortex when will you learn? :iconsedra60:sedra60 102 68
If Crash Bandicoot was in PSASBR
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Moveset: Crash Bandicoot
Normal Crash
Motorcycle Crash (DLC)
Scuba Crash
Minion: Coco Bandicoot
" WHOA!"
Once a normal Bandicoot who was taken from his homeland by the evil Dr. Neo Cortex to make him the leader of an army of super animals. After countless experiments from the Evolvo Ray, Crash managed to escape from the Doctors castle. With the help of the mystic witch doctor, Aku Aku, Crash returned to Cortex's Castle to defeat him and save his girlfriend Tawna, who would later leave him and go out with Pinstripe. Now Crash lives a peaceful life on N. Sanity Island with his super smart sister Coco, his adopted big brother Crunch, and their pet animals Polar the Polarbear and Pura the Tiger. He is always ready to battle against Dr. Cortex's minions and Aku Aku's evil twin brother, Uka Uka.
Arcade Story
*opens on N. Sanity Island outside of Crashes House. Crash is resting, Coco is petting Pura, Crunch is lifting weights*
:iconmeltingman234:MeltingMan234 23 15
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