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{Levi x Mute!Reader} Meow! Meow!
“[Name], can you keep a secret?” your friend asked you in a hushed whisper; though you had glared at her with the utmost distaste, she released a carefree laugh at your silent anger. “I knew you could!”
A soft mewling erupted from your friend's bag, and she pulled it open, lifting up a ball of matted raven-black fur. “I found this little guy wandering the headquarters in the rain, and I just couldn't leave him out there!”
You stared at her with your classic 'are you an idiot' look. The consequences of your punishment if someone was to catch you two in the hall with this feline was staggering, but being the caring person you were, you couldn't completely reject those wide, gray eyes blinking back at you helplessly, no matter how much trouble there would be to pay if caught.
“I know how much you like animals," she cooed and practically shoved the little black fluff ball in your face. His thin whiskers tickled your skin, and he gently placed his s
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One Feisty Feline [Cat!Romano X Human!Reader]
"I'm home!" you called out as you pushed open your front door. Hands full of grocery bags, you close the door with your foot. Not a minute after announcing your presence in the house, a blur ran out from your room and over to your legs. Standing there, nuzzling your shin was your tabby cat, Romano.
Romano had become extremely protective of you once you had found out that you were pregnant. Your fiancé, whose child you were pregnant with, was currently overseas on military business, so you were left alone with Romano. You had just gotten your cat around the time your fiancé and you had started dating. He had always been rather protective of you, but as of late, he would refuse to leave your side. He would throw fits when you would have guests over, not that he wasn't always getting mad when you had others over, especially males.
But lately, he would hiss and sometimes even bite if you had company. Speaking of company, your friend Alfred was going to come over today.
You attemp
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Take My Love [Neko!Levi x Reader]
“Levi, what the actual hell is this?”
A moment to yourself; that was all you wanted. Your parents pressured you day in and day out about your stupid, upcoming semester. Your friends bombarded you with parties and dinners that finally repelled you. Even your best friend started to irritate you with her constant texts and calls. Turning off every device you owned, you broke out of your cage of an apartment just to run by the grocery store to buy some well deserved Chinese food and ice cream.
And what were you greeted with? The cheery atop this sundae of madness you had been doubled dipped in headfirst? Your damn cat, Levi, left your new couch in ruins. It just arrived yesterday, one that had been put on back order multiple times. The left arm rest was covered in scratch marks, and little white pieces of stuffing scattered about the wooden leg.
Of course, the little bastard was no where to be seen. This moment just defined your entire week right there.
Half slamming your groce
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Please Take Me Home - Sebastian x Neko! Reader
Living on the streets was not easy.
There was murderers, rapists, and not to mention the God-awful drunks that threw glass bottles at you. 
But one could guess such was the life of a cat. A cat in Victoria England.
You gazed at your surroundings in disgust. Being in the alley of a bar was gross. You couldn't believe this actually happened to you.
One day you were taking a stroll in the park and lightly bumped into a man in a cloak. In surprise he yelled "Abracadabra" and poof! Your life as a human was over.  
You growled bitterly recalling that awful memory. 'That stupid man! If only I scratched him with my claws maybe he would have turned me back...' 
Sadly that wasn't the case because you ran away in disbelief to what just happened. You ran and and ran. You ran until your paws were bleeding. Until your breaths became diminished to hurried pants. Until exhaustion overtook your tiny body and made you succumb to a nightmarish sleep.
Coming out of that
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Neko!2P!Canada X Reader: Flawed
       “Get out of here you stupid cat!”
       I hiss as the head of a broom comes crashing down on the spot I was standing a moment before. Narrowly dodging another swing of the broom, I take off down the alley. Quickly, I skid around the corner-startling a few pedestrians-and dash down the street. Pausing at a street corner, I scan my surroundings for refuge.
       Without warning, a car races by, blasting me with cold air and spraying me with muddy water. I growl, annoyed, as I shake the moisture from my golden fur. I jump, when a scream erupts from behind me.
       “Ugh! A stray! Get out of here you filthy creature!”
       My sharp reflexes save me from a pointed heel as I leap away from the woman. She attempts to batter me with her purse, but I’m already gone.
       I run out into the street without thinking and nearly pay for m
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Neko!2P!Canada X Reader: Flawed Pt.2
       An obnoxious buzzing erupts from seemingly nowhere, jolting me awake with a yelp. A heartbeat later I locate the source of the noise: a round clock sitting on the coffee table. With my fur standing on end, I flinch from the painful noise stabbing my ears. Bunching my haunches, I jump and pounce on the annoying contraption. Hissing at it, I rake my claws through the plastic shell. I sink my teeth into the top in my desperation to shut the loud thing off. Knocking it to the floor, the stupid clock refuses to go silent. My temple is now throbbing painfully, so I pounce on the clock from above. Growling, I wrestle with the device in a frenzy of fur and claws.
       What the h*** is this thing made out of?!
       Rearing up on my hind legs, I bring my weight crashing down on the clock. I repeatedly smash the plastic with my front paws, hoping to destroy the thing.
       No such luck; the thing is freak
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Cat!England x reader - which one?
"So, _____-san, which one do you want to keep?" Kiku asked me as I petted the cats.
"I'm going to keep Iggycat" I said. It's been hard decision but... what else I would do. Americat looked at me with his bright, blue eyes and started to panic. He was running around the room and meowing all the time.
"Now, now, be a good cat and go with me" Kiku grabbed the larger cat and walked out. Iggycat meowed at me and licked my cheek. I petted him as he purred.
"So... you're happy about that you're staying?" I smiled and he meowed louder. I took him onto my arms and looked at him. Somehow he looked really familiar.
"You are just like my friend, Iggy..." I smiled sadly. "His name is Arthur, he's so nice to me, you know?"
The cat turned his head to the side and I giggled.
"Yes, just like you" I rubbed his ear "he has green eyes, like you. Also, he has those crazy, thick eyebrows... and it looks like you have pair of them too"
He purred and rubbed his head on my neck. It's like he understood me.
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Okay guys a brief explanation for why kitty Scot is such a weird cat. It's mainly because, I think that if Scotland was a cat, he'd be a hyperactive little shit.   xD That's all.
Making decisions had always been a slight problem for you and today was no exception. You stared at the throng of milling cats. You could only pick one, but they were all so cute and you wanted to take them all with you.  But you couldn't.
Sighing, you pursed your lips. Maybe you should come back tomorrow after you had researched the different types of cats.
Turning to Elizabeta, you smiled apologetically. "I don't know if I'm really ready to adopt a cat yet."
She nodded, grabbing a flyer off the near by wall. It explained the purpose of the shelter and the hours. You thanked her smiled, taking the flyer. When you left, you felt a small tinge of guilt for not buying a cat.
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Neko!2P!Canada X Reader: Flawed Final
       Flicking my tail, I stare up at the calendar. Has it really been one week already? It feels more like a month to me.
       My nose twitches as something warm and salty teases my senses. Glancing over my shoulder, I stare with perked interest at the steaming fish sitting upon a plate.
       Licking my lips hungrily, I trot over into the kitchen.
       _______ grabs some spices from a cupboard and walks over to season the fish.
       The scent becomes even more glorious and I can feel my ears heat up, when my stomach growls loudly.
       “Hungry? Good because I’ve whipped up quite the treat for you.” My eyes widen as she sets the plate down on the floor by my paws.
       My violet eyes stare into hers as I tilt my head to the side as if asking, ”for me? Really?”
       “Go ah
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