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dysfunctional psyche of humanity by PsycheAnamnesis dysfunctional psyche of humanity :iconpsycheanamnesis:PsycheAnamnesis 401 36
I'm Lost, I'm Lost...
I’m spiraling downward,
Breathing heavily outward,
in a ceaseless slump
And feeling down in the dumps.
I’m lost, I’m lost, make this all stop!
Seated at the desk
I’m immobilized by stress,
Giving work a blank stare
As if I don’t even care.
Feeling under a spell
I cannot cast away,
I’m lost, I’m lost, in a solitary hell.
Each corner lies a wrong turn,
Sorrow swells and anger burns.
I can’t find out why
No matter how I try.
I’m lost, I’m lost, can’t see a way out!
Lying in my bedroom
With a sense of gloom,
Gazing upwards I ask
“How long will this last?”
Drifting off for the night
With fractured faith,
I’m lost, I’m lost, with no guiding light…
:iconartsyambassadorart:ArtsyAmbassadorArt 28 13
It's Your Sick World
You're bold, you're stupid, the blame game is your friend.
Pointing fingers, shouting names,
none of them your own.
Swollen bellies, teenage bodies, where's the father,
why the bother?
Drugs replacing, mind is racing, colours facing, love escaping.
Designer brands determine friendships,
the popular ruining it all.
See the girl in the chair, dead in the centre,
judged, broken, offended, broken.
What do you do?
Judge, break, offend, BREAK!
Tear down the creative,
shatter the artistic.
This is your life,
walking a fake line.
Cherish it, or don't.
It's your sick world.
:iconkeko-meko:Keko-Meko 29 15
Reassuring Pride
Reassuring Pride.
I can do this on my own.
I don't require your assistance.
                                                                     I'm not questioning whether your capable.
                                                        Why the hostility and the unsighted resistance?
Why cant you just leave me alone?
I don't admire or warrant your persistence.
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 29 9
Must draw by Noxmoony Must draw :iconnoxmoony:Noxmoony 161 46 The demonization of female sexuality.. by rationalhub The demonization of female sexuality.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 53 20 An eye for an eye by manuelestheim An eye for an eye :iconmanuelestheim:manuelestheim 187 8
I'm really sorry~ A Free Verse Poem
I'm really, really sorry.
I tried so hard to be positive, 
I tried so hard to be kind, 
I tried so hard to be caring, 
But I've failed you guys 
You always looked to me for positivity, 
But I can't be positive right now, 
I see no hope for my future, 
I see no hope for my life 
I tried so hard to write good poetry, 
But all I can come up with is honesty, 
I tried so hard to create good art, 
But can't seem to be creative anymore 
Nothing I do will stay forever, 
I guess that's apparent now, 
I wished that I could make something better, 
But I failed to reach out to anybody at all 
I'm sorry for my promises, 
I'm sorry for my dreams, 
I'm sorry for my hopefulness, 
I'm sorry for my kindness 
Please forgive me. 
:iconlightbleueyes:lightbleueyes 14 20
Wake Up
It's the things we don't say,
                         The words that will never leave our lips,
                                                              That really cut us to the core...

It's cold, cruel, and calculating,
Stop playing tug of war with my heart,
Dragging me into the mud with you;
I don't want to roll around in all the filth,
It's disgusting to me, riddled with negativity...
Dancing along the edge of the knife,
                             The blades of steel help me find my nerve again.

I stand on the precipice of a broken frontier;
Take my advice, take it from someone who's been there,
Never build your dreams out of glass,
Lest you seek for them to be
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 17 21
Let it slide by RadenWA Let it slide :iconradenwa:RadenWA 122 103 : Feelings : by KarolinaNoumenon : Feelings : :iconkarolinanoumenon:KarolinaNoumenon 508 33 Pos and Neg by MissPoe Pos and Neg :iconmisspoe:MissPoe 156 47
You cannot live with negative people and expect to live a positive life.
                                                                                                --Joel Osteen
People say negative things all the time. You can't escape it, much less ignore it. You can't run away from it unless you just can't tolerate it no more. You can't possibly not be bothered by negative things that are said or done or happen and not say something negative back. It's just not possible. That's why we say things like 'I can't stand this anymore!' or 'This sucks!' or perhaps even
:icontheskull31:TheSkull31 16 47
Pirunkieli - Devil's tongue by BlasticHeart Pirunkieli - Devil's tongue :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 375 25 The Body Shall Burn by negateven The Body Shall Burn :iconnegateven:negateven 146 29
centrifugal i
stray, splitting like
the scars in the
oracle bones
beneath the crackling
heat of the thick white
paintbrush smearing
at my little bits of
blotted gray.
the words burn down deep,
sweep me off my feet with
a vengeance,
curl against my teeth and creep
in the twitching corners of my faint smile,
glitter in the dim light of my eyes -
melting my mask
to my cheeks,
dripping slowly down my skin,
swiping the clean in
streaks and replacing stars with
salt. the hurt in me that
balloons up to bite in my
throat suddenly shrinks down to
ache dully in my chest
like the morning cold,
camping itself at the top of
my lungs. and as a bead hovers
above my lip, caught in
a spiderweb and straining
against destiny, i can
feel the flame
but the bursting scent of it all still
latches onto my nose and
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 15 6
Where No Maps Exist by Phenix59 Where No Maps Exist :iconphenix59:Phenix59 73 18 Claustrophobic by Askrata Claustrophobic :iconaskrata:Askrata 24 38 Anxiety, Envy, and Regret by charcoalfeather Anxiety, Envy, and Regret :iconcharcoalfeather:charcoalfeather 103 44 Shadows In The Deep by LadyxBoleyn Shadows In The Deep :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 66 25
Godly Relationships 83: Your Thoughts
How will you direct your thoughts today? Will you obey the words of Philippians 4:8 by dwelling upon those things that are honorable, true, and worthy or praise? Or will you allow your thoughts to be hijacked by negativity that seems to dominate our troubled world.
Are you fearful, angry, bored, or worried? Are you so preoccupied with the concerns of this day that you fail to thank God for the promise of eternity? Are you confused, bitter, or pessimistic? If so, God wants to have a little talk with you. He wants to remind you of His infinite love and His boundless grace. As you contemplate these things, and as you give thanks for God's blessings, negativity should no longer dominate you day or your life.    
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 10 1
.: DREARY MESS :. by eeZoME .: DREARY MESS :. :iconeezome:eeZoME 57 38
The Valley
     I walk through the valley
I walk through the valley
     of the shadow of Death
And I see you
     I walk over rocks
I walk over rocks
     That bleed with each breath
And they feel like you
     I walk through the dust
I walk through the dust
     Which taste of dead flesh
And I dream of loving you
     I walk over dried desert
I walk over dried desert
     That has long sucked life
And I lay with the memory of you
     I walk to a tidepool
I walk to a tidepool
     filled with crabs and genocidal blood
And I run my finger through you
     I walk towards the sun
I walk towards the sun
     That burns my eyes out
And I see your silhouette
     I walk into Hell
:iconmuffla:muffla 9 14
Spell to Release Negativity
-black yarn or string
-thyme (preferably dried)
-sage (preferably dried)
-piece of paper
-black pen
On the piece of paper, create a list of the negative emotions you are feeling (sadness, emotional pain, abandonment, anger, frustration, etc.) Sprinkle the thyme and sage over your words. Carefully fold the paper over the herbs, creating a small bundle. Tie the yarn/string around the bundle to hold it shut. Strike a match and set the bundle on fire, envisioning the herbs absorbing your negative emotions and the fire burning them away. Imagine the rising smoke taking the negativity away from you. When the bundle has burned completely and the ashes have cooled, blow them into the wind, watching as the negativity dissipates with them. Once they've disappeared, allow the warmth and joy of the Lord and Lady take the place of the now released negativity.
:iconaryadragonsong:AryaDragonsong 9 6
Cut the Negativity by Haychel Cut the Negativity :iconhaychel:Haychel 175 38 Black 05 by zombilina Black 05 :iconzombilina:zombilina 86 1 Cynicism by IAmTheUnison Cynicism :iconiamtheunison:IAmTheUnison 23 14 Positivism by Anacorreal Positivism :iconanacorreal:Anacorreal 35 8
i hope that ferns sprout
through the holes in
your heart you don't
hide well enough and
grow up and
over the shiny soil
of your hair
and i hope that
ivy twists around your
swift snapping legs
and tiny pinch waist
and binds them
tight and slows you
down so you will not
walk past me
the same brisk way
you keep walking
with your head turned
so sharp away
from me and
i hope that if
you read these
words you will
look at them
the same way i think
you looked at the pieces of
and saw
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 18 12
Be Different by humanskin Be Different :iconhumanskin:humanskin 21 53
How To Think Positive
In order to think positive,
You need to know what rock-bottom feels like.
In order to think positive,
You need to know what it feels like to have no one.
In order to think positive,
You need to know what it feels like to have no will to live.
In order to think positive,
You need to know what it feels like to become victim to the demons inside your own head.
You need to be selfless,
Giving as much as you can,
Sometimes at the cost of your own happiness.
You need to be strong,
Faking strength
To help those who are broken.
You need to be silent,
Hiding your own pain
And not letting anyone see you bleed.
The easiest way to think positive
Is when being positive is the only choice you have.
When you have to be
:iconprojectowl:ProjectOWL 8 4
Incarcerous by eeZoME Incarcerous :iconeezome:eeZoME 54 15 Black 18 by zombilina Black 18 :iconzombilina:zombilina 62 3 Positive Papy by VickyViolet Positive Papy :iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 184 43 Instability Inc. Pt.2 by LoveDestructive Instability Inc. Pt.2 :iconlovedestructive:LoveDestructive 13 18 Bleeding Out by HyruleandHogwarts Bleeding Out :iconhyruleandhogwarts:HyruleandHogwarts 37 12 body shaming :request: by BaconMagic body shaming :request: :iconbaconmagic:BaconMagic 1,077 410 The glass is full, half water, half air. by Little-rolling-bean The glass is full, half water, half air. :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 167 99 The AEON of SATAN by satanen The AEON of SATAN :iconsatanen:satanen 36 2 Lovely Care Centre by ThePsychoGoat Lovely Care Centre :iconthepsychogoat:ThePsychoGoat 26 3 Gallery May Contain Stamp by In-The-Zone Gallery May Contain Stamp :iconin-the-zone:In-The-Zone 116 17 Extended Sketch Pad v1.0 by JohnJensen Extended Sketch Pad v1.0 :iconjohnjensen:JohnJensen 61 48 The higher the hopes are the harder they may fall. by Little-rolling-bean The higher the hopes are the harder they may fall. :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 109 36 Firewall by CATtheMinion Firewall :iconcattheminion:CATtheMinion 26 4
How Can You See Something Beautiful? - Song Lyrics
All I notice are the imperfections
All I see are the mistakes
All I know is that there are broken pieces
That are unseemly in this frame
And so when I look, all I ever find are flaws
That don't measure up to all the rest
And how it hurts me when I recall
That what was once worth more is now worth less
These contradictions
These shortcomings
I'm so hypocritical to my ideals
I say what's right, but inside my life
I act as though those words aren't real
Sometimes within me burns a flame
To strive to try to do what I know is right
But I fail at it, again and again
To be the person who I try
Oh, how can you see something beautiful?...
When I just see what I always fail to be?
Oh, how can you see something marvelous?...
When the person who you're looking at.. is me?
Why do you put your trust in me
When you know it's a trust I'll break?
Why do you even put up with these
Wretched things I do and say?
You say there's good, but I just see bad
You say we could...
But I don't see how we caaaaaa-aa
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 7 6
Rail the Realist by TehMomo Rail the Realist :icontehmomo:TehMomo 98 54 DEITUS by satanen DEITUS :iconsatanen:satanen 28 10