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Regrets and Delusions
It was just supposed to be another normal day.
I would wake up late, eat, and then bathe. After that, I would surf the internet to my heart's content. A typical routine for a sixteen year old girl. Of course, since it was spring break, I could do that. I was a bit of a lazy-ass, so I didn't want to go out of the house unless necessary. But then, something terrible happened. Well, my mouse was pretty old, and it was to be expected, but I nearly cried when I found out it wasn't working anymore.
My parents refused to leave the house at that time, so I was forced to go out and buy a brand new mouse myself. I couldn't wait for another day since I could be really impatient. Besides, I couldn't survive without the internet for that long. I went to a nearby mall and into the department store, and bought a new mouse.
That's when I met him.
He looked so frail and scared, as if he was a lost child looking for his parents in the middle of the mall. Although it was seriously we
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Fujiwara no Mokou . . by Lirinu Fujiwara no Mokou . . :iconlirinu:Lirinu 97 6 LAZINESS by I3ushidoKuroi LAZINESS :iconi3ushidokuroi:I3ushidoKuroi 184 13 Rock Vampire by OoRedOneoO Rock Vampire :iconooredoneoo:OoRedOneoO 267 28 Alice: I'm a NEET Detective! by ichiko-san Alice: I'm a NEET Detective! :iconichiko-san:ichiko-san 120 26 -- kami-sama no Memochou chibi -- by Kurama-chan -- kami-sama no Memochou chibi -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 413 52 No Game No Life by jaspercatapang No Game No Life :iconjaspercatapang:jaspercatapang 227 3 Shin Godzilla vs Bagan 02 by HeiseiGoji91 Shin Godzilla vs Bagan 02 :iconheiseigoji91:HeiseiGoji91 64 14
UR: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
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It was another day for the average high school student, Kyon. He went to class, attended the SOS Brigade's club activities, and put up with its club leader Haruhi Suzumiya to keep her from irrevocably altering reality with her godlike powers. Yep. Another normal day for Kyon.
That's when everything changed. Kyon arrives at school and discovers Haruhi had mysteriously vanished. Not just from the school either, but from everyone's memories as well. The rest of the SOS Brigade are either gone or don't remember him. Kyon desperately tries to find out what has happened as his entire world has been turned upside down. Was it Haruhi who had finally altered the world? Or is someone else behind it…?
Now for the review:
Oh boy. Here we go. Reviewing the movie based off of one of the modern day anime juggernauts, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This review is either going to please
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Warning: fat, mild slob
          7:18 pm. Thursday. A hushed female voice filled a dimly-lit kitchen. Car keys made a jingling sound as they landed on a granite countertop along with the plop of a purse and a coat. "Dan, it's arguments like these that support my decision.. The custody issue was final. No visitation, no contact. Call me a bitch all you want, we don't want anything to do with you. This is your last chance to stop calling this number!" Call ended.
            The woman exhaled briefly, smoothing out her blouse. She darted back towards the door leading to the garage, reaching into the golden-lit backseat of her commuter sedan. She heaved two warm takeout pizza boxes off the leather seat, closing the door shut with a quick bump of her hip. Clearing some room on the kitchen counter, she set the boxes down, exhaling again.
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Shintaro Kisaragi x Reader - Meeting
Shintaro Kisaragi x Reader
[Kagerou Project]

Children laughed innocently in the streets as the sun brilliantly shone in the clear, blue sky. The weather was rather warm rather than scorching hot like it usually was, and there would be a nice breeze every now and then. Today was undeniably one of the nicest summer days ever. Many people took advantage of this by spending some time outside, but there were a few people that preferred to stay inside. One of these people was Shintaro Kisaragi.
Shintaro sat down upon his chair and opened a can of Coke, gulping some of its contents before placing the can down beside his keyboard so that it could be within his reach. He placed his hands atop the mouse and keyboard and got around to going by his usual virtual routine.
"Hm, I wonder if anyone's online," Shintaro mumbled to himself, typing in his username and password to log into his account, making sure to ignore the energetic AI that lived within his computer, Ene.
The young man
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