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Prince Thanatus
Make way for Prince Thanatus!
Say hey! It's Prince Thanatus
Hey! Clear the way in the old forums
Hey you!
Let us through!
It's a bright new guy !
Oh Come!
Be the first on your thread to meet his ire!
Make way!
Here he comes!
Ring bells! Bang the drums!
Are you gonna love this troll!
Prince Thanatus, f/a/bulous he,
Eldar please, show some respect,
down on one knee
Now, try your best to stay calm
If you're good you can call 'im Than
Or else watch him destroy your nonsensical faggotry!
Prince Thanatus!
/a/morous he!
Sharp as ten regular  Britfags, definitely!
He faced the hipstering hordes,
100 otakus with swords,
Who told those noobs to gtfo?
Why, Prince Thanatus.
He's got 75 Golden Daemons
(Don't they look lovely Sei-san?)
Purple Night Lords
He's got 53
(Nice details, love those jump-packs)
When it comes to exotic-type models
Does he lead a Legion?
I'm telling you, it's a galaxy-class menagerie
Prince Thanatus! /a/morous he,
Even more att
:iconthanatus-kun:Thanatus-kun 1 15
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