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Those Pick Up Lines || Sasuke x Fem!Reader
With a shaky sigh, you plopped down on your couch and titled your head back, so you were starring up to the ceiling.
Today was one of those bad-bobbies day.
Like a bad hair day, only with boobies, and when I say boobies I mean a lots o’ booby stuff.
First your bra wouldn’t fit you right in the morning as you were making yourself ready for work, in the first blouse looked your boobs flatter than ever, in the second one like killertits ones, then the blouse you had had finally chosen was suddenly too tight around your upperpart and then someone split some coffee on it, nearly burning the skin of your breast and much more.
You felt like the ugliest human being right now and just wanted to roll into a hole and never come back to see the daylight.
Now you were at home again and couldn’t be happier to be finally left alone.
“Hello, [Name]-chan! Why didn’t you say you were back again~?”, Naruto, your best friend, whined as he entered the living room
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