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Naruto OC: Character Info Template
NARUTO Shippūden character info
*Remember to remove anything in [BRACKETS]
Age:[ Remember to add an age for Pre-Shippūden AND Shippūden]
Species:[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc]
Sexual Orientation:
Blood Type:
Good Trait(s):
Bad Trait(s):
Fear(s): [Try and make it unique, Google a list of fears; EX. Try not to make it something like Blood or The dark these are overused and cliche :c ]
Weakness(es): [Remember everyone has weaknesses!]
Personal Quote:
Clan Info
Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai:[If any,Remember not every clan needs a Kekkei Genkai :3]
Status: [Is your clan fully functional,In hiding or is everyone dead? ]
Clan Appearance
[This is what members of your clan usually have, for example Hyuuga's usually seem to have paler skin,and brown or black hair, and of
:iconmonochromacy:Monochromacy 888 264
Naruto OC: Sora's timeline :iconxxsoratsuhimitsukoxx:XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX 4,684 1,195
Naruto Oc Maker

  Were they born in said village?:
    If not what is their original village of birth?:
      Why did they leave their birth village?:
Blood Type:

Exams Taken:
(This will help you determine if you want to show that your OC has failed an exam)
        Date of Birth:
        Relationship(i.e. playful, Sibling 1 and OC hate each other and are enemies):
        Date of Birth:
        Relationship(i.e. playful, Sibling 1 and OC hate each other and are enemies):
Missions Experience:
:iconknightleyarcher:KnightleyArcher 1,300 367
Naruto OC: Lala :iconlala-mot:Lala-Mot 1,713 274 Naruto Oc-Uchiha Kamiko :iconcuine:Cuine 2,145 322 Yuruko my new oc naruto :iconaiki-kazuma:Aiki-Kazuma 679 146 One More Time (Naruto OC) :iconkarameruyukika:KarameruYukika 2,568 263
Guide to Making a Naruto OC
If you’re reading this I assume you want to make a Naruto OC. This guide was created to help people come up with well thought out characters that are /not/ Mary-sues. This guide will tell you how to create and develop a character while telling you what to avoid and what not to do. This will be the basic outline.
1. Gender and Personality
2. Appearance and Name
3. Age and Birthday
4. Ninjutsu and abilities
5. History and Clan
6. Village and Rank
7. Family
8. Likes and Dislikes
9. Friends and Enemies
10. What to Avoid AKA What Not To Do
This guide will be full of examples using some of my OCs and giving you practical advice and links to websites that will help you out. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Now on with the guide!
Part One: Gender and Personality
The first thing you need to determine is whether your OC is a female or a male. This is probably the easiest step and also the simplest. Once you have decided whether they’re male or female you can move
:iconspiffy-the-wonderkid:spiffy-the-wonderkid 276 265
Hinata e Himawari - Mother and daughter :icondennisstelly:DennisStelly 1,285 81 Geijutsu :iconshiroi-hi:Shiroi-hi 852 126 Naruto e Hinata - the Last :icondennisstelly:DennisStelly 1,249 62
Making a Naruto OC
Naming your OC: Some people find that naming your OC before designing them, choosing their abilities, choosing their personality, etc. is easier than creating the character. I usually do this step last. Anyways, it's important to understand how the Japanese choose their children's name. Naruto doesn't take place in Japan but it is based in an Eastern Asian culture and world. Japanese people don't have middle names. Also the Japanese don't usually name their children after a relative or themselves. They usually take a kanji from whomever's name they want to give their child. For example, if the father's name is Daiki the son might get the kanji "dai" and might be named Daisuke. Some names that are ridiculously common among Naruto OCs are Ookami, Tori, Yuki, Akuma, Kumiko, Mai, Yumi, Kiyo, Kyo, Nami Yuri, Ai, Ken, Dan, Kei, Keiko, Chi, Emi, Emiko (I do have one but I chose it for the meaning. ^^; ) Akiko, Sora, Ryu, Rin, Rei, Tora, Yuu, Amaya, Aka, Kuro (I'm such a hypocrite), Gen, 
:iconspiffy-the-wonderkid:spiffy-the-wonderkid 373 200
Naruto OC Blank Template
Introduction of Character
Name: (First/Middle/Last)
Age: (Part I, Part II, Epilogue)
Gender: (Male/Female/Etc.)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Etc.)
Date of Birth: MM/DD
Date of Death: MM/DD
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: (Western/Eastern Respectively)
Blood Type:
If Ninja, Rank?: [Genin, Chunin, Jounin, etc.]
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
(Describe your character’s physical appearance with as much detail as possible. Don’t just list off words; get descriptive with how you describe your character instead of just stating their appearance.)
Handedness: (Right/Left/Ambidextrous)
(List/describe any tattoos, birthmarks, or scars that your char
:iconvisionarydame:VisionaryDame 343 36
Miuu for Naruto OC Collab :iconakaiblood:AkaiBlood 1,487 274 Solar Eclipse :icon253421:253421 3,031 65 Naruto and Bolt - Father and son :icondennisstelly:DennisStelly 1,109 83 Naruto OC concept art :Sora: :iconxxsoratsuhimitsukoxx:XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX 979 223 Uchiha Household :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,820 76 Taisetsuna Omoi :iconstilldollsawaii:StillDollSawaii 817 595 Naruto OC - Chisaki Hyuuga :iconhyuugachisaki:HyuugaChisaki 884 112 Naruto Character Base :iconsniickers:sniickers 1,868 521 Commission - Naruto and Akiko Family :icondannex009:dannex009 843 61 Night of the Jashinists :iconannria2002:annria2002 2,201 126 commission:Winter Sleep :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,591 74 Naruto OC: Kagai Luin :iconmuzikmastamaku:muzikmastamaku 982 71 SASUSAKU: Festival thingies :icontenchufreak:tenchufreak 1,535 145 THE LAST: Sawaii :iconstilldollsawaii:StillDollSawaii 753 115 Commission: AkikoXNaruto :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,551 147 Naruto OC: Aruperezu Koi :iconmuzikmastamaku:muzikmastamaku 1,007 206 . Miuu Himimtsu . :iconakaiblood:AkaiBlood 624 128 Naruto Oc: Mizuki Namida :iconunicornchen:unicornchen 637 55 PP Com: Kina :iconmairiemrys:MairiEmrys 413 27 Naruto OC: Team Shiriasu :iconbarak85:Barak85 1,279 142 Within My Heart :iconshiroi-hi:Shiroi-hi 538 98 Russian oc comission :iconaiki-kazuma:Aiki-Kazuma 1,742 260 Commission: Naruto and Ren :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,100 70 Wasting Time. . . :iconaoitorix:AoiTorix 583 91 -You are an idiot. :iconshiroi-hi:Shiroi-hi 674 65 Lunch Break :iconstilldollsawaii:StillDollSawaii 545 384 Itachi and Shizako :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,238 49 Annuska :iconmeago:meago 2,217 50 SasuAiki :iconaiki-kazuma:Aiki-Kazuma 348 75 New Naruto Oc: Hyuuga Hikami (sketch) :iconunicornchen:unicornchen 649 44 Kaede - Naruto OC :iconmasuyo-kaede:Masuyo-Kaede 836 136 Natsu no Hibi :iconstilldollsawaii:StillDollSawaii 861 400 Commission: Neji and Kazumi :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,477 130 Naruto OC - Hyuuga Surena :iconsuki-poehh:Suki-Poehh 575 49 Naruto OC Timeline - Odoroki Jun :iconcherriuku:cherriuku 827 150 The Last Naruto The Movie - Shion Hatake :iconhatakeshion:HatakeShion 596 81 You better run :iconilabarattolo:ilaBarattolo 933 52