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OC Bio and Profile Template
Original Character Bio/Profile Template
Hair color:
Eye color:
Birth town:
Previous towns:
Current town:
Birth allegiance:
Previous allegiances:
Current allegiance:
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Gorillaz quotes
"Before Gorillaz took off I couldn't get anyone to talk to me. Now I can't get them to shut up."-Murdoc Niccals
"Sometimes good things come in big packages! I arrived in a FedEx crate!"-Noodle
"Well, we went through a lot of names. But seeing as, musically, I wanted to swing through the jungle baring my arse, I thought Gorillaz was a perfect name."-Murdoc Niccals
"War does not determine who is right. Only who is left."-Russel Hobbs
"Stripping for cash is yet another of my many talents"-Murdoc Niccals
"Sign us at our first gig, man. It'll be great press for both of us, kids will think some kind of phonenum...phenomunen, ph...some kind of movement's happening. Oh yeah, do something wicked that'll get us noticed."-Murdoc Niccals in a call to Mr. Whiffy Smiffy
"From the day we met we were inseparable. Even after he died."-Russel Hobbs about Del the Ghost
"Every great band is destroyed by their success. Cartoon bands are no exception."-Noodle
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls."-Murdoc Niccal
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Headache? by LadyGT Headache? :iconladygt:LadyGT 4,965 775
Unsure (Neji x Reader)
Neji Hyuga: a self proclaimed destiny reader.
Yes, you did read that right. Neji Hyuga always spouted on and on about his ability to see into one's being, deciding whether they would fail in life, or succeed. A truly interesting ability, but not one many would pay attention to, or even believe. Ridiculous, they'd call it.
Did you believe in it? Nah, 'course not. There was no way he could be able to do something like that, it's humanly impossible!
Sure, he had the Byakugan and all, but could he really see into the future like he says he can?
This, you were intent on finding out. One way or another, you would confront Neji Hyuga and see exactly what it is this "ability" was all about!
"So.. Neji." Your voice chirped as you were training with the long-haired male. "Is it true?"
Neji's eyes flickered upwards to yours. Ceasing all movements, he drops his kunai to the ground and eyes you with curiosity, apprehension. "What do you mean?" He questioned.
"Well, all this 'destiny' stuff
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Bedroommonster N.a.r.u.H.i.n.a by Quiss Bedroommonster N.a.r.u.H.i.n.a :iconquiss:Quiss 1,075 132
Naruto OC: Character Info Template
NARUTO Shippūden character info
*Remember to remove anything in [BRACKETS]
Age:[ Remember to add an age for Pre-Shippūden AND Shippūden]
Species:[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc]
Sexual Orientation:
Blood Type:
Good Trait(s):
Bad Trait(s):
Fear(s): [Try and make it unique, Google a list of fears; EX. Try not to make it something like Blood or The dark these are overused and cliche :c ]
Weakness(es): [Remember everyone has weaknesses!]
Personal Quote:
Clan Info
Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai:[If any,Remember not every clan needs a Kekkei Genkai :3]
Status: [Is your clan fully functional,In hiding or is everyone dead? ]
Clan Appearance
[This is what members of your clan usually have, for example Hyuuga's usually seem to have paler skin,and brown or black hair, and of
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You're Home [Kakashi Hatake One-shot]
[Name] stood guard as she watched her three year old daughter playing in the grass, ripping up handfuls of it before tossing it in the wind. Her arms were being weighed down by the small one month old boy that was in her arms; he was well worth it to her.
“Mommy, look!” her daughter called out.
Smiling, [Name] walked over to her daughter to see what the toddler was trying to show her. “What’s that?” she asked as she crouched down, holding her son gently in her arms
“It’s a bug!” the girl said happily, shoving her tiny hand in her mother’s face and opening her fingers to reveal the black beetle that she had captured.
For all of her accomplishments as a ninja, [Name] could not stand insects of any kind. They made her skin crawl and made her feel gross.
“That’s nice sweetie. But why don’t you let him go so he can be with his family now?” she asked with a slight smile on her face.
The girl contemplated the idea w
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_Nakama_ by LadyGT _Nakama_ :iconladygt:LadyGT 13,753 1,776 Naruto OC: Sora's timeline by XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX Naruto OC: Sora's timeline :iconxxsoratsuhimitsukoxx:XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX 4,723 1,195 [Bob] 20 Styles Challenge by Glamist [Bob] 20 Styles Challenge :iconglamist:Glamist 1,618 131 Family by LadyGT Family :iconladygt:LadyGT 6,169 706 Hinata's Rant by Novanator Hinata's Rant :iconnovanator:Novanator 6,256 2,690 Isobu and Yagura by NarutoPants Isobu and Yagura :iconnarutopants:NarutoPants 1,764 90 Finally you've found friends.. by Kibbitzer Finally you've found friends.. :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 4,337 332
Beach: Kiba x Reader: Popsicle
You sat on your towel nervously looking out at the crowded beach. It was the summer holidays, a few more days until school started and your friends and you have decided to go out to the beach to have some fun.
You were never the party-goer or the party pooper but since Hinata had summoned up the courage to got to the beach, why couldn't you?
Most of the lunch times, you stayed in the library: you were never the out going girl. Group work in class was the worst. The teacher would often put you in groups where he or she thought you would belong. You always ended up doing the whole project by yourself.
That's not entirely true. Not always were you left to do the work by yourself. There were times when Kiba would help you. Kiba- one of those school heart-throbs though he wasn't as popular as Sasuke.
Sometimes during spring and autumn, you would enjoy the evening breeze at the local park. There you would often see Kiba and his dog Akamaru…
--- Flashback ---
You were enjoying the cold
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Naruto + Death Note CrackComic by MSkyDragons Naruto + Death Note CrackComic :iconmskydragons:MSkyDragons 13,960 1,803 Little Sasori AI. Chatbot by Amena-chan Little Sasori AI. Chatbot :iconamena-chan:Amena-chan 4,190 2,674
Beach: Sasuke x Reader: Beach Volleyball
"I challenge you to a game of volleyball!" Naruto pointed a finger at Sasuke, eyes blaring with fiery determination.
"Hn," was Sasuke's reply. He didn't make a move to acknowledge Naruto was talking to him.
You sighed. Sometimes you felt sorry for Naruto. Although you have a major crush on Sasuke, it doesn't mean you can't sympathize with Naruto. There was just something about Naruto… Nah, Sasuke's cooler.
"Sasuke, let's play volleyball. It's been a while ne?" you smiled at Sasuke. Although you have a crush on Sasuke, you never showed it. Perhaps it's the personality of yours. Whenever anyone got too close, physically or mentally, you felt insecure. You would wave your arms around screaming, "Do you now what's called personal space?" perhaps Sasuke can relate to you with all his fan girls.
"Hn," was Sasuke's reply but he got up and walked towards the volleyball court.
You mentally cheered success at yourself and followed Sasuke onto the court.
"I'm teaming up with ____-chan," mum
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Naruto X Little! Reader
“Sasuke-kun! Grab her!” Sakura yelled as she chased the little girl that was armed with a paper bomb and a kunai.
Sasuke appeared in a puff of smoke in front of her with his arms wide open ready to catch her. She smirked and made a left turn leaving a trace of paper bomb where Sasuke and Sakura were.
The both of them looked fried.
“I’m gonna kill you, you little brat!!!!” Sakura was about to go after her but Sasuke stopped her by wrapping his arms around her waist saying, “Sakura calm down, our job is to make sure that she’s not harmed.”
Sakura calmed down but not by what Sasuke said but the way his hands were wrapped around her waist. That made her heart flipped.
“SASUKE-KUN feels so warm.” She mentally screamed and flushed red.
But their love scene was interrupted when the toddler threw another paper bomb at both their faces.
Naruto roamed around the house going into every room he could get inside
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Naruto Japanese Dictionary
General Language Notes
1)    Insults.  Mostly, these come in the form of impolite pronouns.  Words like “kisama” and “yarou” aren’t technically dirty names, they’re just very impolite.  Occasionally, as is the case with school children, these can become as creative as most American insults, ranging from impugning a person’s intelligence to impugning their direct genetic makeup.
2)    Plurals.  The only way of expressing plural (aside from using numbers) is with a special noun ending.  The suffix “-tachi” is the polite way of doing this; it expresses a group of things.  For instance, “Bob-san-tachi” means Bob and whoever happens to be associated with him by context – this could mean all the people sitting at the same table with Bob, all of Bob’s closest friends, Bob’s closest coworkers, or whatever.  The suffix “-ra” is the impolite/informal way o
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what are you doing here by nami64 what are you doing here :iconnami64:nami64 4,753 548 STOCK - I Love Coffee On a Chair by LaLunatique STOCK - I Love Coffee On a Chair :iconlalunatique:LaLunatique 698 48 Naruto game concept by Moonshen Naruto game concept :iconmoonshen:Moonshen 839 43 _Summer_Mess_ by LadyGT _Summer_Mess_ :iconladygt:LadyGT 19,710 1,994 NARUTO - Eternal Rivalry by yanimator NARUTO - Eternal Rivalry :iconyanimator:yanimator 23,643 1,570 Hogging the Spotlight Rerender by Roggles Hogging the Spotlight Rerender :iconroggles:Roggles 60,812 10,578 Hinata Hyuga_2_ 03 by slivovayaSva Hinata Hyuga_2_ 03 :iconslivovayasva:slivovayaSva 275 16
Naruto OC Blank Template
Introduction of Character
Name: (First/Middle/Last)
Age: (Part I, Part II, Epilogue)
Gender: (Male/Female/Etc.)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Etc.)
Date of Birth: MM/DD
Date of Death: MM/DD
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: (Western/Eastern Respectively)
Blood Type:
If Ninja, Rank?: [Genin, Chunin, Jounin, etc.]
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
(Describe your character’s physical appearance with as much detail as possible. Don’t just list off words; get descriptive with how you describe your character instead of just stating their appearance.)
Handedness: (Right/Left/Ambidextrous)
(List/describe any tattoos, birthmarks, or scars that your char
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