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Vulcan Heel :iconoh8:oh8 2,099 73 Senator Armstrong :iconvalentrisrrock:ValentrisRRock 408 170 Nanomachines, Son. :icondullvivid:DullVivid 165 39 Nanomachines, Sun :icondullvivid:DullVivid 80 67 Don't Fuck with This Squidator :icondullvivid:DullVivid 97 27 Megamachines, Son :icondullvivid:DullVivid 106 32 Bodregg's Nanomachines :iconjessyruiz:JessyRuiz 38 9 Senator :icondullvivid:DullVivid 53 26 NANOMACHINES SON! :iconjewelsfriend:JewelsFriend 37 15 Jim Effin' Sterling, Son :iconthe4thsnake:The4thSnake 25 8 Steven Universe-Mayor Bill Steven Armstrong Dewey :icontelevideodmb:televideoDMB 70 82 NICOLE: Genesis :iconbrownie-bytes:Brownie-Bytes 28 3 NICOLE: Iron :iconbrownie-bytes:Brownie-Bytes 21 0 Senator Bodregg B-Ball fight :iconjessyruiz:JessyRuiz 19 6 Venom Armstrong :icondullvivid:DullVivid 25 11 WHERE MAKING THIS HAPPEN :icondullvivid:DullVivid 21 23
Armstrong DLC Concept for MGR
DLC Plot: Would focus on Armstrong obtaining his nanomachine powers and training himself against VR missions and field training, “friendly” duelling the winds of destruction and maybe feature the bossfight against Sam but from the other side. Might end with the fight against Raiden himself (and a possible “alternate ending” where Armstrong wins.) It would explore more about Armstrong’s rationalities for his actions and decisions, his personality and ideals, and look deeper into his back-story, as well as his interactions with the Winds of Destruction (Mistral’s love for him, philosophising with Monsoon and talking science and stats with Sundowner.) The DLC could link directly into a possible MGR sequel (the “person” or “corporation” who had the technology and desire to grant someone like Armstrong his powers would, no doubt, be a target for Raiden in the next game, and possibly even its main antagonist.)
Armstrong is l
:iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 7 8
Psychology, son :icondullvivid:DullVivid 17 6 Seeds Movie Title :iconaftertouch:Aftertouch 13 2 Sundowner :iconbocodamondo:bocodamondo 58 3 Scary, isn't it? :icononikage108:Onikage108 19 9 NICOLE: Classic :iconbrownie-bytes:Brownie-Bytes 16 0 Metal Gear Frozen :iconnl0rd:NL0rd 14 5
To Be A Fairy
Cirno flew over the Misty Lake, her personal nemesis. She had tried for a long time, but she never managed to freeze the whole lake. The last attempt was thwarted when a fire fury was causing an incident and the incident solvers beat her up just because she got in their way. On a second thought, perhaps she shouldn't have taunted them.
But, a new day, a new opportunity to play, freeze frogs, and to prove she's the strongest. And to receive objects crashing at her face.
In the most literal sense.
When she recovered her senses, she took one hand to massage her head and another to pick up what her face crashed against.
It was a gemstone. A bright, blue jewel just crashed against her face. If she knew how to identify, she would see that it was a lapis lazuli.
"Who threw that?" She cried, throwing her fists in the air.
"It seems that belongs to me."
Cirno turned around and saw someone. She was a fairy like her, even if she had no wings, she could recognize a fairy when she saw one.
:iconrandomnumbers5902672:RandomNumbers5902672 9 5
Monsoon practice :icondsaprox:DSAPROX 13 13 HL Shitpost - Nanotechnology, Son :icongenothecreeper:GenoTheCreeper 9 5 MGR Revengeance best part 2 :iconguardianpat:GuardianPat 8 5 Fan-Frame Svarog :iconcryonindustries:CryonIndustries 7 4 Raiden MGRR #2 :iconguerreroomega:guerreroOmega 5 0 Venom Snake Battle Dress Mgr style (complete!) :iconedardox:edardox 5 0
Metal Gear Solid: An Unexpected Conclusion
"Snake! Come! Kneel down and sacrifice yourself to this historic weapon!"
Metal Gear REX ominously hummed to life and began rising from its dark hangar in the depths of Shadow Moses. Liquid Snake continued bragging to his minuscule opponent over the horrifying machine's loudspeaker.
"Consider it an honor, a gift, from your brother!"
Solid Snake barely dodged a collapsing piece of steel rubble as the world around him quickly turned to Hell. Liquid was proving himself to be insane enough to activate REX in a way never intended, and its slow ascent was literally tearing its cramped hangar to shreds.
"Now you shall bear witness to the demon weapon that will drag the world into the 21st cen-..."
The villain's diabolical speech was abruptly cut off when a main support beam gave way from the roof of the chamber. This debris struck REX directly on its canopy "mouth", causing the bipedal tank to lose balance and violently trip forward. All that was heard from the loudspeaker now was Liquid's vo
:iconchichichichipndale:chichichichipndale 4 0
Republican Double vs Senator Armstrong :icontoxicmouse77:ToxicMouse77 4 1 After - 21 :iconslowusaurus:slowusaurus 3 0 [Gcomic]New Upgrades :iconblackshax:BlackShax 2 3 MGR: Armstrong :iconcosmic--chaos:Cosmic--Chaos 2 2 When I beat Endurance 2 in Tasty Planet :icontophated64:TopHated64 2 1 Magic glasses. :iconjustinohunt:JustinoHunt 1 1 Alien baby. :iconjustinohunt:JustinoHunt 1 2 Sneaking Suit Rough Design :iconartificialdifficulty:ArtificialDifficulty 1 0 Act II :iconuwukong:uwukong 1 0 Sundowner isn't sure. :iconjustinohunt:JustinoHunt 1 0
Resident Evil 6: Happy Mother's Day
Betrayal. Simmons had raised her like his own daughter just so he could turn around and use her as a disposable pawn. He promised he would guide them through the safest route toward their objective, but his deceit had led them straight into a den of monsters. This was the only thing Sherry could think of to keep her mind away from an even more horrifying reality: She was gagging to death as a Lepotitsa plunged its tongue down her throat. That muffled sound of gunfire in the distance may have been Jake making a bitter last stand, or maybe it was part of her imagination still struggling to be optimistic.
Simmons's voice echoed from a tiny earbud in the back of her head, taunting her in her final moments.
"I know this must be difficult for you, Sherry. But please try to relax."
His voice suddenly changed, dropping its manipulative filter. As her brain started to give out from oxygen deprivation, Sherry thought she heard Ada Wong speaking to her.
"It just wants to give mommy a kiss."
:iconchichichichipndale:chichichichipndale 1 0
Invincibility competition. :iconjustinohunt:JustinoHunt 1 0 Day 112: NANOMACHINES, SON! :iconsamven:Samven 0 0 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance :iconyamivolcarona:YamiVolcarona 1 0 Senator Armstrong :iconwarpobscura:WarpObscura 1 4 Senator Armstrong :iconbrucewontcare:BruceWontCare 0 3 Slightly Mad Fox :iconweirdrattus:WeirdRattus 0 0