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Naga by arvalis Naga :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,650 153 Baby Naga by r-chie Baby Naga :iconr-chie:r-chie 533 57
Mama Day Shorts
Bulma (Mental Regression)
Bulma found herself unable to deny the situation before her. This test she had placed in front of her being the greatest and most difficult she ever faced. Even with someone of her heightened intelligence she could not figure out how to solve the conundrum before her.
"Time's almost up sweetie. You'll need to choose soon." The blonde who gave Bulma this challenge stated with a smirk. Bulma looking up at the woman with a somewhat worried look on her face. Looking at the object in her hand one more time before taking a deep breath and deciding. Placing the object against one of the holes before her. Quietly waiting for the blonde to respond.
"...sorry honey. The square block doesn't fit in the triangle hole." Mama said with a smile. Bulma looking shocked and frustrated at the realization. Hitting a wooden square block for a children's toy against a triangle hole. Horrified it didn't fit.
"B-bu' no wowk! M-me smawts...!" Bulma cried out in retaliation. Fla
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Rhealle's Slave by The-Snake-Whisperer Rhealle's Slave :iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 179 20 Shantae Slayers Costumes by EpicTones Shantae Slayers Costumes :iconepictones:EpicTones 347 20 Yddriss by Varjopihlaja Yddriss :iconvarjopihlaja:Varjopihlaja 131 28 MG-Naga by lori-gami MG-Naga :iconlori-gami:lori-gami 277 10 Nagas on fire by lori-gami Nagas on fire :iconlori-gami:lori-gami 181 29 Bad Karma by HarrietMilaus Bad Karma :iconharrietmilaus:HarrietMilaus 137 26 Naga the Serpent by TirNaNogIndustries Naga the Serpent :icontirnanogindustries:TirNaNogIndustries 272 48 +Posibilidad y Poder+ by Sabu-chan +Posibilidad y Poder+ :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 76 20 Cute Nagas by Taramaeve Cute Nagas :icontaramaeve:Taramaeve 69 7 fan art - slayers - 13 by doberdog fan art - slayers - 13 :icondoberdog:doberdog 135 27 Zelgadis dakimakura by Sabu-chan Zelgadis dakimakura :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 39 20 Will my admirer show up? by Prettio Will my admirer show up? :iconprettio:Prettio 414 119 Happy Halloween 2010 by Prettio Happy Halloween 2010 :iconprettio:Prettio 298 102 Naga adopt batch 3 OTA (MOVED) by Emptyproxy Naga adopt batch 3 OTA (MOVED) :iconemptyproxy:Emptyproxy 22 30 Be my Queen by Sabu-chan Be my Queen :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 43 21 Lina doodle by Sabu-chan Lina doodle :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 67 17 Linaga Marriage by Sabu-chan Linaga Marriage :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 98 41 Halloween 2015 - sketch by Prettio Halloween 2015 - sketch :iconprettio:Prettio 80 17 Lina in Sorceres of Atlas by Sabu-chan Lina in Sorceres of Atlas :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 75 2 Naga by Gryz Naga :icongryz:Gryz 57 5 Hot tea by Sabu-chan Hot tea :iconsabu-chan:Sabu-chan 34 7 Hogwarts Slayers: Naga-Gaav by lady-narven Hogwarts Slayers: Naga-Gaav :iconlady-narven:lady-narven 145 24 Commission - OH-HO-HO-HIC by Axel-Rosered Commission - OH-HO-HO-HIC :iconaxel-rosered:Axel-Rosered 1,509 34 Naga the Serpent: BIG, BUFF, BUSTY, BEST by Saxxon Naga the Serpent: BIG, BUFF, BUSTY, BEST :iconsaxxon:Saxxon 304 15 [Suggestion Box] TIER 3 #01 by Marrazan [Suggestion Box] TIER 3 #01 :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 530 15 [CM] Heavy Laughter by SutibaruArt [CM] Heavy Laughter :iconsutibaruart:SutibaruArt 487 13 181-062016 - KristinaKatt - Nagakirika mini by mkonstantinov 181-062016 - KristinaKatt - Nagakirika mini :iconmkonstantinov:mkonstantinov 428 46 Immobile Naga by Yer-Keij-fer-Cash Immobile Naga :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:Yer-Keij-fer-Cash 367 5 Dance Dance Icti by Tail-Blazer Dance Dance Icti :icontail-blazer:Tail-Blazer 151 24
Commission: Naga The Serpent's Fattening Treasure
It had worked out much better than she had expected.
Naga the Serpent had spent a long time traveling all around the world, collecting whatever treasures she could get her slender, little fingers on. Just about no treasure was deemed too precious or valuable for her to snatch if she could take it. Her skills in wielding magic of various types was very helpful in her thieving, as well. In this particular quest of hers, the scantily-clad woman had just emerged from the depths of a deep and hazardous cavern. Of course, she had to fight off a few bat monsters with her golem first. There was always SOMETHING that had to get in the way.
Eventually, she had been able to reach the room where the jewels and artifacts had been hidden from human eyes for thousands of years. Fortunately, a magic spell left on the room had been able to keep the items in good condition. Naga scooped up as many as she could and quickly darted off. Although, she hadn't really had the time to look it over; she simply t
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