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N x Reader .I'm Sorry.
N x Reader .I'm Sorry.N's pov
Afloat at the back of Zekrom, I looked over the vast lands of Unova. I kept searching for a certain person now that I finally knew what she means to me. This is the third day since my search for her but it’s all fruitless. I patted Zekrom at the back and he understood that it’s time for us to land back to the forest. As soon as we touched the ground, I hopped off the black dragon to sit down and hug my knees to hide my now tearing up eyes. I hugged my legs tighter as I remember the day my realization took place.

After hearing Black’s panicking rant about his girlfriend, I got curious and ask on what a girlfriend is. He smiled while blushing at the same time.
“Well, a girlfriend is somebody you chose to be your partner. They could be your lifetime partner but sometimes they don’t.” He seemed to struggle with that explanation.
“How do you choose your lifetime partner in your ways in general?” I asked
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Finding a home (Husky TF)
As the sun set, I grabbed my cardboard sign and the money I had been given for the day and headed home. Well, not exactly home. I lived under a bridge.
A divorce and some legal issues cost me my house and my money. I lost my job shortly afterwards, and I was now living on the streets.
I sighed. At least there were people who cared. Other homeless people, homeless shelters, the odd passersby who had a couple of dollars to spare. It could have been a lot worse.
Once I arrived at my little camp, I looked up towards the quickly darkening sky beyond the bottom of the bridge. Even though I ought to be grateful for what I had, I missed not having to care. Not worrying about if I will get any food the next day, not concerned that a police officer could decide to have me arrested, not wanting to die each morning...
But such things were not to come. I set up my little campsite, which was just a bag of clothes and a blanket, and laid in it, counting the money I had received.
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