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Let's marry at the space station by serafleur Let's marry at the space station :iconserafleur:serafleur 2,132 103 Mystic Messenger 707 and MC: Awkward Contact by SecretNarcissist Mystic Messenger 707 and MC: Awkward Contact :iconsecretnarcissist:SecretNarcissist 1,890 75 Mystic Messenger Chibi by kuatakeru Mystic Messenger Chibi :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 624 23 Mister Hacker by An0m Mister Hacker :iconan0m:An0m 361 27 [MM] 707 Galaxy by kuatakeru [MM] 707 Galaxy :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 126 11 mystic messenger tag yourself by baetakids mystic messenger tag yourself :iconbaetakids:baetakids 167 49 707 Chibi / Mystic Messenger by Nyugu 707 Chibi / Mystic Messenger :iconnyugu:Nyugu 170 5 [Mystic Messenger] - Sunshower 707 by Akiraka-chan [Mystic Messenger] - Sunshower 707 :iconakiraka-chan:Akiraka-chan 155 5 meow by miki-chaan meow :iconmiki-chaan:miki-chaan 64 3 [MM] 707 by Rannia-Kouhai [MM] 707 :iconrannia-kouhai:Rannia-Kouhai 33 2 707 Hacked her Heart by paulineterbio97 707 Hacked her Heart :iconpaulineterbio97:paulineterbio97 34 1
Mystic Messenger ( 707 x Reader )
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Warning(s): Based on the song: Mystic Messenger Opening Theme Link
Title: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Choi Saeyoung x Reader
Fandom: Mystic Messenger 
Word Count: 5,395
(I just got your messages)
Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound
Picking up my cell phone that’s been ringing
Wondering what’s new? What have I missed?
I was offline
Anyway I will end up hearing your story

    707 woke up, something that was a bit odd for him. He never slept on an average night. He was used to staying up for as long as possible, always trying to get his work done before he allowed himself the pleasure of sleep. The only reason he had gone to sleep when he did was because you had ma
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 29 5
707 Plushie by Bellona27 707 Plushie :iconbellona27:Bellona27 64 26 #196 by anniabstract #196 :iconanniabstract:anniabstract 51 0 iuygtfgh by DragonFox-and-Wolf iuygtfgh :icondragonfox-and-wolf:DragonFox-and-Wolf 55 8 #193 by anniabstract #193 :iconanniabstract:anniabstract 43 3 MM: Seven! by LunarSkyStorm MM: Seven! :iconlunarskystorm:LunarSkyStorm 28 20 707 by Shira-Tori 707 :iconshira-tori:Shira-Tori 22 0 Seven and the sky by AyaMichelle Seven and the sky :iconayamichelle:AyaMichelle 60 20 Luciel - Space Station by dSolitude Luciel - Space Station :icondsolitude:dSolitude 37 0 Agent 707 (finished) by Yocebo Agent 707 (finished) :iconyocebo:Yocebo 22 2 Mysme Icons by DragonFox-and-Wolf Mysme Icons :icondragonfox-and-wolf:DragonFox-and-Wolf 43 1 Luciel - Humor by dSolitude Luciel - Humor :icondsolitude:dSolitude 48 0 [MM] I don't want your yarn ball by Galecoroco [MM] I don't want your yarn ball :icongalecoroco:Galecoroco 55 14 Saeyoung and Saeran by SnowyAvis Saeyoung and Saeran :iconsnowyavis:SnowyAvis 27 0 707 bites! Poor Mc~ by freezingfeathers 707 bites! Poor Mc~ :iconfreezingfeathers:freezingfeathers 48 7 707 stars by Shira-Tori 707 stars :iconshira-tori:Shira-Tori 21 0 skirt 3 inches above the dresscode by baetakids skirt 3 inches above the dresscode :iconbaetakids:baetakids 35 3 WHY by Spechie WHY :iconspechie:Spechie 31 9 God Seven! by Yukisora304 God Seven! :iconyukisora304:Yukisora304 53 3 Inktober #29 - Saeyoung x MC by miki-chaan Inktober #29 - Saeyoung x MC :iconmiki-chaan:miki-chaan 37 6 * DANGER *  005 by Magic-Houdiny * DANGER * 005 :iconmagic-houdiny:Magic-Houdiny 11 0 Hacker God by aquariumaesthetic Hacker God :iconaquariumaesthetic:aquariumaesthetic 17 2 My Little Brother Can't Be This Cute! by StarlightCandy My Little Brother Can't Be This Cute! :iconstarlightcandy:StarlightCandy 21 2 707 by Meiiiii 707 :iconmeiiiii:Meiiiii 49 1 saeyoung by Geb-chan saeyoung :icongeb-chan:Geb-chan 38 2 Choi Twins (Collab?) by EeveeInfinity4 Choi Twins (Collab?) :iconeeveeinfinity4:EeveeInfinity4 15 10 [Mystic Messenger] Saeyoung Choi by reveriewonderland [Mystic Messenger] Saeyoung Choi :iconreveriewonderland:reveriewonderland 17 0
Mystic Messenger Preferences - 1
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Warning(s): Creepy
Title: Yandere
Number in series: One
Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Word Count: 1,985
    Zen acted like everything was fine, but that was the farthest thing he could say from the truth. Everything wasn't fine. He had become so possessive that he wasn't letting you leave the apartment anymore. He allowed you to talk to the other RFA members through the phone, but he didn't let you leave the apartment. He thought you could deal with it since you were locked in Rika's apartment. 
    You let it happen because you never thought that you would get someone like Zen again. You didn't want to lose this love that you had. You could deal with the odd parts of the relationship because it seemed like it would be so perfect. You knew it wasn't nor
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 13 1
[INTERNATIONAL PO] Mystic Messenger Keychains Set by ellenic [INTERNATIONAL PO] Mystic Messenger Keychains Set :iconellenic:ellenic 18 1 707 by Meiiiii 707 :iconmeiiiii:Meiiiii 28 0 Brotherly Love by LucielChoi Brotherly Love :iconlucielchoi:LucielChoi 25 3
In Your Hearts {~Seven x Reader x Yoosung~}
42.  "Did you know that it says gullible on the ceiling?"
Seven chuckled as he sat next to Yoosung, an arm wrapped around the boys waist, and you sat on the other side of the blonde, cuddled against him. Yoosung blushed madly as you and Luciel teased him, causing him to fumble with his words, and only further provoke further suffering for the gamer, who had only wished to have company for the night.
“You guys are so mean.” Yoosung whined, not even caring that he was insulting you, though he would regret it later if he remembered, but he couldn’t stand your constant laughter and Seven’s pushing towards new pranks.
“No, we aren’t mean!” Seven said, nuzzling against Yoosung. You did the same on his other side, and the boy erupted into more blushes and had to cover his face with his hands.
“Do you like torturing me?” Yoosung asked.
“Yup.” You responded, before kissing his cheek lightly. Though that was enough to make hi
:iconkatie65848:Katie65848 11 2
Choi twins by 68window Choi twins :icon68window:68window 15 0 [FA] Seven! Zero! Seven! by CarrsCrap [FA] Seven! Zero! Seven! :iconcarrscrap:CarrsCrap 15 1 [Mystic Messenger] God Seven by reveriewonderland [Mystic Messenger] God Seven :iconreveriewonderland:reveriewonderland 13 0 Thank You For 1000 Followers! by StarlightCandy Thank You For 1000 Followers! :iconstarlightcandy:StarlightCandy 14 0 [Mystic Messenger] Sleeping Seven by Ragnarasia [Mystic Messenger] Sleeping Seven :iconragnarasia:Ragnarasia 12 0