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Mystery Skulls - GHOST - Page 1 :iconhyperchronic:HyperChronic 1,685 62 Mystery Skulls - GHOST - Page 19 :iconhyperchronic:HyperChronic 1,170 92 The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg34 :iconanastas-c:Anastas-C 633 141 freaking out :iconmarreeps:marreeps 2,321 103 Mystery Skulls - GHOST - Page 20 :iconhyperchronic:HyperChronic 761 66
.:I Remember:. Lewis X Reader.
Warning: The following reader contains spoilers, headcanons, and events taken place after the Mystery Gang invaded the mansion.
"Local reports finally uncased a missing person's log, the body of a teenage boy was found at the bottom of the abandon mines today after some workers were clearing out the last bits of leftover debrief. He'd been missing for over a year, and eyewitnesses claimed the cause of death was due to amount of stalactites piercing through most of his upper body. He suffered various injuries to the chest and soon died from lose of blood, a memorial was held for those in honor of their dear friend."  
Questions, answers, people spewing that it was nothing but murder, you were only a reporter nothing more nothing less. You'd heard about the events back when the teen first went missing, but you never thought anyone would stumble upon the body in a filthy place like that. Pressure had been building since you arrived, it
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Mistletoe (ArthurXReader) {Secret Santa}
(Pre-Lewis death)
The cheery Christmas music blasted from the stereo as Vivi dragged Lewis off the couch to dance with her. You sat on the other couch beside Arthur with a crooked Christmas hat on your head. Arthur had a distant look on his face and was twirling a beer in his hands idly. Ben/Mystery (Cause I can't remember the name of the dog and Google is useless) was chewing happily on a bone Lewis had given him and was lying down at your feet. It was obvious to you that Arthur fancied your sister Vivi while he was oblivious to your feelings for him. But once Arthur realized he wouldn't have a chance with Vivi since she was with Lewis he started to notice how much you'd been there for him over the years of being best friends *coughfriendzonedcough*. A hint of a smile came onto his face when he thought about the night the two of you had stayed up and watched horror movies on Halloween while eating nothing but pizza and candy. Lewis grinned slightly when he noticed Arthur glance at you
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MSA: Spooky Scary Skeleghosts :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 1,725 65 might just disappear :iconvesner:vesner 1,331 63 MSA: Ghost Story :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 1,094 47
Disappear (LewisXReader)
You let out a sigh as you wandered around the large abandoned mansion alight with a purple glow. Walking down towards the basement by the trap door you heard movement in the main room. Knowing it was Lewis you walked by purposefully so you could see him. It had been 5 weeks since you died and came to the mansion with Lewis who found you wandering the streets aimlessly. He chose to stay in his skull form mostly and rarely changed to look human unless he had to which was never in front of you. You on the other hand chose to stay in your human form all the time. In the 5 weeks being there you had somehow fallen for the man even when you barely knew anything about him. You being you had opened up to him and told him how you died after you fell down an elevator shaft. Walking into the large room you saw Lewis about to get into his coffin but he had paused to look at the orange/yellow heart in his hand. You heard him sigh and close his hand around the object. 
"You ok?" You asked causin
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[019] Givin' up the ghost :iconprincepompadour:PrincePompadour 1,221 27 Lewis Memes :iconeverstarcatcher:EverStarcatcher 520 56