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Blank My Little Pony OC Bio Sheet
Current Residence:
Mane Color/Style/Length:
Coat Description:
Eye Shape/Color:
Allegiance: (Does your OC side with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, or both? Or, does your OC side with a villian, like Discord?)
Cutie Mark:
Special Talent:
Flaws: (Everyone has their good aspects and bad aspects. The flaws are what makes a character seem more life-like.)
[Character History]
(In this, try to include these things:
•Where is your OC originally from?
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark?
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today?
You can also add anything that you feel is important in your OC's history.)
[Current Home]
(Where is your OC now? What does he/she do now?)
[Powers List]
(Basic Pegasus Powers:
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to fly
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to walk on clouds)
(Basic Unicorn Powers:
•Intrinsic Unicorn ability to use
:iconscisohaelora:ScisoHaelora 662 138
MLP OC template
Body color:
Body type:
Mane color/style:
Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever):
Cutie mark:
Height (Equines are almost always measured in hands):
Notable features:
Personality in general:
Fatal flaw:
Favorite food:
Favorite book:
Favorite pony:
Favorite animal:
Favorite song:
Favorite place:
Other favorites:
Least favorite Food:
Other least favorites:
Daily life
Place of residence:
Friends and family
Other relatives:
Magic (Skip if your OC doesn’t use magic)
                How do they use them?
Do they like using magic?
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 637 117
The Ancients of Wind by Huussii The Ancients of Wind :iconhuussii:Huussii 2,093 80 MLP OC Reference Sheet by Cindacry MLP OC Reference Sheet :iconcindacry:Cindacry 2,428 551 Angelheart in the Forest by stupjam Angelheart in the Forest :iconstupjam:stupjam 2,071 159 Commission: Zowie Stardust OC Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Commission: Zowie Stardust OC Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 746 207 Sirens of Albicant by AssasinMonkey Sirens of Albicant :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 1,008 36
MLP OC guide
Intro: I’m putting this, because I just know somebody is going to bring it up if I don’t. Yes, you can do whatever you want, if you don’t lie this tutorial, write your own. If you don’t like my tutorial, then fine, nobodies keeping you here. If you found my tutorial helpful, I’m glad I helped. If you comment with something like, “OMG, stop telling me what to do.” I will hide it.
Type of Pony. Let’s start with the basics. You can choose what type is most convenient for you story, or what fits your OC’s personality. The species you chose will play a large role in your character’s life.
Earth ponies. This race is the most underrated, due to the fact that it lacks flying and magic (And is the most common race in the canon), so it’s actually a pretty good race to chose if you want a unique, non-overpowered OC. Ground ponies are usually a lot stronger that other species because they have to walk eve
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 98 26
Castlevania by bloodrizer Castlevania :iconbloodrizer:bloodrizer 359 25 Pink Power by pridark Pink Power :iconpridark:pridark 1,170 282 That mistletoe was too white by Mi-eau That mistletoe was too white :iconmi-eau:Mi-eau 1,659 55 .:OC:. Pastel Sassy Pants by Dreamilicious .:OC:. Pastel Sassy Pants :icondreamilicious:Dreamilicious 622 77 Missed A Spot by qatsby Missed A Spot :iconqatsby:qatsby 181 36 F2U Pony Base by EmberAdopts F2U Pony Base :iconemberadopts:EmberAdopts 1,198 225 Guardian of Loyalty by Raikoh-illust Guardian of Loyalty :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 650 31 Dawn Ember by VIIStar Dawn Ember :iconviistar:VIIStar 393 36 Dew Droplet Sculpt by VIIStar Dew Droplet Sculpt :iconviistar:VIIStar 295 29 Snowdrop by Imalou Snowdrop :iconimalou:Imalou 1,279 95 Pandora by dennyvixen Pandora :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 402 13 Water Pony Elemental by Raikoh-illust Water Pony Elemental :iconraikoh-illust:Raikoh-illust 341 11 Sunchaser (a.k.a Chase) by CigarsCigarettes Sunchaser (a.k.a Chase) :iconcigarscigarettes:CigarsCigarettes 325 65 Hold on Tight, Snowdrop! by Beavernator Hold on Tight, Snowdrop! :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 695 55 Commission: Tabletop the Pony-dragon by HowManyDragons Commission: Tabletop the Pony-dragon :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 202 29 SkrillyP0N3 proper turn by VIIStar SkrillyP0N3 proper turn :iconviistar:VIIStar 207 46 My OC Pony- Colour Splash by sabijammin My OC Pony- Colour Splash :iconsabijammin:sabijammin 941 329 Milky Way- Mega Milk by MintyBlitzz Milky Way- Mega Milk :iconmintyblitzz:MintyBlitzz 118 15 LADY FIREFLY. by KingNeroche LADY FIREFLY. :iconkingneroche:KingNeroche 484 81 Ready or Not [Collab] by Toxic-Mario Ready or Not [Collab] :icontoxic-mario:Toxic-Mario 344 64 Reconnaissance (COM) by Tarantad0 Reconnaissance (COM) :icontarantad0:Tarantad0 873 78 Sweet Lullaby Reference by hikariviny Sweet Lullaby Reference :iconhikariviny:hikariviny 558 84 My Pony oc Dark Diamond by NastyaTheCat My Pony oc Dark Diamond :iconnastyathecat:NastyaTheCat 698 440 Three Options by Umiaq Three Options :iconumiaq:Umiaq 237 50 Strawberry Tea by ZizZaz Strawberry Tea :iconzizzaz:ZizZaz 324 78 Fallout: Equestria wallpaper by Adalbertus Fallout: Equestria wallpaper :iconadalbertus:Adalbertus 275 21 Web ponies are jedi and some other stuff too by FoxInShadow Web ponies are jedi and some other stuff too :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 379 15 MLP commission by AquaGalaxy MLP commission :iconaquagalaxy:AquaGalaxy 579 55 On the road by FoxInShadow On the road :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 415 24 Rainbow Family by Squiby-327 by Q99 Rainbow Family by Squiby-327 :iconq99:Q99 161 134 Star Duster by LOYProject Star Duster :iconloyproject:LOYProject 587 65 Rarity and Spike Family Portrait by Felicity-Star Rarity and Spike Family Portrait :iconfelicity-star:Felicity-Star 74 10 Commission : Shooting Symhphony pagedoll by Looji Commission : Shooting Symhphony pagedoll :iconlooji:Looji 193 5 Princess Blossom by Incinerater Princess Blossom :iconincinerater:Incinerater 244 59 Fluffle Puff Wallpaper by Northwestcore Fluffle Puff Wallpaper :iconnorthwestcore:Northwestcore 756 153 Level 1 Pony by Beavernator Level 1 Pony :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 717 75 lounge lil bat pon by zombie lounge lil bat pon :iconzombie:zombie 155 16 Butterfly by Zorbitas Butterfly :iconzorbitas:Zorbitas 168 25 Blue Stella - Pony Brazil by juaiasi Blue Stella - Pony Brazil :iconjuaiasi:juaiasi 151 106 Silver Wing_Commission by Tsitra360 Silver Wing_Commission :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 271 18 c~cheferoni by Miss-Glitter c~cheferoni :iconmiss-glitter:Miss-Glitter 123 12