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Essay: MLAATR should live on
“…With the strength of a million and seventy men I guess I really shouldn’t complain…” This is a line from the theme song of an amazingly awesome show called “My Life as a Teenage Robot”, which I will refer to as “MLAATR”. This cartoon is about a teenage robot girl named Jenny Wakeman, who was created by her human mother, Mrs. Wakeman, who is a scientist. Jenny goes to school with human teenagers and tries to live her life as a human but with robotic adventures and problems. Jenny becomes famous because she is a superhero and defends the world from dangers. This show was cancelled after three seasons, one of which wasn’t put on the air yet. I really love this show and think it should stay on the air.
Nickelodeon (Nick) cancelled MLAATR because not enough people were watching it. Nick should have done things to make MLAATR more successful. They could have exposed MLAATR to more people who have never heard or seen the cartoon before. They
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Teenage life reloaded!
Jennifer sighed as the setting of the sun marked the end of yet another mundane day. Every day it was get up at 5, brush teeth, go out to school, get bored, then comeback, do homework, eat dinner, get bored some more and then bed time. Even weekends have become routine with the same handouts like the malls or multiplexes have become tiresome, each fashion was looking the same from the last, each big budget blockbuster was the same cgi explosions and alien takeover amidst cheesy one liners or a love story with a clueless couple admits some supernatural setting. TV was the same mix of bad news around the world and mind numbing reality tv shows and elimination rounds were many get humiliated on a national stage. Every book is a paranormal spin to romance school and life or a bland commentary on how stale life has gotten not just for her but the whole world.
Even teenage life is becoming pretty routine, every day a mix of drama, disappointment or just a struggle to rise against the tide of
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