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Pajamas - Frerard
Sometimes, strange things happen around our tour bus.
Living on tour is never boring.
Okay, yeah, sometimes it is boring.
But what I mean is…it's interesting.  The four of us each have our own respective personalities, and living together on a bus is like throwing those personalities into a blender on puree and then voila! You have a strange blend of zany, chaotic, activity and muddled body clocks, weird smells, and a lot of coffee.
It's difficult to have very much privacy or breathing space, no matter what bus upgrade we've earned this time around.  For example, when someone (Ray) falls asleep on the couch in the lounge, there is absolutely nowhere to sit unless you fancy being sardined in your bunk for the time said person is snoozing the day away.
Then there's the bathroom, which is a toxic gas chamber, especially when the catering menu offers Mexican food. I swear it needs to be fumigated before I will ever go in there other than to take an emergency shower
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Drunk - Frerard
Right now I'm at a bar after a concert my band, My Chemical Romance, had just finished. We all decided to go out and celebrate just because. Ray was chatting with Bob. Mikey was somewhere on the dance floor. And Gerard was at the bar, ordering alcohol, his weakness.
I smiled and decided to seat myself next to him. He's always funny when he's drunk. And it doesn't take much to get him drunk since he's such a light weight with it. Which is weird considering how much he actually does drink.
"Hey Gee." I said while plopping down on the stool next to him.
"Whoaaaaaaaaa...Hey Frankie baaaaaaby" He slurred putting an arm around my neck.
"Drunk I see?" I giggled.
"Pshaw, I'm completely sober." He emphasized.
"Sure you are..." I was trying to stiffle my laugh.
"Don't you sass me elf."
"Elf?" I questioned.
"Yeah. You're an elf. I know because you're this big." Then he put his hand in the air showing me how tall he thought I was.
"I'm not THAT short." I said pouting playfully.
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Character Interview-Blank
1. Choose 1 to 3 characters.
2. Answer the questions as them in first person.
3. Tag some people!
1. Okay, so my name is Ariella! What's yours?
2. Boy or girl? Or other?
3. How old are you?
4. WHAT are you?
5. What do you think about your creator?
6. How about the others taking this quiz with you? (If you're by yourself, then sing us a song!)
7. What's your favorite color?
8. How about food?
9. Do you love anyone? Do they love you back?
10. Who's in your family?
11. What is your favorite book?
13. Where do you live?
14. Have you ever driven a car?
15. What's your favorite number?
16. Who's your best friend?
17. Harry Potter or Twilight? Or neither? (If you don't know what it is, ask your creator.)
18. Coke or Pepsi? Or neither? (Ditto.)
19. Star Wars or Star Trek? Or neither? (Ditto.)
20. Taylor Swift or Green Day? Or neither? (Ditto.)
21. My Chemical Romance or Better Living Industries? (Ditto.)
22. Any enemies?
23. Favorite person in the whole wide world?
24. Your passwords, social s
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Frerard oneshot: Just Sleep...
Frank Iero sat over a blue bucket, clutching his stomach. He coughed and his shoulders shook violently.
“He’s going again!” Someone from the other room announced. The first person to run in was Gerard. Frank coughed again, and gagged. All the while Gerard kept a hand on Frank’s back, rubbing in circles. He whispered to him, and handed him a towel when he was finished. Frank wiped his mouth and took a drink from his glass of water on the coffee table.
By now, all of his band mates surrounded him and were trying to comfort him.
“I’ve got to play tonight…” He groaned, his mouth tasting horrid.
“No way!”  Gerard shook his head and sat down on the couch beside his sick friend. “What did you eat, anyway?” He asked.
He just shrugged, unable to think back to what made him sick.
Frank almost bursting into tears.
“I feel so crap…”
Everyone patted his back and generally tried to lift spirits.
“I have to play
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Tiny Top Hat: The Dark March :icontinytophats:TinyTopHats 2,390 299 Crazy In Love :iconribkadory:ribkaDory 1,553 164 Spongebob MCR BlackParade :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 1,771 535 MCR House Of Wolves :iconzero-topic:zero-topic 488 76 My Chemical Romance Converse :iconwillybones:willybones 1,937 530
Funny Quotes and Lines
"You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apples, I'll buy you a new car." -Harvey Diamond
"Save a cow. Eat a vegetarian." -Unknown
"I'm not a vegetarian becasue I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants." -A. Whitney Brown
"[When asked what he would eat if he was in a desert with no food in sight but a cow] I'd find out what the cow was eating and join it." -Benjamin Zephaniah
"HAM AND EGGS- A day's work for a chicken; A lifetime commitment for a pig." -Unknown
"Heart attacks... God's revenge for eating his little animal friends." -Unknown
"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather becasue it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs." -Alexei Sayle
"I'm a Volvo vegetarian. I'll eat an animal only if it was accidentally killed by a speeding car." -Ron Smith
"I would not want to promote research on animals. Fortunately, only my back is twisted, not my mind." -Linn Pulis (polio victim)
"If slaughterh
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How My Chemical Romance Saved My Life
And that was that, I guess; The pills weren't working, and so there wasn't anything left to do except put that big old kitchen knife to her throat.  Or fly off the top of that big bank building downtown.  Or take then entire bottle of those lovely little pills that were supposed to make everything better.
I slunk across the floor of the house, silent at three in the morning, and unmoving under the silver moonlight except for me, trudging along with the bottle of pills in my hands.  I laughed a little at the irony.
These pills… this medication was supposed to make my life brighter and take away the depression and pain.  They hadn't done their job, so they were being commissioned by me to perform one final fling.  A contract kill that'd relieve the pain permanently.  Seemed about right, to end a futile life that I was tired of living.  I'm a fish in a barrel anyways; waiting to be picked out by the stronger, bette
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Dear Doctor
Dear Doctor
I didn't get my Hogwarts letter
I didn't compete in the Hunger Games
I wasn't in the battle for Middle Earth
I didn't meet my time traveling Henry
I didn't find Graverobber in the graveyard
Sylar didn't come for my brain
I didn't find a Death Note
I wasn't born in Gotham
My dad didn't go on a hunting trip
I didn't meet a consulting detective
I couldn't join Loki's army
I didn't kill Zombies
I didn't get my ticket to The Devils Carnival
I didn't become a killjoy
Mother War didn't take me to the Black Parade
Freddy wasn't in my nightmares
Hannibal didnt invite me to dinner
Im not Divergent
Dwarfs didnt show up for an unexpected journey
I didn't get trapped in Storybrooke
So I'm asking you to come pick me up in the Tardis
I only want something exciting to happen in my life
Hope to see you soon
Kelsey Curtis
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My Chemical Romance is NOT Emo
My Chemical Romance is NOT "Emo"
Well, well, well. Here we are again. See, I wouldn't have to rant at all you fine people like this if you would just shut up and listen.
This is a problem that has extended past teenage boys and girls who- admittedly- are occassionally allowed to make stupid little assumptions and petty stereotypes as long as it doesn't go too far. But, of course, it goes too far. The basic point of all this being something very, very simple that many people just can't seem to grasp: My Chemical Romance is not (let's all say it now: not) "emo".
First off, "Emo" is hardly a legitimate form of music. Here is the definition, found on Wikipedia:
"Emo is a style of rock music which describes several independent variations of music with common stylistic roots...In later years, the term emocore, short for "emotional hardcore", was also used to describe the emotional performances of bands in the Washington, D.C. scene and some of the offsho
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“Geraaaaarrrd…hurry the fuck up. I’m hungry and I have to piss!” Frank whined, banging on the bathroom door with his fist. Once again, he was paired with Gerard to share a hotel room to save money, and now Gerard was taking forever with whatever the hell he is doing in the bathroom. “Ugh, it’s not like we’re going to a fancy restaurant or anything. I mean, for God’s sake, it’s just a McDonalds. You don’t need to get all dressed up or anything.”
“Well, I haven’t taken a shower in 4 days, and I’m not going out in public smelling like our tour bus.” Gerard replied through the bathroom door, starting up the shower.
“CHRIST ON A MOTORCYCLE, GERARD. I HAVE TO PEE!” Frank yelled, pounding on the door. He heard Gerard giggling inside. Sighing, Frank slumped against the door and let out a string of profanities. The sound of water was not helping his situation.
“Dammit, I’ve got to find a
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OMG -2-
“Hey Frankie, lets not go back to the hotel just yet. I’m sick of being cooped up inside all the time.” Gerard said as they exited the McDonalds.
“Ok…well, where do you want to go?” Frank asked, shoving his hands in the pockets of his striped hoodie. Gerard was silent for a moment, staring at the ground. He seemed very apprehensive, but for a reason Frank didn’t know.
“Let’s just walk.” Gerard offered. Frank nodded, and they started walking down the sidewalk, away from the McDonalds and the hotel. They didn’t speak, and neither of them dared to, for the silence was so strong it’d be a sin to break it. The town they were in seemed to be a daytime only town, for only a few cars passed on the road. It seemed almost abnormal; as if the entire population had disappeared into the blackness of the night.
“Hey look, a cemetery!” Gerard said, pointing ahead. Frank turned his attention to the large white cathedral to their rig
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my chemical romance bible
You know you're a My Chemical Romance Freak when
1. Your carpet is soaked with drool after watching them play on TV
2. You cry when u hear them play your favorite song live
3. You hear someone say My Chemical Romance and you snap to attention
4. You stand your ground and defend them when someone tries to criticize them
5. You feel like burning the TRL building down
6. You read a story and claim you saw one of the band members names, though its not there
7. You have a MCR song for every point in your day
8. You lick the TV when there on it, Mmm..MCR
9. You recite the words to the song when someone even mutters just a word of it.
10. You Live by the words of My Chemical Romance
11. You've asked your parents millions of times if you could make MCR your religion!!
12.  You lick pictures of Gerard, or any of the band members for that matter ( This was mentioned by  ~that-girl-24 and was happily posted to the bible.)
Gerard Way puts the "laughter
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Moaning ::Frerard::
The follow is a comical Frerard story based loosely on things that have happened and mixed with a hell of a lot of things that haven't. Comment and fave or a kitten will shoot iteself. Babies. Yeah. Note: If you haven't seen the video for Gerard Way's moaning, I suggest you check it out. I highly recommend "Gerardgasm" on Youtube. ^_^ Not only is it amazing, but you'll understand the story more. Now enjoy, ya perves.
The moaning has got to stop.
That is, word for word, what Frank thought as he strummed the chords for their bands newest song. Had anyone been looking at him and not the moaning vocalist, they would have seen that he had rolled his eyes somewhere between three and five times, shook his head in disapproval between four and six times, and, for around twenty-five seconds, had not taken his gaze off of Gerard.
There was no moaning in this song. Frank knew. He had helped write the lyrics. He did not recall writing down, Do you have the key to the hotel? Because I'm g
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Keep your hands off my coffee :iconezkai:Ezkai 839 241