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Chell the Mute :icontwinklepowderysnow:TwinklePowderySnow 2,554 334 Link's Mute Virus-THE CAUSE.. :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 1,983 1,256
England x Mute!Reader
You silently cried as you watched your boyfriend Francis leave the house. He always left the house with some excuse as to why he would be gone all night and only return the following morning. You knew exactly why; he was cheating on you. You had gone through his phone one day when he was in the shower. You read the dirty messages that destroyed your happy relationship.
You eventually began ignoring him, not speaking to him anymore. Today was the last straw. You packed your bags and belongings and sent a text to your friend Arthur.
‘Hey Artie, can I come stay at your place for a little while?’
‘sure, stay as long as you need to. I’m out grocery shopping, but there’s a key under the mat. Make yourself at home’ he replied as you loaded your bags into your car. Before you left, you took the pictures of you and Francis together and ripped them. You re-framed them so that only Francis’ picture was there.
You drove over and Arthur was home by the time
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DAY 14 - Mute Swan :iconyamio:Yamio 1,578 57 Pretty in Pink :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,665 66 The Songless Bird :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 1,243 99 Why there are no winter maps.. :iconpandadrake:Pandadrake 1,708 217 LET ME SPEAK :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 8,596 1,506 Mute City :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,125 317
Italy X Mute!Reader - I Can't Listen to Your Voice
It was around lunch time on your first day at your new school and no one suspected a thing. Yes, you were mute and it was because at during the summer you had gotten a terrible brain injury. You had almost died from it, but the doctors there had done a wonderful job. The injury was still so severe though that your brain couldn’t control your vocal cords anymore, causing you to become mute possibly forever. Coming to a new school wasn’t making it any easier, not many people had talked to you nor really acknowledge your existence and so no one had caught on to your problem.
You grabbed your lunch and headed outside, thinking that not many people would come out here at this time. You found a thin, but shady tree and decided to eat here. You had begun to unpack your lunch, when a high-pitch scream made it to your ears.
“AH! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” You looked up to see a boy slightly older then you run around the school extremely fast, trip on a pebble, and slide fa
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Saving all my words :iconparororo:Parororo 5,173 947 A demon's voice :iconsakonma:sakonma 175 23 my opinion about you :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 6,796 192 *Mute 5.0 :iconmuju:muju 1,134 38 The Widow :iconaxcy:axcy 1,086 84 Mute Swan Flyby :iconphotosbykev:Photosbykev 329 74 Sea Wings :iconsnowmask:snowmask 2,669 758
Levi x Mute!Reader: College
A/N: Another story that is somewhat of an installment of a past fic of mine; Levi x Mute!Reader: Vibrations
You had thought tooth and nail to get where you are today, all the hours that you had put into your studies had paid off tremendously - Today was your first day of College. 
To say that you were nervous was an understatement, a new College meant knew people, teachers and a new ways of learning. Since waking up your neves had plagued you but luckily for you, Levi was stood by your side. He gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before entering the doors. Even after only a few seconds you could feel the differences between high school and college, here you felt different - more grown up if that was the way to put it.
You majored in Science and Psychology, Levi in Business and Math. He wasn't going to be sat in your lessons to help you out if you needed him
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America x Mute!Reader: Silently
You sat in the hard metal chair and did your favourite thing to do when you're in populated places. You watched. You complimented, judged and insulted the people that walked by your table. They would never know because you were mute. You were never a people person and have been called an introvert. Just you and your thoughts, the way you have always known it to be.
You smiled down at your fast food. You always ordered food instead of cooking yourself because it was easier for you to just point at the food or show a number with your fingers to order. You liked it better this way, no socializing or work required.
You looked up from your food and saw a man, about the same age as you, with messy sandy blond hair and bright blue eyes. He was holding a tray with 4 hamburgers, 3 piles of fries and an extra large drink.  He was laughing for no reason. You inwardly sighed and started a list for him.
Glutton, loud, obnoxious
He pushed his way through a crowd of children to get
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Canada X Mute!Reader: Costume Party Pt.1
-Canda's POV-
I was in her classes but I never talked to her,It's not like she would notice me...almost nobody does or they can't rember my name...The more I notice,she doesn't talk to anyone. She just sits there kind of looking a bit like Lukas,Alfred told me his name, does all the time. She didn't look like she even cared or was even there.
"...Hey! Matt,get up!"
I sat up and relized that My brother was waking me up. He laughed like the hero,he thinks he is, and ran out the room. I got out of bed and walked out of my room into the bathroom. I looked at the mirror and saw something. Me with a bunch of blue marker on my face.
I yelled,or atleast tried, at Alfred. who was satanding at the door laughing. Sometimes he can be such an ass, I ingored him and wiped the marker off my face. I,then, relized that the marker was Permant marker.
I said,but then gave up on yelling at him because it wouldn't have gotten though to him or even make him stop doing this. Just giving him
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I was one of those deaf-mutes,
a shy flame,
a candle left on a park bench
lit and melting
drops of wax between
the wooden seams.
White water from a stone fountain
slides past shooting-star coins
leaving little bubbles in the grooves.
A child bites her mother on the grass,
and I thought she'd bleed caramel
and I thought about animals
(wishing on a drowned out star).
I'm forming quiet,
oil-scented puddles on the ground;
this fountain holds a shimmering
metallic cover beneath the water.
Natural art museum,
a shy flame getting pinched
by licked fingers,
smothered in conversation.
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Mute!Reader/Karkat - speak
You thanked the internet and texting for giving you a voice of sorts.
At least by text you could talk freely to your buddies without worrying about acting out what you want and need(which was a little frustrating at times). But even then, at least if you pointed at something or acted out well enough, people could understand you.
But you don't think there's a proper way to 'say' "I love you". At least, not to Karkat Vantas.
You've liked him for a while now. He's a good friend of yours, and while he's extremely cranky, he does have a soft side to him. He pities you because of your speech disorder, and does his best to help you. But even he knows that just because you can't speak, doesn't mean you can't irritate him sometimes when you get smart with him. He is mostly kind with you though and helps you out whenever you want something(he just plays it off as 'one of his duties as a leader') and you appreciate him for that. Sometimes you even give him small kisses on the cheek when he's bein
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don't sunbathe near rockpools :iconperpetualdamsel:perpetualdamsel 373 64 Princess Tutu - Pray :iconrukawagf:rukawagf 1,048 88 Sorce of adrenalin and stress :iconhumanoid-magpie:Humanoid-Magpie 695 239 Pale Bride :iconmuju:muju 849 21 vh_64 :iconalena-u96:Alena-U96 297 49 The Smiling Swanling :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 840 54
RussiaxReader: Mute Sunflower
  The sunlight hit your pure and innocent eyes for the first time in the coldest season known to mankind itself; winter. (Then again, it depends on the hemisphere you live in...)
  You take a breath of the crisp and cold air into your lungs before taking a look around your surroundings; barren wasteland of snow. Your (e/c) eyes widened a bit in fear. You were alone.
  Looking around now in panic, you hoped that maybe there would be another soul around, but it was to no avail. Slowly, you trudged through the cold and the snow, looking for some form of life. But again, the white hilly land was completely empty.
   You sit yourself down in the snow, unable to do anything else. A young nation with not much of a chance of survival.
  "I've never seen you around here." A sudden voice behind you made you jump a bit. What you see is a really tall man with violet eyes and a long cream-colored scarf around his neck looking down at you,"You are new around h
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Canada X Mute!Reader: Costume Party Pt.4
-Canada's POV-
I woke up and I had the worst headache in the world. I said softly to myself as I held my head "Eh! my head hurts!".
My brother must have heard me because he walked into my room and it felt like he was sreaming in my ear "Man,That was the most Kickass,awesome party ever!" I whinced and asked him "What happened...Last night?" He laughed a little and told me a review of everything that happpend to him. I looked at him and held my head, only to turn my face away from him because he was standing in the light. "What happened to me,Alfred?" He told me some "You got some girl's number,I can't remeber her name at the second but she does have some cute sisters and she was in a barbie costume. You were th life of the party too! Oh and when I got home,you were making out with the same girl at the front door. She left right after that. AWESOME!" I just held my head and kept it turned to the side. It really hurt badly and everything felt and sounded at least twenty times louder. Eh,b
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Canada X Mute!Reader: Costume Party Pt.2
A/N. Part 2 of my series. This probally makes 0% sense if You just read it like this. So,Read the first part please!
        "Huh? A party? Your kidding..."
I said guessing he was just joking.
"No,I'm serious. There's a party and It's suposse to be kick-ass!? You should come with me,It's a coustume party."
Alfred pretty much yelled in his ectixted voice he uses when he's talking to Arthur.
"Sure, When is it?"
I said pretty happily. I'm never invited to party and Alfred doesn't saw just any party is "kick-ass".
"Tommrow! It's going to be sooo kick-ass!"
Man,He really was ethustic about this party.
" I got to go,You have try-outs and I want to get home"
Considering Alfred had football try-outs and when I did get noticed,it was usually by bullies. Man,Prussia could be so mean . Plus,I want to get home so I can take care of my polor bear. Yeah,talk about extoic pets...I couldn't remeber his name at the moment though.
I started walking out of the scho
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