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I got this :icontheamat:Theamat 316 66 No Muslim Ban! AMERICA IS FOR EVERYONE! :iconluvataciousskull:luvataciousskull 14 24 We Said No :iconyinza:yinza 44 73 Border Security :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 21 45 Radical Ban Saw :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 29 4 Lady Liberty :icontheamat:Theamat 19 2 MuslimInAmerica 1 :iconjoelblu:Joelblu 11 8 All Are Welcome :iconstar-socks:star-socks 14 13 All Are Welcome :iconfairyquartz:fairyquartz 15 5 We're all humans, no? :iconfredory:Fredory 11 0 Star Gazer :iconsullenhighstar:SullenHighStar 8 0 You Can Stay :iconaaahhhchuuuuuu:AaahhhCHUUUUUU 10 5 United We Stand :icondebra-marie:Debra-Marie 7 0 Before History Repeats Itself :iconffairyy:FFairyy 7 2 [Redesigns] Flag of the Closed States of America :iconvexilologia:vexilologia 7 3
King of hate
King of hate
The innocent become sacrificed
but we are the guilty,
truth gets denied,
king of hate
we listen to your voice,
it was our choise,
we will build a wall of hate
fear is the new fate,
protect us from our freedom,
never feel safe,
guns are for the fearfull,
we are not brave,
we are the way,
we are the truth,
whatever they say,
its all a lie for us,
shame on diffrence,
once a land of freedom,
we life violence,
we life racisim,
we life fear.
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The Kite Runner :iconb31a1:b31a1 7 0 Historic Truth :iconjustinhubbell:justinhubbell 4 0 33 :iconeddie-boy97:Eddie-boy97 5 0 This Is What A Muslim Ban Looks Like :iconjoelblu:Joelblu 4 2 The Tree of Liberty '17 :iconsighter:Sighter 4 2 MuslimInAmeric 2 :iconjoelblu:Joelblu 3 0 Tug-of-War - Complacency :iconbenjaminossoff:BenjaminOssoff 3 0 Arvin Bautista 2017 Sketches 12/100: Emma Frost :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 3 0
Hypocrisy is the new constitution

Hypocrisy is the new constitution 
Murder is the First Amendment 
To be white means 
you’ve spilled blood
ask the lieutenants 
Kids shot in the street 
Police say “ It’s alright they weren’t white “ 
Judge says “ It’s fine they probably had a knife “ 
This is what America has become 
supporting Donald Trump 
Rich folks waiting for gay rights and
medical plans for the poor to be dumped 
I pray for god to send help 
with a revolution of enlightenment 
To help tear down this crucifying institution 
that we have named our government 
When I look at fox news and the people 
that occupy politics 
I see that they’re repeating their ancestor's sins
they are still the people that slaughtered 
the native Americans 
Still trying to enslave Martins dream
Saying the  blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims 
are at fault for our homeland going down
:iconlexeysart:LexeysArt 2 0
Political Doodle Attempt :iconautumn-alchemy:Autumn-Alchemy 7 5 Beautiful You 4 :iconnillabat13:nillabat13 2 0 Peace Be Upon You :iconphostructor:Phostructor 2 2 UBER NOT SHARIA COMPLAINT :iconherbert45:HERBERT45 2 4 Resist :iconstockmanray:stockmanray 2 2 BAN :iconyellow-five:yellow-five 2 0 Toro (sketch) :iconfnafanimehobbit:FNAFanimeHobbit 1 2 Arvin Bautista 2017 Sketches 13/100: Voodoo :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 0 0 Hairaoh, Let My People Go :iconvoraciousink:voraciousink 1 0
A Call for Resistance
My American comrades
Were  kept from their homes
Cramped in small rooms
Their loyalties questioned
All the time.
Waiting to be expelled from a country
They’ve called home for months
Even Decades.
The Alternatives came tonight
They came ready to force our family out.
But we grabbed hold of their arms
Pulling them back into the
Gold gates of these United States.
We cried out “NO!”
We chanted “Let them through!”
What started out as gathering
So small,
Into a collective wolves’ howl.
It has only just begun
We are wolves, a pack of citizens
Unique, but united as one!
Tonight begins our hunt
Tonight ignites our resistance.
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killing Joke part II :iconbenjones801:Benjones801 0 0 Why can't we understand Muslims? :iconsuper-flamin-angel:Super-Flamin-Angel 1 0 Arvin Bautista Sketches 2017 17/100: The Overseer :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 1 0 Please let me come home :iconbreadandcitris:BreadandCitris 0 0 TQBPTCOP- Round 5 :iconkirbbrimstone:KirbBrimstone 1 0 Migration :iconmangatic:mangatic 1 0 Arvin Bautista 2017 11/100: Ringo Starr Juggling :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 1 0 Arvin Bautista 2017 10 of 100: Statue of Liberty :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 0 0 Arvin Bautista Sketches 2017 16/100: My Valentine :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 1 0 No Ban No Wall Felix Unique Sea :iconfelixsea:felixsea 0 0
Trumps travel ban tragedy
Donald Trump has, during the election campain, already announced that he wants „a complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States“.
In the first weeks after his inauguration, he passed a law which, first for 90 days, should ban all people from seven muslim-majority countries – Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Somalia and Libya – from entering the United States.
Let me introduce you to some people affected by the ban:
Tarek Al-Wazir, from the green party, is vice prime minister of Germany’s federal state Hesse and minister for economy and a few other things in the government of Hesse. He is from Yemen.
Navid Kermani is a german author who was in discussion as a possible canidate for the recent election of Germany’s president. He is from Iran.
Omid Nouripour, representative of the green party in the german parliament, is the vice-president of the german-american committee of the german parliament. He is from Iran.
Except for some very rare case
:iconsuedlich:suedlich 0 0
Arvin Bautista 2017 14/100: Uncle Sam Punching :icongreasypigstudios:greasypigstudios 1 1