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Why I will not be purchasing Sly 5
Why I will not be purchasing Sly Cooper 5
I want to start out by saying that I adore the Sly Cooper series. Sly 2 is my favorite game of all time. And it always pained me that this franchise never got the praise and recognition that it so richly deserved. So you’d think the recent release (and overall good reception) of the new forth game would make me elated. And at first, I was elated! I pre-ordered it despite some of my reservations about it (more on that later…) and was happy to see that Sanzaru Games (the developer that took over after Sucker Punch ended the series) did a good job of recapturing the feel and gameplay of the trilogy that I love so much.
However, even though Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time is a great game on a technical level, I simply cannot recommend it. And I came to this conclusion for one BIG reason…
As a woman, I felt like this game was actively alienating me in a way that the previous Sly titles NEVER did. I’m sure this wasn
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The dancing worries of Carmelita Fox
This was humiliating.
She could not believe what Bentley, the person she had thought was the most earnest and intelligent in this group, had just planned. Sure, they needed a distraction, something to make sure that the guards would not get in their way. The door, after all, was complex and they would need a lot of time to properly unlock.
Why, then, did the plan involve her belly-dancing? Considering what she had seen Bentley do and how he had planned many intricate things, this somehow did not feel right. She could see that perhaps someone else had influenced him somehow. Having a pretty good idea just who had carefully suggested this approach to him, the police officer wasn't at ease at all with what would soon happen.
Looking at the costume that Salim, Sly's ancestor, had brought for her, she had no idea if he had gone for a more decadent or more modest version of what consisted of a belly-dancing costume. Everything was made of thick silk of a purple colorization, with a top revea
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