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She is my Collar  by Pixiepann She is my Collar :iconpixiepann:Pixiepann 39 6 MMM yes  by Pixiepann MMM yes :iconpixiepann:Pixiepann 35 0 Uncle Muddy by CDtheMoleKing Uncle Muddy :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 22 10 Daily Doodle #21 | Pretty Grump by CDtheMoleKing Daily Doodle #21 | Pretty Grump :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 24 1 Pickle me this  by Pixiepann Pickle me this :iconpixiepann:Pixiepann 31 1 Daily Doodle #10 | Bass Monkey by CDtheMoleKing Daily Doodle #10 | Bass Monkey :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 33 12 Soldier Boy by CDtheMoleKing Soldier Boy :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 18 13 Lovers by Cashopeia Lovers :iconcashopeia:Cashopeia 14 46 Daily Doodle #33 | Down The Rabbit Hole by CDtheMoleKing Daily Doodle #33 | Down The Rabbit Hole :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 17 14 Murdoc from Gorillaz by ChiyoKyokane Murdoc from Gorillaz :iconchiyokyokane:ChiyoKyokane 10 0 Daily Doodle #19 | Fancy Dress by CDtheMoleKing Daily Doodle #19 | Fancy Dress :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 16 1 Vicky's Valentine by Cashopeia Vicky's Valentine :iconcashopeia:Cashopeia 7 4
Toxic Heart (Murdoc x reader) Part 6

It's been a week since the entire shoe fiasco at Kong studios and (y/n) hasn't stopped thinking of Murdoc at all. She's tried to get her mind off of the situation but nothing had worked.  She is currently getting ready for a show with (b/name) and (g/name). Once she and the others were ready they took the stage of Winter's Night which they had grown quite popular in if I do say so myself.
(Y/n) looked for Murdoc in a tiny hope he forgave her. However it did not seem that way. So putting that away in her mind she began to play.  The song was beautiful, it was call Toxic Heart ;
So long darling time to say goodbye.
I've got a world to save,
So long darling it's time to go.
I've to be be brave
From the depths of hell
To the sky's of heaven
 I leave you to watch over my toxic heart
It's burning and yearning for your last love
 My toxic heart; a locket filled with my painful love for you
So darling it is time to go..
This is the e
:icondaydreaminghetalian:DaydreamingHetalian 6 0
Murdoc Niccals digital drawing by 2dnts Murdoc Niccals digital drawing :icon2dnts:2dnts 7 1
Sh!t happens (Murdoc x reader) Part 5
The shoe flew right past 2D who put of habit immediately ducked his head. (Y/n's) eyes widened widely as the shoe came in contact with her face. Her nose had also began to bleed and turned a considerable amount of purple as well. "OW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!" The shoe's pitcher stood there absolutely horrified by what he accidentally did. It was, you guessed it, Murdoc Niccals the man who just accidentally fucked up royally.
(Y/n) stood up holding her hand to her bleeding nose. With the other hand she flipped Murdoc the bird and walked out ignoring his pleas and yells of "I didn't mean it, love!!" and " I only meant to hit 'ol 2D, please (y/n)" (Y/n) ignored him holding back the pain and anger she is feeling as she walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom and she locked the door. Murdoc was now filled with anger instead of remorse. He yelled to her through the door, "FINE YOU'RE NOTHING MORE THAN ANOTHER BITCH ANYWAY!!" (Y/n) began to cry quietly blaming herself.
After an ho
:icondaydreaminghetalian:DaydreamingHetalian 6 4
M.A.N. by CDtheMoleKing M.A.N. :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 6 7 Some Murdoc Traditional~ by Stalene100 Some Murdoc Traditional~ :iconstalene100:Stalene100 5 0 Grooming WIP #2 by CDtheMoleKing Grooming WIP #2 :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 5 2 Let it go by izzi6780 Let it go :iconizzi6780:izzi6780 12 5 Hangin Out by CDtheMoleKing Hangin Out :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 5 5 Trust In Me by CDtheMoleKing Trust In Me :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 5 2 Murdoc's Gemsona by CDtheMoleKing Murdoc's Gemsona :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 4 0 Health Check by CDtheMoleKing Health Check :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 4 0 Murdorc fan art !  by jacobanon17 Murdorc fan art ! :iconjacobanon17:jacobanon17 3 0 Grooming (Finished) by CDtheMoleKing Grooming (Finished) :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 3 0 Height Comparison by CDtheMoleKing Height Comparison :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 3 0 Sexy Pickle by izzi6780 Sexy Pickle :iconizzi6780:izzi6780 3 5 Commission Example 2 by izzi6780 Commission Example 2 :iconizzi6780:izzi6780 2 0 Playtime (complete) by CDtheMoleKing Playtime (complete) :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 2 0 Murdoc and Bill by petegaveglia Murdoc and Bill :iconpetegaveglia:petegaveglia 2 0 Female Murdoc by izzi6780 Female Murdoc :iconizzi6780:izzi6780 0 0 Female Murdoc Colored by izzi6780 Female Murdoc Colored :iconizzi6780:izzi6780 0 0 Daily Doodle #11 | Bedtime by CDtheMoleKing Daily Doodle #11 | Bedtime :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 1 2 Royals by CDtheMoleKing Royals :iconcdthemoleking:CDtheMoleKing 1 0