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tumblr sketchdump by briannacherrygarcia tumblr sketchdump :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 4,714 373 Piece of Muppet by soul71 Piece of Muppet :iconsoul71:soul71 1,326 222 It is the Future You See by SteveArgyle It is the Future You See :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 1,334 77 Not Easy Being Green by kevinbolk Not Easy Being Green :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,809 188 Muppet Morals by RobbVision Muppet Morals :iconrobbvision:RobbVision 1,364 371 Muppets by vancamelot Muppets :iconvancamelot:vancamelot 2,246 172 OTP - Labyrinth by Vestergaard OTP - Labyrinth :iconvestergaard:Vestergaard 1,001 70 Dark Crystal : Skeksis by Dracunnum Dark Crystal : Skeksis :icondracunnum:Dracunnum 584 95 Sherlock of sesame st. by BrianKesinger Sherlock of sesame st. :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 1,185 83 Wokka Wakka Wonka by kevinbolk Wokka Wakka Wonka :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,483 417 Labyrinth goblin cannon ball 3 by FurtherShore Labyrinth goblin cannon ball 3 :iconfurthershore:FurtherShore 679 84 The Electric Mayhem by madcarrot The Electric Mayhem :iconmadcarrot:madcarrot 1,241 375 Sonic's Date by Piggybank12 Sonic's Date :iconpiggybank12:Piggybank12 640 133 skekNa, The Slave-master by BMacSmith skekNa, The Slave-master :iconbmacsmith:BMacSmith 1,212 76 Storm_ Shanna_Rogue_Savage Land_colors by vic55b Storm_ Shanna_Rogue_Savage Land_colors :iconvic55b:vic55b 1,583 141 Target Practice by auxeru Target Practice :iconauxeru:auxeru 1,131 258 Lord of the Green by Ielle77 Lord of the Green :iconielle77:Ielle77 475 128 GND 246 - Unhinged Melody by Pika-la-Cynique GND 246 - Unhinged Melody :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 723 317 skekSil the Chamberlain by BMacSmith skekSil the Chamberlain :iconbmacsmith:BMacSmith 558 60 In Loving Memory by TheDragonMage In Loving Memory :iconthedragonmage:TheDragonMage 280 113 Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog by curesque Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog :iconcuresque:curesque 434 74 Bunson and Beaker by skottieyoung Bunson and Beaker :iconskottieyoung:skottieyoung 981 48 The Muppet Show by Montygog The Muppet Show :iconmontygog:Montygog 975 66 Halloween Invite Art by RobHough Halloween Invite Art :iconrobhough:RobHough 693 84 Oscar the Grouch by KayleighOC Oscar the Grouch :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 697 85 It's time to meet the Muppets by pinkcravat It's time to meet the Muppets :iconpinkcravat:pinkcravat 202 64 Mad Max Mayhem by JoopaDoops Mad Max Mayhem :iconjoopadoops:JoopaDoops 770 82 It's Not Easy Bein' Green... by dhulteen It's Not Easy Bein' Green... :icondhulteen:dhulteen 522 162 Gonzo by skottieyoung Gonzo :iconskottieyoung:skottieyoung 766 35 The Oz Gang by Laumii The Oz Gang :iconlaumii:Laumii 430 15 Muppet Music by RobbVision Muppet Music :iconrobbvision:RobbVision 637 77 Gonzo y Rene by faboarts Gonzo y Rene :iconfaboarts:faboarts 1,680 139 De-Anime'd Style Meme by Loleia De-Anime'd Style Meme :iconloleia:Loleia 660 71 National Grid by TheCharles National Grid :iconthecharles:TheCharles 856 235 I Would Greatly Appreciate... by Ring0fFire I Would Greatly Appreciate... :iconring0ffire:Ring0fFire 325 40 Santa Cookie by SimanetteFan Santa Cookie :iconsimanettefan:SimanetteFan 196 45
Just One Loud Person
(Lincoln is sitting on the street alone, being sad. His Sisters and Clyde walk up to him.)
Clyde: What’s wrong, Lincoln?
Lynn: Yeah, why the long face?
Lucy: You look more depressed than a character in a Gothic novel.
Lisa: And you sheem shadder than a Shaliksh Babylonica…
Lincoln: A what?
Lisa: A weeping willow.
Lincoln: Well, guys, it’s just that… sometimes I feel like such a failure… Like I’m a total trainwreck…
Leni: That’s not true, Linky, you’re not a train. (Others look at her) What?
Clyde: Anyway, don’t beat yourself up, Lincoln. I’m your best friend.
Lucy: And we’re your Sisters. We’re all here for you.
Lynn: Yeah, I may use you as my sparring partner,
Luan: I may play pranks on you,
Lori: And I may literally call you a twerp sometimes,
Lana: But you’re our brother, and we love you.
Luna: Yeah, Bro, and what’s more important: we believe in you. (Takes her guitar and starts playing it and
:iconsithvampiremaster27:SithVampireMaster27 14 1
skekOk the Scroll Keeper by BMacSmith skekOk the Scroll Keeper :iconbmacsmith:BMacSmith 365 14 emmit otter's jug band christmas by BrianKesinger emmit otter's jug band christmas :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 475 54
Fan Art Friday: Muppets

FAN ART FRIDAY: Wocka! Wocka!
:iconspotted: spotted
:iconvancamelot: vancamelot
The Muppets are celebrating their 60th birthday this year!
Jim Henson created the group of puppets back in 1955 for his first TV show, called “Sam and Friends.” Henson said the term Muppet had emerged from a combination of “marionette” and “puppet.” Henson’s wildly imagined collection of characters has been delighting children and adults with their absurd antics and comedic sketches ever since.
Muppets are
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 189 49
muppets by enolianslave muppets :iconenolianslave:enolianslave 1,124 258 Meet the Missus Tea by khallion Meet the Missus Tea :iconkhallion:khallion 155 7 Clockblocked by Ring0fFire Clockblocked :iconring0ffire:Ring0fFire 294 42 Animal Sprite by auxeru Animal Sprite :iconauxeru:auxeru 115 26 Kermit vs. Paparazzi by Lonecow Kermit vs. Paparazzi :iconlonecow:Lonecow 560 55 Swedish Chef by rogercruz Swedish Chef :iconrogercruz:rogercruz 628 57 Let's Just Be Friends by Ring0fFire Let's Just Be Friends :iconring0ffire:Ring0fFire 275 82 Dear Santa, How About an Apple Instead? by DenisDlugas Dear Santa, How About an Apple Instead? :icondenisdlugas:DenisDlugas 253 106 Yomit Kerda by tegehel Yomit Kerda :icontegehel:tegehel 192 24