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P.A.P Latex
The crowd had gathered around the stage when they heard that a new showing began in less than five minutes. Behind the curtain was a nervous otter who was wearing a lab coat and taking a peak seeing all the people. He slowly backed away feeling butterflies in his stomach.
"Ok, ok, come on Jasper. You got this. You got this."
Jasper had hoped for this day a long time. He has a chance to get his facility off the ground and this could possibly be his only shot. If he should succeed it would mean great things; however if he should fail...well he would rather not think about at this time. He needed to try and stay focus on the convention.
"Well look who finally decided to show up."
The fur on Jasper's neck stood out as he heard the all too familiar voice. He slowly turned around to see none other than Phantom. She was the one that gave him this opportunity to show what has to offer. He was very grateful for this, but could not show it when he looked into her deep green eyes. It amazed him t
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Afternoon Games
„Urrm, I’m not sure whether that’s a very good idea…“ “What’s wrong Sarah?” Claire asked while waving the coil of white rope in her hand, “Do you fear you might enjoy it?” she added with a smirk. “No, of curse that’s not it!” Sarah answered indignantly, “I’m just not comfortable with the idea of being all tied up!”
It was one of those rainy afternoons where you just couldn’t go outside of the house. And just at such days Claire had some of her “great” ideas. A few minutes ago she had arrived at Sarah’s home, wearing her favourite outfit, a comfy dark red pullover and a pair of somewhat greyish pants. Sarah, however, had been too lazy to change clothes and was still wearing her school uniform: White blouse, black skirt and matching black nylon stockings. She had been wondering what could be inside of that sports bag Claire brought with her – well, now she knew: Some lengths of white
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Carla's Auto-tape adventure 2 :iconghrolath4:Ghrolath4 510 5 Something Familiar :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 594 115
A Sticky Lesson
A Sticky Lesson
A story by: Spiderweber and Solidzesnake
Ms. Tracy sat at her desk, waiting for her class to end. It was the final one of the day, and she was ready to just go home and relax. Unfortunately, she still had some papers to grade before leaving.
She glanced up from her desk to the sight of most of the boys looking at her before quickly turning away as if they were innocently staring around the room.
Ms. Tracy didn't wear the usual teacher's attire her one piece dress hugged her curvatious body like a glove, showing off her round buttocks and plump breasts, but such a thin waist.
Ms. Tracy giggled slightly, "Ok, that's enough you two," she began as she went back to grading their papers.
The boys in the room laughed under their breath, Ms. Tracy was almost young enough to be their baby sitter when they were younger. The teacher nervously looked at the clock. Only 10 minutes to go…
Ms. Tracey straightened her glasses and brushed back her short brown hair. She stood up, an
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