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The Cycle of Rebirth by Quarter-Virus The Cycle of Rebirth :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 778 45 A Ceremony of Light by BadInspiration A Ceremony of Light :iconbadinspiration:BadInspiration 1,460 47 Anubis Base Card Art - Mel Uran by Pernastudios Anubis Base Card Art - Mel Uran :iconpernastudios:Pernastudios 1,011 99
Hail Anubis, Caretaker of the dead!
With midnight skin and silver eyes
you beckon me to bow my head
And submit to your mystery.
Hail Yinepu, Eternal one!
Elder god, unfettered you reign
your mighty will be done
as you glide between the worlds.
Hail Khenty-amenti, guarding where we lay
The silver sand of the moonlit desert is the path.
Your screaming jackals lead the way
To descend to your linen embrace.
Hail Uapuat, Judge divine!
You who test the mettle of our hearts
and open the way to receive the sign
Your gentle kiss awakens my rebirth.
:iconserpentinefyre:SerpentineFyre 68 30
Chainsman Protocol by phantomdotexe Chainsman Protocol :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 464 70 Double World Ninja - Interactive Fiction by phantomdotexe Double World Ninja - Interactive Fiction :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 340 126
Vignette 7 - Hope and Love
     “Do you know what presenting means?”
     Hope wiggled slightly. “Um. In… in what context do you mean?”
    The voice let out a chuckle. It wasn’t a comforting “you’re funny, I’m going to keep you alive” sort of chuckle. It was the kind that made Hope assume that the voice was about to gloat at its own cleverness.
    “Well, in the animal world, presenting means adopting a very curvy posture in order to tell the world that you’re ready for copulation.”
    A finger graced over Hope’s lips. She knew she was blushing. She puckered up on reflex.
    “It means, Hope, that you’re ready to get intimate.”
    “That wasn’t my presentation, of course.”
    The voice let out a real laugh this time. A
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 93 35
Following Protocol by phantomdotexe Following Protocol :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 416 71 The Arizona Incident by The-Snake-Whisperer The Arizona Incident :iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 286 16 Anubis Stage 3 by ArtGutierrez Anubis Stage 3 :iconartgutierrez:ArtGutierrez 979 43 Grabgrass Crucible by phantomdotexe Grabgrass Crucible :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 367 22
Cocooned Alive
    He had seen her before, perhaps in a lucid dream. Her long, sun-kissed hair flowing in the gentle, summer's breeze. The spray of sea salt caressing her half-naked body as she strutted around the pool-side. The wet smacking of her feet against the tiles were the last thing on the photographer's mind. The blonde-in-question was none other than a herpetologist known as Dr. Blackshire, a member of a rather prestigious family from Southern England, a land foreign to him. He had visited England perhaps once when he was a child, and housed bad memories of the women there: how wrong he was. As he gazed upon her delicious, soft curves, her bikini thong barely containing her cheeks, her breasts bouncing up and down beneath the confines of her jet-black bikini bra - she was simply, divine.
    Dr. Blackshire was on vacation, spending her vast, inexhaustible fortune by taking three weeks holiday in the heart of Malaga, Spain. It was a popular tourist destination, but s
:iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 69 17
The Slimy Cocoon
    Amy waved goodbye, blowing a kiss with her soft, full lips as the last of her classmates vacated the field where their charity event had taken place today. She was in charge of the entire event and everything had gone swimmingly. Now she was lingering to pick up a few discarded items and clean up the final bits of supplies before heading home herself. It was a warm, humid night, nearly one in the morning but it was still comfortable for the schoolgirl in her black tights and yellow shirt. The towering, charming platinum-blonde was a sexy, svelte young girl, with relatively large breasts, long toned legs, and slightly wild, silvery hair. Amy was desired by many of the boys at her school, and, in fact, quite a few of the girls, though they would never admit their infatuations for her.
    The student was looking forward to heading home and showering, relaxing after a long but fulfilling day. Little did she know that a predator was stalking her from the s
:iconthe-snake-whisperer:The-Snake-Whisperer 126 27
Stuck! by hopee1943 Stuck! :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 761 84 Elise Encased Doll by hopee1943 Elise Encased Doll :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 330 34 Ghost Shelled 3 by phantomdotexe Ghost Shelled 3 :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 478 18 Elise Encased by hopee1943 Elise Encased :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 475 61 Invisible by phantomdotexe Invisible :iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 351 12 Aeria's Stroll Through the Grass by spiderweber Aeria's Stroll Through the Grass :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 1,568 219 Fitness Tapes - 1 by WossaRem Fitness Tapes - 1 :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,446 51 Egyptian princess Natsuko by Natsuko-Hiragi Egyptian princess Natsuko :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 1,101 109 The Sleep Sack (short comic) by Geknebelt The Sleep Sack (short comic) :icongeknebelt:Geknebelt 620 103 Cozy New Bed by spiderweber Cozy New Bed :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 1,209 257 Bug Island Redux by spiderweber Bug Island Redux :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 831 159 The Tale of Kallina Moon (Page 2) by spiderweber The Tale of Kallina Moon (Page 2) :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 112 11 Golden Sun Magic Straps by Karosu-Maker Golden Sun Magic Straps :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 1,922 46 Carla's Auto-tape adventure 6 by Ghrolath4 Carla's Auto-tape adventure 6 :iconghrolath4:Ghrolath4 796 32 Left Over Candy by spiderweber Left Over Candy :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 1,454 173 Baymax malfunction by hopee1943 Baymax malfunction :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 1,209 90 The Taped Four by MrGagFoot The Taped Four :iconmrgagfoot:MrGagFoot 2,305 81 Bard Idea by WossaRem Bard Idea :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,083 108 Fitness Tapes - 2 by WossaRem Fitness Tapes - 2 :iconwossarem:WossaRem 938 57 Rika Vs. Dokunemon 8 by Natsuko-Hiragi Rika Vs. Dokunemon 8 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 564 53 Something Almost Familiar by spiderweber Something Almost Familiar :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 511 80 Gagged Version Of Stratos4 Pic by Daikinbakuju Gagged Version Of Stratos4 Pic :icondaikinbakuju:Daikinbakuju 2,266 90 BBC Reporter Girl Kidnapped! 2 by Natsuko-Hiragi BBC Reporter Girl Kidnapped! 2 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 541 18 Iuki the kidnapped Princess 2 by Natsuko-Hiragi Iuki the kidnapped Princess 2 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 413 26 Stuck Together by hopee1943 Stuck Together :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 932 87 Rika Vs. Dokunemon 9 by Natsuko-Hiragi Rika Vs. Dokunemon 9 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 504 93 Eternal Kiss - Commission by FlockChan Eternal Kiss - Commission :iconflockchan:FlockChan 1,278 50
Afternoon Games
„Urrm, I’m not sure whether that’s a very good idea…“ “What’s wrong Sarah?” Claire asked while waving the coil of white rope in her hand, “Do you fear you might enjoy it?” she added with a smirk. “No, of curse that’s not it!” Sarah answered indignantly, “I’m just not comfortable with the idea of being all tied up!”
It was one of those rainy afternoons where you just couldn’t go outside of the house. And just at such days Claire had some of her “great” ideas. A few minutes ago she had arrived at Sarah’s home, wearing her favourite outfit, a comfy dark red pullover and a pair of somewhat greyish pants. Sarah, however, had been too lazy to change clothes and was still wearing her school uniform: White blouse, black skirt and matching black nylon stockings. She had been wondering what could be inside of that sports bag Claire brought with her – well, now she knew: Some lengths of white
:icondani1202:Dani1202 360 28
The Calvary's here by hopee1943 The Calvary's here :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 1,019 124 BBC Reporter Girl Kidnapped! 4 by Natsuko-Hiragi BBC Reporter Girl Kidnapped! 4 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 483 48 Comfy Confinement by hopee1943 Comfy Confinement :iconhopee1943:hopee1943 872 116 Hanging Around on Vacation by spiderweber Hanging Around on Vacation :iconspiderweber:spiderweber 938 119
A Sticky Lesson
A Sticky Lesson
A story by: Spiderweber and Solidzesnake
Ms. Tracy sat at her desk, waiting for her class to end. It was the final one of the day, and she was ready to just go home and relax. Unfortunately, she still had some papers to grade before leaving.
She glanced up from her desk to the sight of most of the boys looking at her before quickly turning away as if they were innocently staring around the room.
Ms. Tracy didn't wear the usual teacher's attire her one piece dress hugged her curvatious body like a glove, showing off her round buttocks and plump breasts, but such a thin waist.
Ms. Tracy giggled slightly, "Ok, that's enough you two," she began as she went back to grading their papers.
The boys in the room laughed under their breath, Ms. Tracy was almost young enough to be their baby sitter when they were younger. The teacher nervously looked at the clock. Only 10 minutes to go…
Ms. Tracey straightened her glasses and brushed back her short brown hair. She stood up, an
:iconspiderweber:spiderweber 301 105
Mummifying Alexis by burnup19 Mummifying Alexis :iconburnup19:burnup19 1,722 61 Rika Vs. Dokunemon 6 by Natsuko-Hiragi Rika Vs. Dokunemon 6 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 533 26