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Lee sin by wacalac Lee sin :iconwacalac:wacalac 388 40 Tony Jaa by MomentumGFX Tony Jaa :iconmomentumgfx:MomentumGFX 541 50 Minotaur Tattoo by beastofoblivion Minotaur Tattoo :iconbeastofoblivion:beastofoblivion 547 33 DAO - The Muay Thai Warrior by isshi DAO - The Muay Thai Warrior :iconisshi:isshi 1,146 156 Nak Muay Applejack by Agu-Fungus Nak Muay Applejack :iconagu-fungus:Agu-Fungus 1,462 110 Naomi by bayanghitam Naomi :iconbayanghitam:bayanghitam 726 21 Muay Thai by Kimsiang Muay Thai :iconkimsiang:Kimsiang 224 33 Angry Scar by MissSinisterCosplay Angry Scar :iconmisssinistercosplay:MissSinisterCosplay 230 43 Thailand - Muay Thai by lux69aeterna Thailand - Muay Thai :iconlux69aeterna:lux69aeterna 492 196 A non-sense Box game by aun61 A non-sense Box game :iconaun61:aun61 376 169 Jinx Render by Kyle-Garland Jinx Render :iconkyle-garland:Kyle-Garland 671 17 Yamada: Samurai of Ayothaya by VKliza Yamada: Samurai of Ayothaya :iconvkliza:VKliza 525 73 Iris by MolochTDL Iris :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 159 15 Fighting game character design 07 by Jiggeh Fighting game character design 07 :iconjiggeh:Jiggeh 134 17 recovery... by peatcher recovery... :iconpeatcher:peatcher 311 72 Night Elf's Knee by SirTiefling Night Elf's Knee :iconsirtiefling:SirTiefling 196 28 DAO - Sketch Colored by isshi DAO - Sketch Colored :iconisshi:isshi 893 136 Thwack by Retehi Thwack :iconretehi:Retehi 207 16 Muay Thai High Kick by ShakilovNeel Muay Thai High Kick :iconshakilovneel:ShakilovNeel 199 23 Ocelot Sketches 2 by arsenalgearxx Ocelot Sketches 2 :iconarsenalgearxx:arsenalgearxx 267 38 She Among The Wolves by sXeven She Among The Wolves :iconsxeven:sXeven 213 6 Spinning Dog Kick by PitiYindee Spinning Dog Kick :iconpitiyindee:PitiYindee 243 97 Pride of SEA by haiashi Pride of SEA :iconhaiashi:haiashi 168 12 Can't Keep Her Down by Retehi Can't Keep Her Down :iconretehi:Retehi 186 25 Wolf Fighter Attack by SheltieWolf Wolf Fighter Attack :iconsheltiewolf:SheltieWolf 414 251 Commish B204 -hayden-desu- by zephleit Commish B204 -hayden-desu- :iconzephleit:zephleit 669 119 Chun Li Vs Cammy by fab1rr Chun Li Vs Cammy :iconfab1rr:fab1rr 236 58 Muay-thai: Knee by Erric Muay-thai: Knee :iconerric:Erric 327 25 Sophia Argantael by chou-roninx by JadeOwl Sophia Argantael by chou-roninx :iconjadeowl:JadeOwl 111 10 Muay-thai: Block n direct by Erric Muay-thai: Block n direct :iconerric:Erric 171 9 Art Trade: Naoko Vs. Applejack by Agu-Fungus Art Trade: Naoko Vs. Applejack :iconagu-fungus:Agu-Fungus 442 54 The Web Head by Skyserpent The Web Head :iconskyserpent:Skyserpent 213 24 Jennifer Love Hewitt Fighter by 8th-Gate-Of-Hell Jennifer Love Hewitt Fighter :icon8th-gate-of-hell:8th-Gate-Of-Hell 99 4 3,2 gut buster combo Palette 2 by ben187 3,2 gut buster combo Palette 2 :iconben187:ben187 152 20 Hanuman Yindee by aun61 Hanuman Yindee :iconaun61:aun61 234 35 SketchCom: Muay Thai Girl by FooRay SketchCom: Muay Thai Girl :iconfooray:FooRay 235 5 Muay Thai Lee Sin Wallpaper by wacalac Muay Thai Lee Sin Wallpaper :iconwacalac:wacalac 92 24 Art Trade: Naoko Vs. Applejack 2 by Agu-Fungus Art Trade: Naoko Vs. Applejack 2 :iconagu-fungus:Agu-Fungus 284 33 Muay thai: Elbow by Erric Muay thai: Elbow :iconerric:Erric 172 21
A Rekindled Fire
"Now, you need to remember that he has a pretty strong front kick, but he's weak up close. You need to get inside his reach and use a blitz. Mix your combinations and keep him on his toes." Blake kept repeating. I had heard this all day...and frankly I could recite it by heart. I knew what tactics I needed. I was sitting in my corner of the boxing ring; my legs and arms were wrapped in boxing tape and Blake, my Muay Thai instructor, was making sure my muscles were loose. Across from me, in the other corner, was my opponent, A.J. I didn't know much about him as a person, but as a martial artist, I knew quite a lot about him.
A.J was a karate practitioner, and had been for about 5 years. He was a black belt and very well trained by Sensei Knightly, the karate instructor who ran the dojo right next door to our gym. Blake and Sensei Knightly sometimes liked to have friendly competitions and would have their students spar with each other...but this was the first time I'd ever had a match wi
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 14 31
Training day 38 by Hel-su Training day 38 :iconhel-su:Hel-su 90 11 Muay-thai: Upper cut by Erric Muay-thai: Upper cut :iconerric:Erric 200 20 Cold Day by PitiYindee Cold Day :iconpitiyindee:PitiYindee 142 61 Terran Boxer by fab1rr Terran Boxer :iconfab1rr:fab1rr 75 18 You Look Different by Retehi You Look Different :iconretehi:Retehi 170 32 Muay style.. by pencil-ninja Muay style.. :iconpencil-ninja:pencil-ninja 623 120 vicious training with Adro by eleth89 vicious training with Adro :iconeleth89:eleth89 245 37 King by SatyHarvenheit King :iconsatyharvenheit:SatyHarvenheit 154 30 oO Wei oO by pencil-ninja oO Wei oO :iconpencil-ninja:pencil-ninja 462 163