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desert stock 4 by HumbleBeez desert stock 4 :iconhumblebeez:HumbleBeez 805 349 desert stock 6 by HumbleBeez desert stock 6 :iconhumblebeez:HumbleBeez 560 172 Lightsworn Seeker by sandara Lightsworn Seeker :iconsandara:sandara 2,664 80 Forbidden Kingdom by Mr-Ripley Forbidden Kingdom :iconmr-ripley:Mr-Ripley 1,193 260 The Olympian Big Three - Zeus, Poseidon, Hades by tomzj1 The Olympian Big Three - Zeus, Poseidon, Hades :icontomzj1:tomzj1 427 48 Pokemon | Vs. Red by moxie2D Pokemon | Vs. Red :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 2,807 173 Sentinel by TobiasRoetsch Sentinel :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 2,664 163 .:Little Mountain:. by moroka323 .:Little Mountain:. :iconmoroka323:moroka323 1,636 185 Corrupted Seeker by sandara Corrupted Seeker :iconsandara:sandara 7,340 243 desert stock 5 by HumbleBeez desert stock 5 :iconhumblebeez:HumbleBeez 431 124 Madierde by yangzheyy Madierde :iconyangzheyy:yangzheyy 802 26 Stephen Colbert atop an eagle by SharpWriter Stephen Colbert atop an eagle :iconsharpwriter:SharpWriter 2,712 156 Trust of a Loyal Wolfhawk by JJcanvas Trust of a Loyal Wolfhawk :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 872 13 ROGUE CLASS MOUNT - World of Warcraft by Eddy-Shinjuku ROGUE CLASS MOUNT - World of Warcraft :iconeddy-shinjuku:Eddy-Shinjuku 1,321 48 100 Deeds Chapter Four by KatieHofgard 100 Deeds Chapter Four :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 1,980 151 Guavern Swift by arvalis Guavern Swift :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,369 87 Find them by Kipine Find them :iconkipine:Kipine 2,159 72 Church of the Transfiguration by amassaf Church of the Transfiguration :iconamassaf:amassaf 230 124 Modular turret mount by KaranaK Modular turret mount :iconkaranak:KaranaK 910 21 Warcraft - Fenesa by GENZOMAN Warcraft - Fenesa :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,913 95 Hercules and Megara by Mareishon Hercules and Megara :iconmareishon:Mareishon 1,739 220 Mystic Dawning Reflections by octane2 Mystic Dawning Reflections :iconoctane2:octane2 5,267 228 Mount Doom by breath-art Mount Doom :iconbreath-art:breath-art 1,842 52 Royal Rainbow by PeterJCoskun Royal Rainbow :iconpeterjcoskun:PeterJCoskun 2,469 383 SOLD Poseable FIRE Stag and Rider by Wood-Splitter-Lee SOLD Poseable FIRE Stag and Rider :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 1,669 62 Steam Horse by Vermin-Star Steam Horse :iconvermin-star:Vermin-Star 2,701 235 Kratos - God Of War by Ninjatic Kratos - God Of War :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 5,274 405 REF COM Kassim Al'duin by tetramera REF COM Kassim Al'duin :icontetramera:tetramera 774 13 Snowy Mountain PNG by AbsurdWordPreferred Snowy Mountain PNG :iconabsurdwordpreferred:AbsurdWordPreferred 350 89 Delusion by TobiasRoetsch Delusion :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 415 25 Forest Mountain - Unrestricted by Cat-in-the-Stock Forest Mountain - Unrestricted :iconcat-in-the-stock:Cat-in-the-Stock 505 150 Last ride of the day by Kerneinheit Last ride of the day :iconkerneinheit:Kerneinheit 1,100 53 Irin's Mount by Grosnez Irin's Mount :icongrosnez:Grosnez 681 15 Sauron by Shockbolt Sauron :iconshockbolt:Shockbolt 740 92 Fuji's Palette by priteeboy Fuji's Palette :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 495 62 Munken by m-eralp Munken :iconm-eralp:m-eralp 481 14 Elven Archer concept (commission) by Sciamano240 Elven Archer concept (commission) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 479 26 Shrew by Wildweasel339 Shrew :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 2,186 96 Invictus by TobiasRoetsch Invictus :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 479 29 Dragon Rider by eronzki999 Dragon Rider :iconeronzki999:eronzki999 5,212 267 -SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Mount and Rider! by Wood-Splitter-Lee -SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Mount and Rider! :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 1,074 129 Sunset on Mount Pilatus by LinsenSchuss Sunset on Mount Pilatus :iconlinsenschuss:LinsenSchuss 417 43 Sunrise on Mount Pilatus by LinsenSchuss Sunrise on Mount Pilatus :iconlinsenschuss:LinsenSchuss 340 36 Wayfarer by TobiasRoetsch Wayfarer :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 2,013 250
A Chance
Wally (Kid Flash) & Artemis Fanfic (Spitfire xD)
"C'mon, Artemis. Give me a chance." He whispered in her ear as he followed behind her. No matter where in the cave she went, he followed.
"And why should I?" She replied, forcing herself not to yell, ignoring the shivers that ran down her body as his breath touched her cheek. He smelled of  Artemis continued to stare intently at the book titles, just so she didn't have to look at those amazing green orbs. The book titles were the last thing on her mind, though.
"Because I am a nice guy."
Artemis scoffed and turned around, glaring. "No, Baywatch, you're not. You probably could be, but you have just shown me you are an annoying, womanizing, self-centered bastard!"
Before she knew what was happening, Artemis was up against the bookshelf in the "Cha-Dex" reference center in the back of the library. This was insane. Wally hadn't left her alone for nearly a month, and she couldn't figure out why. Sure, he had picked on her, but he had nev
:icononiarisawa12:Oniarisawa12 68 20
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