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Betrayal by Aegis-Illustration Betrayal :iconaegis-illustration:Aegis-Illustration 11,913 1,673 Eternal Spring by The-SixthLeafClover Eternal Spring :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 5,246 219 Mother Earth Original Gown and Headdress by Firefly-Path Mother Earth Original Gown and Headdress :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 3,942 103 And Our World Came Tumbling... by mynameistran And Our World Came Tumbling... :iconmynameistran:mynameistran 3,956 199 Mother Earth by Dianae Mother Earth :icondianae:Dianae 3,154 574 Quest #4, cover C featuring Druanna (Mother Earth) by jamietyndall Quest #4, cover C featuring Druanna (Mother Earth) :iconjamietyndall:jamietyndall 1,436 74 Gaia by kimag3500 Gaia :iconkimag3500:kimag3500 2,383 271 .:GAIA:. by EVentrue .:GAIA:. :iconeventrue:EVentrue 1,183 31 One with nature by TheGhostSiren One with nature :icontheghostsiren:TheGhostSiren 839 156 Mother Earth by josephine101 Mother Earth :iconjosephine101:josephine101 932 176 If Mother Earth Was a child... by TanjaGotthardsen If Mother Earth Was a child... :icontanjagotthardsen:TanjaGotthardsen 2,703 866 Mother Earth is Watching by Fangfingers Mother Earth is Watching :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 481 261 Drawing Down the Moon by cosmosue Drawing Down the Moon :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 873 174 Mother Earth by Py3rr Mother Earth :iconpy3rr:Py3rr 69 109 Isis by alexiuss Isis :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,188 313
The Bride of Atlas
She met him when the world was new;
when wars were fought in the cosmos
and celestial beings deigned expose
and visit themselves upon the mortals.
In darkness he came to her;
somewhere between fantasy and the real,
disguised as a human, burly and firm
with want of a lover and yearning for release.
She knew him as a man
and he loved her as his wife.

A Titan he had always been
at battle with Olympians
who garnered all of humanity's love
and chose war over peace to keep it.
As lightning struck, thunder roared,
and waves destroyed the earth,
all grew quiet as Olympus rejoiced
and she knew that he had lost.
Zeus then rest upon his shoulders
the weight of the world eternal.
A punishment made more severe
by lack of warmth from her mortal heart.
He carried his punishment made unending
as Earth's coarsened face gouged his back.
The insects and beasts stung and mauled
and the humans warred and burned his flesh.
Still he held the world atop his shoulders
and severed it from t
:iconofonesoul:OfOneSoul 170 80
Oceania by axcy Oceania :iconaxcy:axcy 1,587 99 The Forest in Her Eyes by Firefly-Path The Forest in Her Eyes :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 1,645 35 Mother Earth by Juli-SnowWhite Mother Earth :iconjuli-snowwhite:Juli-SnowWhite 443 51 Still Alive For You by Ymirr Still Alive For You :iconymirr:Ymirr 1,435 96 mother earth by Chaotic-Muffin mother earth :iconchaotic-muffin:Chaotic-Muffin 1,597 24 the roots of our love... by escaped-emotions the roots of our love... :iconescaped-emotions:escaped-emotions 1,884 232 Mother Earth by ArtOfEdge Mother Earth :iconartofedge:ArtOfEdge 598 57 Egg Planet. by AlexandraF Egg Planet. :iconalexandraf:AlexandraF 1,547 134 stranger by koyamori stranger :iconkoyamori:koyamori 3,181 0 Good Night, Earth [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Good Night, Earth [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 254 22 Nature finds a way... by natebaertsch Nature finds a way... :iconnatebaertsch:natebaertsch 394 45 Amalurra by Sarima Amalurra :iconsarima:Sarima 371 51 G A I A by FaerieNymph G A I A :iconfaerienymph:FaerieNymph 792 60 Azna by saiaii Azna :iconsaiaii:saiaii 394 78 Lustrous by Hunter-Arkaman Lustrous :iconhunter-arkaman:Hunter-Arkaman 909 231 Gaia, Mother Earth by KellyMorgenJewelry Gaia, Mother Earth :iconkellymorgenjewelry:KellyMorgenJewelry 311 11 Wings of Sorrow by DeathMystery Wings of Sorrow :icondeathmystery:DeathMystery 358 211 Gaia by Tieneke Gaia :icontieneke:Tieneke 1,427 68 Mother Earth's Tears by WhiteBook Mother Earth's Tears :iconwhitebook:WhiteBook 670 163 Sailor Earth by ann4rt Sailor Earth :iconann4rt:ann4rt 1,077 242 Mother Earth by shinga Mother Earth :iconshinga:shinga 397 24 :Mayden Gaianna: by Asher-Bee :Mayden Gaianna: :iconasher-bee:Asher-Bee 485 263
Our World
Take a breath of fresh air
Let it out slowly
Savor it while it lasts
Because all the fresh air is going.
Disappearing slowly
into polluted clouds of smoke
Soon when you take in a breath
All you’ll do is choke
Say goodbye mother earth
And all her living creatures
Apparently our dying environment
Has not served as a teacher.
All the endangered species
Harder and harder to find
Well it’s time to stop searching
Because they’re all about to die
All our children’s futures
Are vanishing with our world
There wont be anything to live for
For next years boy’s and girls
Our world will be lifeless
Just like what once lived
If we don’t open our eyes up
And see what we have to give.
A Moment of time
can go a long way
In saving the earth
for another day
Recycle, reuse,
unplug, go green
Unless you don’t care about
What tomorrow will bring
Get smart, help out
Save this planet
Give life to its creatures
And all living things on it
Or let it become
It’s own natural
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 58 32
Bleak world of absent law by RGDart Bleak world of absent law :iconrgdart:RGDart 371 92 Mother Earth by MD-Arts Mother Earth :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 358 54 Gaia by jillienGraphics Gaia :iconjilliengraphics:jillienGraphics 720 208 Sailor Spring by ann4rt Sailor Spring :iconann4rt:ann4rt 453 52 Spring by FenneArts Spring :iconfennearts:FenneArts 520 152 Mother Earth's Whisper by WhiteBook Mother Earth's Whisper :iconwhitebook:WhiteBook 369 96 Mother Nature by pelleron Mother Nature :iconpelleron:pelleron 202 50 Spore Creatures: Terazi by IgnusDei Spore Creatures: Terazi :iconignusdei:IgnusDei 218 15
Our Mother Earth
She's testing us, that's all.
She tried to raise us
So we could help each other out
When aid was needed.
Some tried to be independent
And not cooperate with the rest.
Others were mature from the start
So no one would ever feel left out
Unless they wanted to.
But our mother is one,
So why must we fight
Amongst each other,
While watching her die?
Instead, we should be mourning
The loss of our creator
And share her pain.
We are the ones that are killing her.
So we need to come together again
And save our Mother Earth.
:iconguitargirl94:guitargirl94 35 38
Spine of Gaia by Lorelyne Spine of Gaia :iconlorelyne:Lorelyne 258 27
The Addiction
There was once a woman named Terra. She was a dedicated mother, who provided her children with everything they would ever need: food, shelter, medicine…
But as all children do, they rebelled—violently. They hacked off her gorgeous hair, left gashes in her beautiful skin, and covered her in rancid trash…
And still, she loved and provided for them.
Then one day, they found their drug.
It was black, sludgy, sticky, poisonous, yet they treasured it. Becoming addicted, they breathed it, burned it, adored it. They'd pay any cost, whether it be loss of life, harming themselves, or slowly killing their mother.
Over the years, Terra became feverish from exposure to the drugs, she could no longer provide as well for her children as they fought over the addictive substance amongst themselves.
One of her children apparently became worried about her health.
"Mother? Are you okay?"
"Yes," came the pained reply, "I am well."
But the worried child, after some extensive examinatio
:iconwarriorloverinc:WarriorLoverInc 66 116