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OFF by Nadiezda OFF :iconnadiezda:Nadiezda 2,724 51 OFF by jcm2 OFF :iconjcm2:jcm2 1,053 35 [OFF] *Mew* by AdorkableMarina [OFF] *Mew* :iconadorkablemarina:AdorkableMarina 691 22 [OFF] The Judge by AdorkableMarina [OFF] The Judge :iconadorkablemarina:AdorkableMarina 823 36 The Bad Batter by jcm2 The Bad Batter :iconjcm2:jcm2 1,238 39 Burned Elsen by jcm2 Burned Elsen :iconjcm2:jcm2 797 24 Off by tinypaint Off :icontinypaint:tinypaint 2,586 87 Sucre by jcm2 Sucre :iconjcm2:jcm2 774 38 the cool zacharie by Sout the cool zacharie :iconsout:Sout 2,903 206 Elsen by jcm2 Elsen :iconjcm2:jcm2 550 32 OFF by NightMargin OFF :iconnightmargin:NightMargin 2,550 153 OFF by aaddoogg OFF :iconaaddoogg:aaddoogg 1,334 63 Off by H0lyhandgrenade Off :iconh0lyhandgrenade:H0lyhandgrenade 2,035 43 Off (game): Fate by DragonClaudz Off (game): Fate :icondragonclaudz:DragonClaudz 903 26 Zacharie by TheTuchi Zacharie :iconthetuchi:TheTuchi 858 157 Play OFF! by jcm2 Play OFF! :iconjcm2:jcm2 425 18 Dedan by jcm2 Dedan :iconjcm2:jcm2 612 37
Epic Rap Battles of OFF - The Batter vs Zacharie

I will spare a little time from my holy mission
To teach this creepy merchant that I am the definition
of sacredness, righteousness
Your filthy hands can’t touch this
Just sell me what I need and keep your jokes full of piss
The main role is mine and I wield the mighty bat
You’re just a greedy freak whose worth is lower than a cat
So scurry along to your next post like a rat
While I purify these ghosts in only one second flat ( *sticks middle finger up* )
Ha ha ha, you’re right about something amigo
Truely you’re the main Puppet in this grand puppet show
Don’t you know you wouldn’t even be able to continue without moi~?
I’m the reason you can fight or heal, so you should bask in awe
Of all the items I’ve got; the tickets, equipment, and meat
Not enough credits? Too bad; revenge is sweet~
A preacher on a killing spree, ha, how ironic
If yo
:icontinyturtlenerd:tinyturtlenerd 72 39
:OFF: acrobatics routine in progress by tinycalcium :OFF: acrobatics routine in progress :icontinycalcium:tinycalcium 907 44 Burned Elsen 3 by jcm2 Burned Elsen 3 :iconjcm2:jcm2 613 24 More Production [OFF] by jcm2 More Production [OFF] :iconjcm2:jcm2 473 5 Zacharie by Arkeresia Zacharie :iconarkeresia:Arkeresia 1,280 63 Saint Zacharie by RainbowBruises Saint Zacharie :iconrainbowbruises:RainbowBruises 268 42 Meowing into nothingness ... by jcm2 Meowing into nothingness ... :iconjcm2:jcm2 497 24 OFF by Vasheren OFF :iconvasheren:Vasheren 859 19 [OFF] No goodbyes by AdorkableMarina [OFF] No goodbyes :iconadorkablemarina:AdorkableMarina 502 55 OFF fanart collection by Barukurii OFF fanart collection :iconbarukurii:Barukurii 865 17 Zacharie by jcm2 Zacharie :iconjcm2:jcm2 923 62 OFF - Hugo by Petitecreme OFF - Hugo :iconpetitecreme:Petitecreme 1,078 19 The loneliness of a batter by jcm2 The loneliness of a batter :iconjcm2:jcm2 536 16 Untitled OFF thing by Barukurii Untitled OFF thing :iconbarukurii:Barukurii 917 8 Well hello, how can I help you? by Lirlys Well hello, how can I help you? :iconlirlys:Lirlys 436 30 -- And There He Was Lost -- (Slight Batterie) by AudioHeist -- And There He Was Lost -- (Slight Batterie) :iconaudioheist:AudioHeist 891 162 Valerie by jcm2 Valerie :iconjcm2:jcm2 453 50 OFF! by defenestratin OFF! :icondefenestratin:defenestratin 1,301 64 OFF - Dedan by Petitecreme OFF - Dedan :iconpetitecreme:Petitecreme 715 1 The Batter by Arkeresia The Batter :iconarkeresia:Arkeresia 786 29 Purification at 75% by Vampire-Sacrifice Purification at 75% :iconvampire-sacrifice:Vampire-Sacrifice 228 47 Avatar Beat [OFF] by jcm2 Avatar Beat [OFF] :iconjcm2:jcm2 365 23 OFF by Pheoniic OFF :iconpheoniic:Pheoniic 641 15 Vader Eloha by jcm2 Vader Eloha :iconjcm2:jcm2 375 16 Japhet by jcm2 Japhet :iconjcm2:jcm2 582 18 gah by sikkofoley gah :iconsikkofoley:sikkofoley 432 28 [OFF] Where's My Brother by AdorkableMarina [OFF] Where's My Brother :iconadorkablemarina:AdorkableMarina 538 60 Minuit a Fond la Caisse [OFF] by jcm2 Minuit a Fond la Caisse [OFF] :iconjcm2:jcm2 396 9 Glory to the soldier-liberator! [OFF] by jcm2 Glory to the soldier-liberator! [OFF] :iconjcm2:jcm2 228 18 Japhet perler by Birdseednerd Japhet perler :iconbirdseednerd:Birdseednerd 215 49 No hard feelings by AdorkableMarina No hard feelings :iconadorkablemarina:AdorkableMarina 423 18 OFF - Baleine by Petitecreme OFF - Baleine :iconpetitecreme:Petitecreme 708 14