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Road to Perdition :iconkuschelirmel:kuschelirmel 364 85
Mr. Holmes or On the Struggles of Human Mortality

“Mr. Holmes,” or, On the Struggles of Human Mortality
:iconireneadler76: IreneAdler76
:iconackeibler: ackeibler
Outstanding in the Field
The upcoming film Mr. Holmes, based on the novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind” by Mitch Cullin, is about a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes who is in the process of writing his story and piecing together events from a 30 year old case that he feels is unfinished.  In the midst of these endeavors Holmes is also trying to solve the mysteries of human
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 505 82
Ubi sunt? :iconakreon:akreon 1,808 131 Alea Story :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 2,440 1,189 At Night I Rose :icongalefra:galefra 1,307 239 Meat Tray :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 412 116
Artist, Looking Backwards
Hidden treasures
Age-old pleasures.
Things that last
Scooped from my past.
Paltry, yet so vast...
Fleeting glances,
Old romances.
Long-gone beauty
Now, my booty…
Some still unsurpassed.
Drew this, did I?
Really can’t deny
I had skill.
I’m at it, still.
With my brushes grasped.
Another year gone.
Yet I work on.
Monsters, Photos
Still, I do those.
Seems my part is cast.
Paints might splatter--
Make it matter.
Draw it, share it.
I still care, it
Has gone by so fast…
Grim persistence
My existence
Leaves its traces
Art, skill graces
Life that’s held tight-clasped.
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 17 28
Hanging by a thread... :iconcricketumpire:cricketumpire 246 82 Memento Mori :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 349 58
The Mortal and The Immortal
And such tragedy as the Mortal and the Immortal fall in love,
letting Eternity hold hands with mortality.
What of the Immortal,
when the Mortal has aged,
when his eyes lose light and his skin grows cold?
True love is never even lost in death,
but will death come to the Immortal,
still young and strong?
No, not unless he brings such upon himself.
But if love is true,
then the pieces of the Immortal's heart
may die with the whole heart of the Mortal.
In the end, Love could kill Eternity,
if it is strong enough.
So, in truth, only Love can triumph
and live forever in a dying world,
unless Death takes all those pure at heart
and all that remains is Hatred.
So what of the love of Mortal and Immortal,
seemingly impossible as it may be?
--It lives, for it rings true;
Age and even Death cannot rip it into pieces,
and when the love is to seemingly end
as the Mortal's short life flees,
the Immortal may lay down their own head,
if they so desire it,
and sleep forever beside their love.
But if the
:iconi8pancakes96:i8pancakes96 47 23
'Near Death Experience' :iconenergetic-innovation:Energetic-Innovation 718 242 Im-Mortality :iconiardacil:Iardacil 267 101
i will not grant you pretty words
though they burn in my veins
and force me to breathe,
as if my fey-child scripture
ever could withstand you
and the scars you carved in my DNA.
they breed in my throat,
a transcendental code sacrosanct
as the prayers you whisper,
and the vows you took in obligation
then broke,
only to hide your transgression
(twenty-six years, three months, twenty days)
and write in me the fear 
of being erased.
so maybe you can't understand
how i made myself not hate you
when i thought you would die
just in case
one day
i might
feel regret.
i want to throw my fury
at your feeble body and
slurring tongue
like zeus to your cronus
though i've always been cast
as hermes instead
for every second i've stared myself down
just to prove the balance of genetics
lies not in your favour
teaching myself to drive stick
so i could run farther
and faster
from who you wanted me to be
the six year old boy
with a near-perfect sketch
(but it wasn't
:iconangeljunkie:angeljunkie 127 68
Eternal Life [Remix]
Eternal Life [Remix]:
We are creatures of mortality
Born to live and die.
Yet there are those amongst us
Who resent the last goodbye.
They see it as an end to things;
The call of colder waves.
They have a fear of being trapped;
Locked away in graves.
But deep beneath the buried earth
No one hears you scream.
Pound and smash against the coffin;
End this horrid dream!
Kiss the flower of the reaper
Bear his blissful touch...
Soon you will be wisked away
Warm within his clutch!

But now you know the dreaded fear
Of why we cannot die.
We hear the reaper calling us
That we cannot lie.
In both our dreams and waking nights;
We see the blackest fate.
His cackles fill our bitter days
And they will not abate.
That is why we drink this now
Poison good or ill.
Either we will live forever
Or die against his will.
"I will not be death's puppet..."
-Chen Yuan Wen ft. IrrenderNarr42, 23rd March 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 174 105
Mortality :iconboxtail:BoxTail 159 4 Aleatte :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 1,208 125
When you look at me, and you tell me that you're different from all the rest
Will I question your words, I wonder;
Or gaze at you, without protest?
I am tangled in you already
It's too late to leave now, it's too late
I observe the contrast of your warm eyes with your cold skin
and try to snap from this trance
To once again remind myself of the situation I'm in
But you hold my gaze, and take my cheeks in your stone hands
And I quickly throw any doubt I had up in the air
Not bothering to see where it lands
I'm wrapped up in you; you are my world
I know with each second that passes,
I encompass myself in an even greater danger
I must confess though; You make me feel at ease
And I'm new to this, and each day I feel even stranger
Knowing that I live for you;
Knowing that you could be the very death of me.
But knowing this happiness; this love
I can never know anything more than this
You are my life now, My whole life
I want nothing more than to share eternity with you
And yet, you refuse t
:iconphi-phi:phi-phi 220 66
Travels in the Gray Land
Once, wise men said the Earth was flat,
Now they say a sphere
But I the traveler have seen
A world arranged in tiers.
It’s three steps up and three steps down
With nothing in between
Each step a realm unto itself
One black, one gray, one green.
The uppermost, the sunlit land
Is lush with verdant choir
Babbling brooks and rustling reeds
Birdsongs in the briar.
Down below, the Black Land sleeps
Silent and austere
Into this reverent quietude
All must disappear.
The middle tier, a hidden plane,
Of neither sun nor shade;
A misty, lonely everscape
Where those like me have strayed.
The Gray Land has no native souls
All wanderers are we
Durationless, directionless
Upon this rocky sea.
Gnarled trees and shallow caves, the
Total of existence
Scattered mountains, looming tall, but
Always in the distance.
For company, a walking stick
My friend, my aid, my balm -
Upon its neck I feel the warmth    
Reflected from my palm.
We rarely stop, my staff and me,
We trek and traipse along
:iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 31 28
Immortality desires the mortality :iconser1o:ser1o 222 11 PortLOL :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 650 123
three letters to hades
Dear Hades,
This is how I want to die:
I will have sent letters to the few in my life - a cascade of leaves with veins very much like my own.  It is an injustice that they depart with such colourful splendor, while we lay limp in our anemic pallor, dull slabs of marble flesh.  I will have lain down my body and tools beside that which is my greatest work, in marriage to what I shall become.  The doors will be locked, a fire at the threshold, and mortality set in my heart.  The décor, I leave, up to you.
A few odd decades have passed, and I mean no offense when I say I am taken by the joys of this absurd existence.  Even so, I understand our contract – it is our tragedy, is it not?  I must thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my preference in advance; but, to the matter at hand, to put it simply, I wish this to be painless – for myself and others.
As I have said, I shall leave the rest to you.
:iconjonzoiplu:jonzoiplu 56 38
Blooming Through Crevices
Blooming Through Crevices
People are characters;
their personalities are not to be cracked,
but to bloom.
Codes and signals
Are technical,
Setting our sights
On how to see
Through the cipher.
Optics opting for options
As opposed to conscious.
Ardor replaced by harder
Infrastructures trying
To break through exteriors.
But mortality is only one facet
Of the entirety of humanity.
It is a compass of one being,
But merely a piece of the puzzle
That makes up human composition.
let us not break through empathy
with deductive methodology
but rather with the rhythm
of a honeybee whistling along the hymn
of the wind whispering in the leaves.
humanistic, holistic ideologies
is what the standard can be.
it is the notion of being a metaphor
rather than being something to decipher.
because there are more stars and galaxies
in poetry than there will ever be algebraic
expression curls up with ambiance
under the window pain of a picture frame
because we write more about
subtle curve
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 27 34
Girl who Married a Mountain
The girl with bright hair,
she ate blackberries and
fresh peaches with chill water,
until her stomach ached,
then she lay stretched out
on your slopes for hours.
You knit her a quilt from
the dearly departed leaves.
Your grass left stains on the
knees of her new gingham,
but you dressed her in the
finest gowns of spiderweb,
and combed out her hair
with the lightest of breezes,
and the delicate touch of
branches that scraped her face,
leaving your kisses in
the smallest cuts on her
apple cheeks, leaving love on
her forest of freckles
And she became your wife,
she said yes, when you offered
her the broadest sky and clouds
and she made a home of your cliffs.
She bore children of music
spun them out of crisp air
and bird's melodies, high
above her head into the infinite.
And she never left your side
until, wrinkled as a gnarled fruit,
and bent and crooked as your oldest
trees, your first dedicated wives,
she walked across the formless air,
filled with the sharp aroma of
new spring apples,
:iconkarlynoelleabreu:KarlyNoelleAbreu 27 20
I Keep On Living In This My Only Wish :icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 130 53 Sorrow Reaper :iconfrankheilerart:FrankHeilerArt 219 34 Down :iconbillsabub:billsabub 162 166 mortality :icon6l33:6l33 246 5
lips sewn tightly shut.
There are bruises under her eyes
more mottled than the dappled halo about her head;
her mascara has become sticky
from blinking blearily through nighttime wanderings
in inky darkness, a thin, wrought-iron underworld
of hospital beds, cancerous towers of
love-tears, ghostly embraces:
where skin sloughs away from bone,
slick, black feathers prickle out of the back of thoraxes
and the gap between one breath and the next
is measured in self-sacrifice --
but murder has still left its taste (thick,
heavy, heady) on her tongue
and not even a caesura would be enough
to stop th-
:icon91816119:91816119 21 10
11 DETAIL :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 526 82 Macabre Melancholies. :iconparadisiacpicture:ParadisiacPicture 172 8 Facing Mortality :iconxobius:Xobius 272 61 Omnipresence :iconlynndoodles:Lynndoodles 130 14 Mortality :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 146 26 Skull study :iconballistyc:Ballistyc 101 40 Thanatos :iconcatherine03:Catherine03 92 8 Memento Mori :iconseitou:Seitou 473 74 MHcd - Memento Mori :iconloveliesbleeding2:LoveLiesBleeding2 102 1 Mortals :iconcoffart:CoffArt 585 42 Immortal Devotion :icontsuzukikun:Tsuzukikun 202 38 The-Mortal-Coil :iconcarnegriff:Carnegriff 218 17 La fin, mon amour :iconinkveil-matter:InkVeil-Matter 65 5
I filled the sea with dirt
selfish & humble
waiting for sin
as the best years of my life
crawl into the sea
[the wings left no room for ribs]
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 49 35
Mortality Cover :icontlroh:tLRoH 165 102 M O R T A L I T Y :iconcharleshildreth:charleshildreth 160 33 The Last Enemy :iconsylversvolpe:SylversVolpe 68 60 Mortality :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 197 40
Oh Shit, Zombies - Poem

"A Realization of the Possibility of my own Moral and Spiritual Mortality"

(or more concisely titled)

"Oh Shit, Zombies"
Inspired by “All the Dead Kids / Unicron” by Andrew Jackson Jihad
If I am zombie bitten
    infected by disease
    corrupt philosophies
what walks the earth afterward
    is a ravenous husk
    stalking in dawn and dusk.
I ask that you forgive me
    if my soul dies
    to make my body rise
when my bloodlust blends
    with my dread
    of those not dead.
As my teeth shred flesh
    and bring the ends
    of all your family and friends
we'll live parasitically
    cannibalizing the living
    for a corpse's thanksgiving.
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 15 4
The Enceladic Sea (My Ocean)
She looked down at the sea...
The sea that she loved...
The sea that she feared...

And she knew that all of those that loved her,
They were her ocean;
A sea of invisible faces,
A great and terrible thing that could drown her,
Or be her greatest savior,
Always providing shelter from the storms...
And she knew that her enemies were the storms,
Causing trouble wherever they arose;
Yet she also knew that the monsoons
As they passed sullenly overhead,
Were the reason she was so wrong...
And she knew that he was the ship,
Carrying her safely to her destination;
Rocking and swaying on the ocean's currents,
Taking her wherever she wished to go,
So that all she had to do
Was to simply make the wish...
And she knew that their love made the sails,
Guiding her wherever she needed to be;
Enveloping her in soft canvass,
Shielding her from the weight of the world,
Protecting her as a shielden cocoon,
Whenever she needed to escape...
And she knew that her dreams were the wind,
Billowing and whi
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 15 21