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Niall X Reader Part 1
"Of course he doesn't show up." My foot taps impatiently as I sit with a bread stick in my mouth. I take it out and toss it on the plate on the table. Maybe I'm at the wrong Nandos. I think while I quickly run my fingers through my (H/C) hair to push my bangs out of my face. I had spent an hour giving my hair these beautiful lose curls and I took awhile picking out what I was going to wear. But I settled for a nice green shirt with a pair of blue jeans and some simple accessories. ( )
I sighed and rested my head on my hand. I closed my (e/c) eyes and let out a depressed sigh. The chair in front of me made a noise and I flooded with hope. I sat up quickly and smiled, my (h/c) curls bouncing. In front of me was a boy in his late teens. He had blonde hair and the prettiest blueish yellow eyes. He smiled and just starred at me. I looked back at him with a questionable look. After a while I finally said som
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Such a Beautiful Thing
I expected your kiss,
Just not the flare of this craving in return,
Wanting more of the soft sensations of your lips.
And never did I expect you to taste so good,
As if nothing else seemed to exist for a moment but you,
The love I can feel in you and the denial that I couldn't possibly love you more.
And your whispers unexpectedly made me think of scented oil,
Leaving me day dreaming of caressing you,
And realizing it's how your voice always makes me feel.
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Romano x Reader: More Than Anything...Part 4
As you laid in your bed staring at the ceiling, you could hardly believe it; you had been married to Romano for over two years now. Everything had been going well with you and you were a happy couple…but right now you were fed up.
No; you weren't fed up with Romano. You were fed up with bed rest.
Looking down at your stomach however, you still managed to smile as you rubbed it affectionately. You giggled when you felt the little life inside kick against the palm of your hand. Yes…you were now eight months pregnant.
You remembered how it all happened. You had been married for about one and a half years and Romano was going through a very rough time. One day while he was out, you decided to surprise him with a really nice dinner when he got home. And so that's just what you did and though he didn't act all romantic about it, he was very happy that you'd done that for him…or at least that's what you thought. You hadn't been sure at the time because he just sat there rather
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