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A Twisted Dress Up :iconsamapitongzabala:samapitongzabala 2,703 1,280 Logo-Folio 2007-2008 part I :iconarpad:arpad 1,487 142 Logo-Folio 2007-2008 part II :iconarpad:arpad 1,528 128 Logo-Folio 2007-2008 part III :iconarpad:arpad 1,311 119 Logo-Folio 2008 V :iconarpad:arpad 1,083 219 Lilyas Logo :iconlilyas:Lilyas 667 167 No other option... :iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 1,737 190 Logo-Folio 2007-2008 part IV :iconarpad:arpad 938 94 The Doof Side Of The Titans Rising :iconsamapitongzabala:samapitongzabala 1,691 493 Phineas and Ferb - Carpe Diem :iconshamanrenji:ShamanRenji 1,023 230 Adorable Bees Baby Wear Logo :iconannabramble:AnnaBramble 458 97 Nevermore: The Gateway To Ferb :iconsamapitongzabala:samapitongzabala 719 159 Monogram pendant - steampunk A :iconbodaszilvia:bodaszilvia 125 10 A.M. - Logo :iconlilyas:Lilyas 369 111 the color dimension :iconsteinlo:steinlo 851 46 Couple's Monogram Heart Pendant Necklace :iconpopnicute:popnicute 182 6 Here's To The Night :icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 176 63 Ice cream :iconsadvi:sadvi 542 69 Dawn and Andrew's Cake :iconh0p31355:h0p31355 171 9
PnF Hidden love Ch 13
Chapter 13 ~ Thinking it through
Phineas opened his eyes slowly and found himself staring up at the ceiling of his home. A bit groggy, he sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Mm... What happened..?" he mumbled.
Letting out a tired sigh, he surveyed the room. The television was on, but it was obvious the movie was long over. One thing that surprised him though, was that everybody else had fallen asleep as well.
Crystal was sprawled out on the floor and so was Alexis, but it looked like she was using her back as a pillow, which made him chuckle a bit. Ferb was also on the floor, but he was leaned against the couch in a sitting position. Phineas figured he must have moved to give he others more space and looked back up to find Emily and Emma side-by-side in identical positions, except Emily's head was drooping and Emma's was thrown back. That was everybody except... Where was Isabella?
Phineas surveyed the room again and was about to assume that she left when he felt somet
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Little Phineas and Ferb :iconsadvi:sadvi 306 32 Polyamory ring :icontimjo:timjo 70 96 Finding Vanessa :iconjavidluffy:JaviDLuffy 792 290 monogram wedding cake :iconthe-evil-plankton:The-EvIl-Plankton 93 7
Perry the Platypus
He's a little platypus
The pet of Phineas and Ferb
Doesn't do much
But growl cutely
But never judge a book by its cover
He's more than meets the eye
For when nobody is looking
He places on his fedora and stands up
He's a secret agent of OWCA
Saving the world from evil
Like the Evil Dr. Doof
Though he's a low threat to anyone
He and Dr. Doof are neutral enemies
Though they are sworn adversaries
They are friends helping one another out
When their not fighting one another
He cares about his owners very much
Risking life and limb to keep them safe
From any harm that comes their way
Because of him their projects disappear in a flash
He's a furry little platypus
Who has some major skills
Master of disguise when being a dull pet
But knows how to take evil down
He's Perry the platypus
Off to save the world
From evil that threatens it
Even when it isn' a threat
Though he's gone
When someone wonders where he went
But when he comes back home
They say "There you are perry"
He's a secret agent
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Wedding Invitation : 02 :iconvanityclaire:vanityclaire 138 8 Butterfly Memento - Smalls :iconisiscat777:Isiscat777 51 29 Ferbnessa :iconsadvi:sadvi 309 38 WATERFALL :iconmichaelspitz:michaelspitz 116 62 Perry vs. Perry :iconmoomoo-of-doom:MooMoo-of-Doom 269 27
PnF- Que te pasa, Perry?
¿Qué te pasa, Perry?

Había amanecido un nuevo y soleado día de verano en Danville. Phineas Flynn y Ferb Fletcher, buenos hermanastros y mejores amigos, se hallaban sentados, como era habitual en ellos, a los pies del gran árbol del jardín. Perry el ornitorrinco, su peculiar mascota, yacía a sus pies, entre los dos.
- Oye Ferb- empezó Phineas rompiendo el silencio de aquella bonita mañana-, ¿no crees que Perry está raro hoy?
Ferb abrió los ojos y miró al ornitorrinco: estaba totalmente inmóvil, con el pico cerrado, un ojo señalando a una punta del jardín y el otro a la otra, contemplando el vacío. Bueno… como siempre, de hecho. Ferb volvió a mirar a su hermanastro esperando a que le diera alguna pista sobre qué era exactamente lo que veía de raro en Perry.
- Está como... pensativo. ¿No te lo parece?
Ferb volvió a mirar al animal, y luego de nuevo
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