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ppgz chp. 1 long time no seen
years past since the rowdyruff appered, the girls hadn't seen their revival. so now 17 year old docter blossom utnioum has major problems when it comes to the past about the rowdyruff.
" lucy how many times have you visited me?" blossom asked the cheerful girl. "uh nine" lucy said proudly. "then you get a teddy bear!" blossom said happily. blossom loved the look on lucy's face. "thank you! thank you! THANK YOU! " lucy hugged blossom. "you're welcome lucy!" as blossom hugged her back. "thanks, dr.utionum" lucy mom said. "please. call me blossom!" blossom said. "bye ms. blossom!" lucy said. poor lucy. she keeps coming back in the biggest hospital. everyday. blossom remembers the first she saw lucy.
'please let me see the docter!' lucy mom had barged in with a very sick girl.
'i'm sorry but dr. utionum is a busy woman." the nurse had said.
lucy mom was crying in fear of losing her only daughter.
'excuse me! i'll be glad to help you' blossom reassured lucy mom.
since that day blossom promi
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The Punishment Due
The Punishment Due
Deus Ex Procella
Blossom swallowed the lump in her throat and nervously tugged at the ropes now binding her wrists and holding them over her head. She looks down to wear Buttercup and Bubbles had just finished tying her ankles to the purple love seat. As her teammates stepped back to survey their work, Buttercup wandering around and testing Blossom's bindings, the red-haired self-appointed leader laughed nervously and looked back and forth at the two.
“Um...guys don't you think...this is just a little extreme?” Bubbles smiled pleasantly and sat down on the edge of the love seat by Blossom's feet.
“Well...Professor Utonium was very angry about that cake you took Blossom. Not to mention, the Mayor was a unhappy about the damage you caused fighting with Mojo over that cake,” Blossom frowned and lowered her head, feeling ashamed. Buttercup grinned and tweaked Blossom lightly on the cheek, making her hiss and look up.
“We told them
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ppgz chap. 2
NEXT DAY.........
miyako woke up and found herself sleeping in a bedroom that she didn't reconized. "aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhh! WHERE AM I?!?!" miyako panicked. she wondered if she had slept with boomer. she ran all over the house and found boomer in another room. 'how sweet. boomer let me stay over a night.' as miyako smiled happily in her head. boomer woke up and blushed. "what is it boomer?" miyako asked. "besides the fact that you only have a shirt on?" boomer said no longer looking at miyako's underwear. "AAAAAAAAAHHhhhh! this is so emberassing!" as miyako rushed to the master bedroom and found her skirt. she must have tooken it off when she was wicked tired. "well, i'll drop you off" boomer offered. "thanks boomer!" miyako said she needed to go home first. when they got to miyako's house. boomer couldn't believe how big it was. "are you rich?!" boomer asked. "boomer will you still be my friend? after i broke up with taka-chan, he........" boomer hugged miyako before she sta
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Chat Room 4
The Girl's Little Love Problem
Chocolates! Has logged in
I_love_dresses has logged in
Chocolates!: Hey Miyako :D
I_love_dresses: Momoko-san! :)…wait, and Kaoru-san?
Chocolates!: …Maybe she’s running away from Butch…¬¬
I_love_dresses: D:
Chocolates!: Why do you ask?
I_love_dresses: Because I found this incredible store!
Chocolates!: Really? I want to see the clothes! x3
I_love_dresses: It’s not a boutique!
Chocolates!: O_O…no?!...then what do they sell in there?
I_love_dresses: Anti-perverts charms!
Chocolates!: *gasps* no way! We must go and buy one! And fast!
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Chocolates!: …
I_love_dresses: …
Chocolates!: What’s with the nicknames O_o?
Brick_is_cool!: What? They state the obvious…I’m cool x)
Chocolates!: …you and your big ego -.-
Boomer_is_bad!: Miyako-chan! Wanna go in a date with me?
I _love_dresses: …no
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