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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and angry—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same, it all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her
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Daddy!Sherlock x Mommy!Reader
Sherlock would never admit it but he loved you, treasured you but he had no idea what you were making your child read. Oh yes! You both had a child together, after a night of consuming copious amounts of alcohol and deciding to experiment afterwards, back on point, you woke up with Sherlock in his bed and later that week found out you were pregnant. Sherlock nearly fainted.
“Not that I approve of fiction but Arthur seems to be at the level to read something like the hobbit not this baby rubbish.” Sherlock whined holding your three year old between his legs, while your son skimmed through the book. You smiled fondly at your son, Arthur; he was like a mini Sherlock, the same curly chocolate locks, attitude and mental capacity. All he got from you was your eye colour.
“Sherlock he is only 3.” You shrugged sipping your tea. Sherlock kissed Arthur’s head and hopped to his feet eyes flying over the bookcase before he pulled out an old copy of the hobbit. Resumin
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Mama!Reader x Chibi Romano
"Hey, Toni!" you called out cheerfully, waving hello to your friend. He grinned back at you as he made his way over, entering through your front gate.
"_______!" he piped in his Spanish accent. "How've you been?" He tipped his wide-brimmed hat, making you giggle.
"Just fine, Toni. Even better now that you're here!" You had moved in a couple years back, and had started gardening as a hobby. Growing tomatoes was hard at first, but Antonio seemed to arrive at just the right moment to lend a hand. Things were much easier now than when you started out. Not to mention the tomatoes added a nice little income in addition to your part-time job, which made it all the easier to get food on the table.
"Ah, bien, bien!" he crowed, smiling cheerfully as always. He got down on one knee. "And how is the little tomate?"
The seven-year-old boy had been clinging to you ever since Antonio arrived, and now his amber eyes glowered at him from behind dark brown bangs. "Get out of my house, you son of a
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PrussiaxReader Mommy and Daddy
Mommy and Daddy
The little yellow chick chirped happily from its advantage point in your hair. Ever since two days ago when you found it dragging a broken wing, it hadn't left your side. You had taken it home to bandage it up, like the animal lover you were. You had attached a splint to its wing and bandaged it in scraps of cloth you had left over from your small business of stuffed animal making. You were very gentle with it and it trusted you, you had easily figured that out after the first time you held it after you were done with your healing magic.
The small bird had walked up your arm to your shoulder. You had thought it would be satisfied there, but you were wrong. Using its beak and feet it climbed up the side of your head and snuggled into your [color] hair. It was like you had become its mother or something.
As you made your way down the hallway to the weekly meeting for every country in this freakin' war, you heard voices. You crept closer towards the door and
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Mommy tg
Doug and I were snuggled on the couch together when the doorbell rings. It was about 8 pm, and getting dark, so we weren't expecting any visitors. He gets up to look out the front window but sees no one. I go to the back door to look but I don't see anyone either. Doug sits back on the couch and waits for me to come back but I don't. He gets up to go look for me and finds that I'm not there. The doorbell rings again. This time he goes to answer it and there is a covered baby carrier on the front porch. For some strange reason he looks down and sees the baby carrier, wondering who could've left it there. After giving it some thought, he picked it up and brought it inside with him. Doug set it on the coffee table in front of him and studied it while he sat on the couch. He lost interest in it and started watching the evening news. Strange noises began to annoy him and it took him a while to realize it was the carrier. He took off the blanket without taking his eyes off the tv. Little did
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Happiness is...?
Elizabeth woke with her start as her alarm clattered through her dreams, shattering her sleep.  She groaned.  
"Just one more week then School will be over for good."  She muttered as she dragged herself out of bed and got dressed into her school uniform.  She hated school, well she hated exams and the pressure that was on her to do well by her Mom.
Her room was fairly plain for a teenager, a couple of shelves of books, her laptop on her desk, clothes strewn around the place, and a few music posters on the wall. Elizabeth stared into the mirror as she brushed her long blonde hair, hazel eyes stared back at her as she concentrated on pulling her hair into a neat ponytail.  She was a slim average sized 18 year old girl, although puberty had not been unkind and as a result her chest was more than ample.  She glared at her reflection as she heard her Mom yell from the bottom of the stairs.
"Elizabeth breakfast is going cold and yo
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Daddy America x Mommy Reader x Child Canada
Papa America x Mama Reader x Child Canada: My Burger
"MOMMY!!"  You turn around to see your son Matthew in tears running up to you.  "Mattie, are you okay?  What happened?"  "Da-dy he's be-ing mean to me-e."  "WHAT?  ALFRED!"  With his name being called by you he came out of nowhere o you and Matthew.  "What is it ______ darling?  Not to fear THE HERO ME is here!"  "Alfred!  Why is Mattie crying?"  "AHAHAHA, I don't know."  Matthew turns to you "Mommy, he tried giving me the gross sandwich!"  "WHAT?" Alfred said shockingly.  "I'll have you know it's a Hamburger and it's The Greatest thing next to your sexy mother and heroes!"  They 'bickered' back and forth a bit before you had to step in.  "Enough!  Alfred go to that corner and Matthew, go to the other one. 
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Where do babies come from, awesome parents?
Where do babies come from? A sweet little boy, the age five years old, thought to himself. He had started wondering about this ever since he heard his father talking to his mother. He was outside playing when he got thirsty, it had been a hot summer day in June. So after going back inside of his house to find his mother, he could hear his father saying some odd things he's never heard before in the living room. From what he could see, peeking around the corner that led into the living room, his mother was blushing.
Something about making more babies using his awesomeness. He felt scared when his father said he'd "eat his mommy up", then "banged her until she was screaming his name". Why would his daddy do that to his mommy? He must be a monster pretending to be his daddy! He wasn't going to let that thing hurt his mommy!
Picking up his Star-Wars lightsaber, also putting his darth vader helmet on for protection, he made his way outside to where the monster was washing his real fa
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Another Mother - Morning
“Kyle...wake up...Kyle...!”
The soft, motherly words were the first thing he heard upon exiting the realm of dreams. He had fallen into quite the deep slumber last night, and he just didn’t want to open his eyes.
(This’s more comfortable...leave me alone...)
“C’mon, sleepyhead! It’s a beautiful morning!” the motherly voice spoke again.
“G’way...lemme sleep...” Kyle slurred, pulling the covers over himself.
“Now now, don’t be a Grumpy Gus!” she said, as if she were addressing a child.
“Lady, I said...” (Wait...what’s...?)
Kyle took the covers off of him and opened his eyes.
“What is this?!”
He expected to be in a bed, perhaps in a motel; instead, he found himself in an adult sized crib, in a room decorated just like a baby’s, only the furniture was scaled for a grownup. A changing table, rocking chair, rocking horse, round table, and baby walker we
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Daddy! France x Mommy! Reader x Baby! Canada--
You woke up to the cry of your little baby, Matthew he was only two weeks old and one of the best things to happen to you, the other being your husband of three years Francis.
You turn to face your husband who was knocked out. You slowly got out of bed, drained of sleep and kissed your husband soft cheek, the crying got slightly louder, you rushed to the nursery when you got there, you dashed to the infant's side.
"Shhh, it's okay mommy's here," you said to the whimpering child while brushing his hair away from his face, trying to avoid contact with his curl. You cradled Matthew in your arms, ever so gently you began to sing his favorite lullaby:"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear,how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."
You began to hear footsteps behind you as the crying stopped. "Hmm mm mmm hmm hmm mm hmm hmmmm," you felt Francis' strong arms wrap around your waist, rocking his hips slowly to the rhyt
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Child!America X Mommy!Reader-Heroine's Bracelets
Alfred looked back,at the child who called him.
"Yes?" the blonde-haired boy smiled enthustiastic to the child.
"Why does your mother always wears that strange thread bracelets?" the little boy asked Alfred with a concerned look.
"Because she likes them,of course!" Alfred replied,with much pride and happiness.
" she so poor that she can't buy some...sparkling,gold jewelry?
"What? mother is the best without sparkling jewelry,or with them.They...doesn't count." Alfred said,but with with much less enthusiasm and courage.
Then,Alfred,your child,saw you,calling him.You were waving the hand with bracelets at him.You didn't notice the cloud above him.He was in a moment with a deep thought.That child's words wouldn't go out his mind.Was his mother so poor that she couldn't buy herself some sparkling jewelry? 'No,this can't be true!My mother is my heroine!With or without jewelry!' he thought without much enthusiasm.
"So,Alfred,how was your day?" you asked sm
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Adoption Option - TG
Adoption Option
Warning: This story contains TG, if you do not like this subject, then please save yourself the time and move on!
Otherwise, always enjoy!
"Yay~! Noah your here!" A tiny girl squealed happily, running up to the teenage boy and hugging him.
"Yeah! Maria, how are you?" Noah said with a grin at the cuteness of the little girl.
He was followed by his longtime friend, Liam. Both of them were American volunteers at the local orphanage. It was a odd sort of gig, but it was all worth it for the experiences that they got there, especially the kids that they would meet. Noah was 17, quite handsome, with striking brown eyes and light blonde hair. While Liam was 16, with jade green eyes and chocolate like hair. Today was no exception for their visits, and after working for an hour or so on cleanup, they were allowed to visit a girl that they had met last time, Maria, a girl that had only 7 years
She was unusual girl, in personality, she was very friendly and affectionate,
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Babysitting - part 1
Part 1 
Written by geckoguy123456789 (dA)(FA) for Kai 
“Come on…. just a little more……” the young jackal muttered, her fingers frantically and skillfully working an Xbox controller while her eyes stayed glued to the TV screen. The flicker of the screen giving her black fur a blueish white hue, her eyes bright and golden taking in every movement like a predator on the hunt.  Her character danced around Ultimecia, throwing hit after hit into her, the young jackal unconsciously bobbing and ducking her head in sync with her attacks. While she’d normally be moving her whole body, her swollen abdomen kept her fairly pinned to the couch.
“NUUUUUUUUU!” she yelled as she threw her arms up in defeat, “apocalypse again……” she muttered sullenly as her character was obliterated by the ultimate move and Ultimecia cackled in victory. “Ug……. Why do I even
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Cat Transformation
   Lucy quickly ran to her room leaving behind the echoes of her parents screaming at her. "LUCY! YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL!!! MUCH CONSEQUENCES WILL BE MADE FOR THIS!!"
   She continued ignoring them, slamming her bedroom door shut; she slowly slid down against the wooden door and curled up in a ball. Hugging her knees she then felt a slight pain in her fingertips.
   Confused she glances at them. With widen eyes she saw small black claws ripping under her fingernails. "W-what happening to me!?" Her regular nails fell off as long black claws continue to grow out. Lucy turned her hand over to the palm to spot faint pink pads growing out.
   Quickly she hid her hand away from her. Maybe this was all just a dream. Yeah, that's it. All a dream, she pinched herself with her new black claws. But it didn't work do to her thumb getting smaller and climbing up to her wrist. Starring in horror, she couldn't move her fingers anymore.
   Slowly her ha
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