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Christmas Kiss (Lestrade x Reader One-shot)
You had been invited to a Christmas party at John and Sherlock’s flat. You thought it rather strange for Sherlock to agree to a Christmas party, but you didn’t care. You loved Christmas, so when John asked you to come you accepted immediately.
How did you, (F/n) (L/n), happen to become acquainted with John Watson and his sociopathic flat-mate one might ask, and the answer was simple. They had taken your case a few years back, helping you find someone who had stolen your mother’s wedding ring. You mother was deceased, and the ring was special to you. After the case, you and John kept in touch. John ended up asking you a few dates, but in the end you two just weren’t clicking. However, you had stayed friends, and even Sherlock ended up taking a liking to you. You had started joining them on a few of their cases and had become acquainted with several other people, including Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper, and Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade.
December 24th,
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Forbidden Pastimes of Hogwarts
The Forbidden Pastimes for Fred and George Weasley
By Molly Weasley
1-"To concur the earth with an army of flying monkeys" is not an appropriate career choice.
2- I am not the king of potato people and I do not have a flying carpet.
3- I may not chase Seamus Finnegan around school in search of his 'Pot o' Gold'.
4- Nor am I allowed to tell people he's a leprechaun on steroids.
5- I will not shout "I have the Power" before casting a spell.
6- I am not allowed to purposefully charm Filchs' underwear into wedgies.
7- Nor am I allowed to do it 'by accident'.
8- I am not allowed to yodel during important parts of Dumbledore's speech.
9- The Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason. I may not tell First Years that there is a party down there.
10- Especially when there isn't.
11- I may not refer to Sirius Black as 'Seriously Black'.
12- Just because I use air quotes does not mean the rules have changed.
13- I am not allowed to sing my own personal spy music while wondering the hallways.
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Molly looked from the door to her kitchen at the man who was clearly too tall for his chair. She was used to being ignored by him in the lab, not talking to her or even looking as she would hand him what ever tool he asked for. But that was usually in front of a microscope, and this… This was after an impossible situation. One that she herself would not be able to get through on her own.
Sherlock seemed determined to be alone.
Leaving John would possibly be the hardest thing Sherlock would ever have to do in his life. Knowing that John would have to go through every day believing his best friend had killed himself right in front of him made Molly want to shove Sherlock out the door and straight back to Baker Street. It was hard to look at him. Just sitting there. Like nothing mattered. Not anymore.
"Stop thinking."
His voice surprised her. It was oddly calm and emotionless. Not that Sherlock talk with emotion before, but this was just… Empty.
"I'm sorry," Molly said, walking
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Molly is still new to the island and is still learning her way around.
One day, she was resting in her shed, she was watching Edward the blue engine shunt trucks in the yard.
Since she arrived, she seemed to hold attraction for the elderly engine.
She thought he was gentle, kind and the key thing that attracted her to him was that he was always new how to control the troublesome trucks.
As she watched him, her daydreaming was interrupted by a loud wheesh of steam blowing in her face.
“Hello, hot stuff!” said James
She knew James had a crush on her but every time he made advances, she would give him some lip and he would huff away.
“Err… Morning James…” she said still watching Edward
“Why you looking at Edward for?” asked James
Then he looked at her face and instantly got the hint
“You have a crush on that worn out boiler?” he cried
Molly went red in the face with embarrassment
“No, I was just watching those naughty trucks” she
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Thomas' Valentine's Day
It was Valentines Day on the island of Sodor.
All the engines were working hard
Thomas, Edward and Toby had to take some flowers to Sodor Castle for a flower show.
When they arrived, they saw trucks full of roses, daffodils, lilies and daisies.
“Goodness me!” said Edward seeing the amount of trucks that had been delivered
“I’m hoping to get my job done soon so I can get my surprise ready for Mavis,” said Toby
“You and Mavis are dating?” said Thomas surprised
“I’m surprised you haven’t noticed” Chuckled Toby “We’ve been together for 9 years” (Ed: seasons of Thomas and friends to be exact)
“I’ve been with Molly for a few months and it’s been going great!” said Edward “I’ve planned to get her some flowers”
“Have you got a special someone Thomas?” asked Toby
Thomas went red with embarrassment and the images of his special girls popped to his head; Emily and Rosie
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