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The Periodic Table of Storytelling, Second Edition by DawnPaladin The Periodic Table of Storytelling, Second Edition :icondawnpaladin:DawnPaladin 358 31
to be a waste of grey matter with no self-esteem
forgive these
rorschach nerves &
mercury veins -
i am no tragedy boy,
but i have self-decay
down to an art.
this tar tongue only starts
marlboro conversations &
i only start fires.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 208 56
Darker than Black - Hei by antijowy Darker than Black - Hei :iconantijowy:antijowy 989 56 electric blue by dushky electric blue :icondushky:dushky 583 106 Glass Partition by jenniferhom Glass Partition :iconjenniferhom:jenniferhom 717 23 Molecular by batjorge Molecular :iconbatjorge:batjorge 87 39 Dispersion by starg691 Dispersion :iconstarg691:starg691 128 7 MolecularMainframe by MarkJayBee MolecularMainframe :iconmarkjaybee:MarkJayBee 1,264 182 Yin Yang Rats Tattoo by WildSpiritWolf Yin Yang Rats Tattoo :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 732 48 Blue DNA by yethzart Blue DNA :iconyethzart:yethzart 55 26 Vanishing away by Renata-s-art Vanishing away :iconrenata-s-art:Renata-s-art 79 50
One With The Air
How I wish I could hide behind your curtain of circling dreams,
invisible, unseen like the shadows you've left behind.
How I wish I could evaporate and mingle with the fine atoms,
the ones that form the air I inhale, exhale.
Breathe. Still alive. Seen.
One by one, they rush through their spacious ways,
They always find their way around - to form me.
to complete me, make me then break me.
And my pieces remain scattered.
Longing to be one with the air,
To become one of the small atoms,
Forming the molecules of my mind,
One by one, the images fade away
Taken by force, never to remain again.
And I'm left, one of the small atoms,
forgotten, unseen.
Left with no memories and no dreams, Finally -
Serenity. Tranquility. Stillness.
:iconfehree:Fehree 31 12
There's a lot to be said of change. It is pretty much the answer to life.
Change was what happened when the first biotic molecules were created from inanimate matter and electricity. Change was was what happened when Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein and his monster [who, like those protobionts, was created from matter and electricity.]
Change was what happened when the first modern man evolved, and was what happened when he [or perhaps she] discovered the use of fire. Change was what happened when people became civilized.
Change was what happened when we stopped hunting and began farming by the rivers, began building up rather than out, began forming communities rather than herds.
Change was what happened when ice crept over the planet, and when people learned to adapt. Change was what happened when the last mammoth, the last saber-tooth tiger, the last huge reptile moved for the last time.
Change was what happened when we marked our calendar into its days, its months, its seasons. Cha
:iconsepulchral-roses:Sepulchral-Roses 29 90
Particle Dance by JeanFan Particle Dance :iconjeanfan:JeanFan 162 11 Air Molecules by That-Bassoonist Air Molecules :iconthat-bassoonist:That-Bassoonist 104 42 Disintegration by anitadunkl Disintegration :iconanitadunkl:anitadunkl 105 108
I used to hold my own hand
And sing a lullaby into the darkness
To fall asleep
I'd lie on the floor and string chords together
And melancholy notes
Bit by bit
I think they all saw my blood
Splashed across that cozy bedroom
And thought
Just maybe
They could force those lost molecules back into my
Multicolored veins
I knew we weren't real all along
(Just rag dolls
Sloppily stitched together
Or some sort of
Hazy memory)
And if we did exist
Why would I feel so empty inside?
:iconinkstain-fingertips:inkstain-fingertips 24 8
Life by Veganvictim Life :iconveganvictim:Veganvictim 38 114 States of Water by WirdouDesigns States of Water :iconwirdoudesigns:WirdouDesigns 142 10
Atomic Structure
Today, you finally realized,
That your world
Wasn't solid.
That the stairs from your bedroom
(The only place you feel safe)
To the living room below
(who could call it that? You don't live there.)
Were just a perception of the mind,
And that if you didn't believe in them,
They wouldn't exist at all.
When you breath now,
You're always afraid.
Because there's a chance
That the oxygen molecules you depend upon
Have all disappeared.
If you look closely enough,
You'll see that you, yourself,
Are just an optical illusion.
Your world,
Is a seething mass
Of warring particles
And contradictory beliefs.
From a distance,
Everything is serene,
And as beautiful as celestial movement,
Or the smile on your lips.
But a closer look reveals
The chaos of subatomic structure,
And the twisted insanity
Of your heart.
I think that your atoms
Are on the verge
Of falling apart.
I long to cling to you
In a vain attempt
To hold you together.
If I could,
I would sooth the seething, constant motion
Of t
:iconroymustangizlife:RoyMustangIZLIFE 13 148
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