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Shinitai-chan (Miss Wanna-Die) English Lyrics
i woke up trapped in the whitest walls
a hospital or so it's called
and the rooftop where i had jumped off from
i simply can't remember it at all
and the boy who reached out his hand
did not reach out enough
and i'd tried so hard so many times
but still it didn't work
'cause i
though i try, i am still alive
i wanna die, wanna die
but i don't just want to die
you'll arrive, just in time
just in time to stop me
all the pain that you gave me, i want it all to stop
yet it's not, not enough
i wanna die, wanna die
but i don't just want to die
i can't cry, there's a boy waiting on the other side
all the pain that you gave me, i want it all to stop
yet it's still not enough
i'm all alone when i try to hide away the memories we shared
like a mirror shows the past
i open up these scarlet eyes
with a pleasant expression
now tell me, are you surprised?
"i want to talk, want to breathe, want to be a living thing
all i ask, that i don't disappear before i reach
try to remember me
no matter where you
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Little Miss Muffet by J-Scott-Campbell Little Miss Muffet :iconj-scott-campbell:J-Scott-Campbell 5,373 79 Fanart - Shipwreck by shilin Fanart - Shipwreck :iconshilin:shilin 12,110 281 Doctor Who Item Collection by WillZMarler Doctor Who Item Collection :iconwillzmarler:WillZMarler 2,220 459 Young Justice Tower by Lo-wah Young Justice Tower :iconlo-wah:Lo-wah 7,639 555 Young Justice by lychi Young Justice :iconlychi:lychi 14,938 1,011 Miss Fortune by MagicnaAnavi Miss Fortune :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 3,124 240 LoL: Miss Fortune by Ka-ho LoL: Miss Fortune :iconka-ho:Ka-ho 1,150 26 Pool Party Miss Fortune by joacoful Pool Party Miss Fortune :iconjoacoful:joacoful 830 16 Grimm 50 by ToolKitten Grimm 50 :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 4,885 372 Miss Fortune by katiedesousa Miss Fortune :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 6,007 321 Miss Smartypants by Mixermike622 Miss Smartypants :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 7,138 1,424
Because I Miss You
I fell asleep last night with your letters by my side.
There must have been a hundred pages,
Scented with the love I've been dreaming of every day.
So it is true that I read all of them before sleep sometimes,
Just once in a little while,
Slowly like the way I long to caress your lips.
And the softness of your touch haunts my every dream,
Like this longing I have of you,
Burning ever so precariously in this moment of my heart.
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China X Reader - Sunburned
You rested your head against the cherry oak desk, in total misery.
Today was the sixth day on your week long vacation to China to visit your friend, Yao.
You had been having a great time with your Chinese friend. Sadly, he couldn't get time off his job of taking tourists through Changbai Mountain. Refusing to let that take away your time with him, you accompanied him on every one of his trails, traveling the same path over and over, so you could be with him.
The only problems you had faced up until now were some sore legs and a couple of burrs on your shoes.
Unfortunately for you, five days of solid sunshine did not go without its consequences. That coupled with your thin shirt material and no sunscreen left you with a terrible sunburn all over your back as well as across the bridge of your nose and cheeks.
In all honesty, you really didn't even like hiking. If it were any other person, you would have left them to the wilderness and relaxed at the Angsana Spa. But Yao wasn't just anyon
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I Love You Because
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I really miss you.
Other times I am craving for you,
And occasionally my heart squeezes longingly so.
Should I dream of you,
I would want you to dream of me too,
To be connected in a way beyond your lovely hands touching my side,
And just maybe, that divine little weight upon my skin.
I used to look for just a girl with a pretty smile,
A beautiful mind and lips that speak sweet things...
And I am still looking for this girl every morning,
Every time I open my eyes in bed, and reaching out to touch, you.
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I've Missed You by JohnSu I've Missed You :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 1,968 298 New Costume - Arcade Miss Fortune! by yayacosplay New Costume - Arcade Miss Fortune! :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 2,556 96 Moonstone as Ms. Marvel II - Dark Avenger by CrystalGraziano Moonstone as Ms. Marvel II - Dark Avenger :iconcrystalgraziano:CrystalGraziano 1,116 70 LoL Chibi set by justduet LoL Chibi set :iconjustduet:justduet 1,330 86 Moonstone as Ms. Marvel by CrystalGraziano Moonstone as Ms. Marvel :iconcrystalgraziano:CrystalGraziano 3,600 342 fusion issue 2 cover by nebezial fusion issue 2 cover :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,305 89 LoLndromat by DemonMads LoLndromat :icondemonmads:DemonMads 852 78 PPnS All Small Vector Cosplays by thweatted PPnS All Small Vector Cosplays :iconthweatted:thweatted 1,440 117