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The Trouble With Mirage
      Trouble With Mirage (male, female - dogs)         
               Helen was folding cloths by the dryer when their new dog strutted into the room. The loving animal at first seemed shy to drink from the water bowl or use the bathroom outside, but over time it seemed as though she became much more like the typical puppy. The Parr’s failed to see the changes between the two attitudes. Violet , the daughter of Helen, had bound a link between herself and the dog. In fact, the whole family found a connection with the loving creature. The only person who never really cared for the new house pet was Bob. Dash would throw the ball with the dog and try to beat the dog to it, Violet would play hide and seek with the dog, and Helen would scratch the dogs belly from across the room. Even with his whole family playing with the new dog, Bob
:iconkillerpen:killerpen 48 8
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