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De-Stress - Cat Noir x Reader [Soulmate AU]
De-Stress - Soulmate! Cat Noir (Adrien Agreste) x Female! Reader
>>Author's Note: An invisible ribbon tied around the right index finger of someone indicates your soulmate<<
You threw multiple pages of notes across your bedroom floor to clutch your hair in frustration. There was no way on this Earth you could memorize all this information before the final tomorrow.
"I knew I shouldn't have hung out with Noir last night." The mere thought of the superhero made you grin. Be it as it may, you didn't so much regret hanging out with him than you regretted not studying. Cue to the problem at hand and flopping down on your bed face first.
"Arm gorna fail!!"
Suddenly there was a throbbing on your finger. Absentmindedly your rubbed it and lifted your head. 
"Darn ribbon. Stop pulsating already! I have too much on my mind to think about my Soulmate right now."
Ah, yes. That soulmate thing. It wa
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Miraculous Valentine's Day :icondark-momento-mori:Dark-Momento-Mori 2,045 235 smol :iconnaoyi:naoyi 1,632 45 outoftime (Ladybug comic) :iconshe-sells-seagulls:she-sells-seagulls 3,228 249
Lemon tea and bourbon biscuits: Chat Noir X Reader
I fell in love with this dude the first time I saw him, even though I don't what this Miraculous Ladybug or whatever. I swear to god every fictional crush I have they all have OTP's n shit. When will this suffering ever end...
          The cold Parisian air nipped at your skin, making you tug your coat tighter around you.
          Placing the basket on the ground, you unfolded the blanket and laid it flat on the concrete building. Setting up two cups with lemon tea bags inside, you grabbed the thermos and poured your cup with hot water. Getting one more item in the basket was a container full of bourbon biscuits stuffed with chocolate cream. Taking a tiny sip of your tea and taking a nibble of the biscuit, you patiently waited for a certain masked blonde.
          "Hello, ma cherie." He whisper
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Miraculous Ladybug FanFic: Revelations Ch 1
Summary of Story in Description*
Chapter 1 – Confessions
In the daytime, she was Marinette, but when evil were to arise...she would become Ladybug. She had a secret identity as a 15 year old school girl who lived in a bakery with her French father and Chinese mother. She had a best friend called Alya who was obsessed with Ladybug and ran her own blog on her. But the most important thing in her life was her huge crush on Adrien.
Adrien Agreste, a rich 15 year old blonde who was a model, and really good at fencing, but secretly, he was also Chat Noir.
Together in their alter egos, Ladybug and Chat Noir would fight together to battle off the evil akumas led by Hawkmoth, an evil man with the power to change harmless butterflies into akumas and possess the weak and angry minded.
However, there was one thing they didn't know about each other...and that was who they both really were. Adrien had no idea that it his crush Ladybug, was really Marinette, and Marinette did
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Alter Egos - Chat Noir x Reader
As you stopped to catch your breath, you looked back to make sure you had not been followed. It was a quiet weeknight in Paris. You could barely see a thing in the alley you snuck into. The only source of light was the faint glow coming from the street light at the other end of the alley. You had to get back home and fast. It was already very late, and you had to get enough sleep to not pass out in class again. Your eyes scanned the silent alley for any sign of movement. Once you felt you were in the clear, you let out a long sigh of relief. Now you can finally turn out of being Renard Roux (Red Fox) and get back home. Suddenly, a dark figure lands in front of you causing you to let out a squeak. You jump back and got into a fighting stance, until you noticed familiar green eyes.
“Come on, Renard!” Chat Noir whined. “I promise I’ll turn back too. We’ll be even!”
“No, Chat Noir. How many times do I need to tell you? I want to keep my two lives s
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