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I'll Be The One To Save You From Your Tears
Mystogan X Reader
Chapter 1: The Years After
"Here's your drink, __(y/n)-chan!" You heard a familiar blonde say as she set down your beverage on the table.
"Arigato, Lucy-chan." You smiled at her, your hand reaching out to grab where you believed she put the cup, but grabbed the air instead.
"Ah, sorry! It's right here," Lucy pushed the drink gently closer to your hand as you grasped it, bringing it to your lips.
"No problem, thanks again."
"Ne, ne ___(y/n), let's check out the new job postings!" Natsu shouted excitedly.
"I wonder what missions we have this time!" Happy joined in as the fire dragon grabbed your hand, taking you towards the board.
"Natsu! Don't pull her so roughly like that!" Lucy scolded slightly.
"It can't be helped. He's always excited whenever new missions come in." Erza shook her head slightly.
"New missions? All right, let's see what we got." Gray was standing beside you, reading quickly through the postings.
"Gray-kun, you're pants." You knew he wa
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The fairy tail body switching party
It was a normal day at Fairy Tail. Everyone was bored. Wendy was looking at the request board. Mira walked up to Wendy and said, "Is there a request that you'd like to take?" Wendy sighed and looked at Mira. 'There doesn't seem to be good request s on here lately." Wendy said to Mira. Mira smiled and returned to her place at the bar counter. Wendy looked some more at the request board.
Suddenly, a request caught her attention. She reached out and grabbed it from the board and took it to the table where the usual team was. "This is a strange looking request." Wendy said as she laid the request on the table. Everyone looked at the request. "Wait! that's!" Lucy said as she stood up from the table and grabbed the request. "That's the request that made us switch bodies." Gray said. Erza went pale. 'I don't want to be a cat!' She said as she stood up and almost ran off. Jellal caught her arm and said, "Just be calm and sit down." Erza obeyed and said to Jellal, "Why are you here?" Jellal put
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Mood Swings part 1
Ladybug and Chat Noir were having trouble. The akuma they were fighting had power over emotions.  It's problem was that someone said they had issues with mood swings.   It was a weird looking one, with black hair and a jumpsuit that changed colors to reflect their mood; blue for sadness, yellow for happy, pink for love, green for jealously, purple for neutral and red for anger, the worst one and the current color of the outfit.  
"I am Mood Swinger!  Give me your miraculous'!"
Ladybug was still trying to figure out where the akuma was while dodging its attacks.
"Be careful Chat!  We don't know what will happen if we get hit so let's not find out!"
"You got it My Lady!  What's the plan?"
"Keep it distracted!  I'm still not sure where the akuma is, but I have an idea!"
"You got it LB!"  Chat sprang forward. "Hey! Chill out, no need to get all red in the face!"
"RAGH, shut it you dumb cat!"
It began to fire beams from the remote in its hands and Cha
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