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Mine [Doflamingo x Reader x Little!Law]
Being part of the Donquixote Pirates automatically meant people feared you. Not that you minded, in fact, it was just good since you didn't need to bother with weaklings that were foolish enough to challenge you. Of course, being part of the crew also meant you were part of the family, which you loved. Each one of the family members were special and unique in their own way. And even if they were ruthless pirates known for having no mercy, they were such warm personalities inside the mansions walls.
Yes, mansion. Doflamingo, the captain himself, was the king of Dressrosa.
Using the mansion of the country as an base was an excellent idea. They didn't need to be out on a ship 24/7, but instead could take breaks and just relax by the pool in the backyard. Don't get me wrong, you loved the sea, but sunbathing at a warm island was always very appealing.
As said before, the Donquixote Pirates were quite ruthless, but within the family everyone were loving to each other. Everyone were loyal to
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::Oikawa Tooru X Reader:: Pathetic
[Y/N]'s pace quickened as she walked toward her boyfriend for approximately a year, Oikawa Tooru's house. She had heard all about the big game he had yesterday; Oikawa begged her to go.. Yet she wasn't able to make it, because of a family issue. Oh how terrible she felt; her wanted to be there for him, especially since she had found out they lost.
Oikawa was one to take things too hard. Though [Y/N] hasn't seen the brunet cry for a real reason; it still hurt her. Even if it came from Iwaizumi headbutting him, it still hurt to see her boyfriend in any sort of pain.
Approaching the home much more quickly, she soon enough made it to the front door. A hand raised, and gently knocked against the wood of the entrance.
"Tooru? Are you home?"
The girl called, [E/C] orbs blinking as she stood for a few moments. Silence. This caused some concern to rise in [Y/N], and she knocked a second time, calling the boy's name.
He was home, of course. He was just.. aching. He couldn't make hi
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Prelude: Night Raid vs The RED Team pt 1

Tempest: It's time we try something new! Born to kill and kill some more, these two teams will clash to see who is the best of the best!
Hydro Frez: Night Raid, the assassin squad of the Revolutionary Army!
Tempest: And the RED Team, the mercs of Teufort!
Because Night Raid is currently down to three members as of this time in the manga, we will be using eight members at their peak. In return, the RED Team shall be granted three primary weapons, two secondary weapons, two melee weapons and consumables if they have them.
I'm Tempest and he's Hydro Frez and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to see who would win, a Death Battle!

Alias: Akame of the Sword Demon Murasame
Age: Late Teens
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Assassin of the Empire, Revolutionary Army Assassin

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Comfort in Grief [Fenris x f!Hawke]
Title: Comfort In Grief
Author: blustersquall
Game: Dragon Age II
characters/pairing: Fenris x Kestrel Hawke
Disclaimer: Dragon Age 2 is the property of Bioware, as is Fenris and any other characters mentioned within this piece. Kestrel Hawke is my creation, under the Dragon Age 2 player character, Hawke.
Varric had thought a night out at the Hanged Man, surrounded by friends and good company was a good idea. A nice, easy way to get Hawke back out into Kirkwall and put an end to her self imposed hermit existence.
She had not left the estate for weeks. Varric had visited several times, as had Aveline, Merrill and Isabella. Anders and Sebastian too, had gone to check on their friend. Only Fenris had avoided her. He had avoided the estate entirely since the battle with Quentin and Leandra's funeral.
After the death - murder - of Leandra they had held a small service. She had been burnt on a pyre. Sebastian had led the Chant of Light and afterwards they, including Gamlen, had returned to t
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blue baby
on her hipbones, i see bruised landmarks, (pooled), rose-petal-scarlet peninsulas
curled inwards together, touching at their tips, spreading outwards like flower petals
stained by sunlight.
there is an italy at the crest of her upper thigh, a small boot-shaped mark that has been there since the day
i met her; it is a purple-yellow now,
muted, sinking and distant, just
like the conversations we had on the second night we shared together (we were too scared to speak on the first night).
broken paths trace their way up her flanks,
running their courses out until their inevitable meet at the swan dip
of her collarbone,
bluer than the skies above,
singing richly of life and earnestness.
it is a blue that i think quite frequently about, an unnamed blue identical to the blue of bloodless lips, a hue the twin of
the blurred, azure edges where a yellowed crescent moon meets a pitch sable blanket,
a single celestiality kissing the invisible horizon line at midnight.
when i pla
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I'd Rather Be Dead
You're always asking me if I had anything worth dying for.
I'll pose the opposite to you and ask you this:
"Why is it that you find life to be worth living?"
Is it so interesting to go through each day feeling anxious?
To the point that you feel nauseated enough to collapse.
Is it so joyous to spend each night staring at a blank ceiling,
Hearing the clock tick on toward morning,
And yet you lie awake.
Tired, but awake, emotionless, but awake...
Do you truly get up each day, facing it with optimism.
Or do you look at the news and the state of the world,
And genuinely fear for your safety?
Now, if it were me that you had asked my dear,
I'd tell you quite honestly: That I'd rather be dead.
At least I would not have to hear the white lie inside my head.
That tomorrow will bring me a 'better' day...
But of course, you are welcome to believe that.
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Zero Suit Samus X Male!Reader: ~You are mine~
Super Smash Bros. Oneshots
Zero Suit Samus X Male!Reader
~You're mine~
~(Y/N)'s P.O.V.~
"I'm gonna beat you!"
"Well, come at me, (Y/N)!"
Me and Zero-chan, short for Zero Suit Samus, had a Sudden Death.
She sprinted towards me and I tried to hit her, but she used her Laser Gun (or whatever ya know what I mean...).
"Argh! No!" I was launched off the stage.
"Gotcha, (Y/N)!~" Zero-chan smirked, then, she made her triumph pose.
"~You're mine.~"
~Time Skip~
"But you said it!"
"Stop stalking me (Y/N)."
"I'm not stalking you! I want an ANSWEAR!" I was following Zero-chan to her room. And I was NOT stalking her.
"I'm saying it the last time" She grumbled. "That's just my triumph sentence and..."
"But you said it!!"
"I know! But I've already said it to the geeks like Donkey Kong!"
"But you said: You're mine. So, you have a crush on me, right?" I made my mischievous grin.
Zero-chan blushed and yelled: "Hell NO, (Y/N)!! And now stop annoy me and LEAVE! ME! ALONE!!!"
"You're blushing! You have a cr
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night, angriest of the fallen angels
i box my eyes in with my blanket-warm palms:
they beckon to my eyelids, which
grow upwards to kiss the sandy rough skin
the green gatsby light of my smoke detector is needle-like,
pricking and metallic and threading
its way
into my very
own brain through my vision
i blink again, maybe
an airplane this time, wandering
aimlessly through the purpling galaxy
the endless skies of my ceiling, infinite (ever since i stripped it of its name, its stars)
i don't know where to pinch (or punch)
when i realize that i
will never again
make contact with my forgotten dreams,
fallen comrades, unintentionally and unwillingly
left within the tides of
memory that continually sift the timesands in my mind
delicate bird wings encase the dust of my dead
dreams and wash them asea
and i am never again to revisit them because they have
no resting place, no final destination, and my burning 2AM heart, loveliest and liveliest
in the earliest hours of the new day, throbs and swells and pulses and aches
like any re
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this weakness
i am soft and weak.
my mother once told me
she wished she had a curvier body (while looking at mine),
but i'm only rounded edges because i hold fat that i
cannot turn to muscle;
i am weak because i am weak,
my heart is full of self pity and selfishness.
i stand in the hot shower, not wanting to
move at all because i sense no point in acting. i
stare at the fogged up glass and the condensation
dripping down the crying mirror, fat droplets, sad and heavy like i am.
lethargy dominates the bathroom, paces about the shower,
presses me against the wall and licks my bare skin with his dusk tongue.
i feel ten types of happiness, while rooted to the tile.
simealtanously, i am colored in twenty hues
of anguish, only because i deny movement (i refuse myself,
i am my own stray animal).
i am monochromatic, and weak,
and insanely, impossibly euphoric all at once:
this what heroin does to people.
i believe (it gets us killed, belief) i have a high pain tolerance,
but do i dare test that hypoth
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