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Baby Brother
Baby brother
It was an image that could never escape my mind,
It was so beautiful, the birth of my baby brother.
Though I was so young, I remember my mummy,
When she held him in her arms.
He was so small yet peaceful as he slept.
The sounds of him breathing with that slight wisp of a snort,
He gets that from daddy, alright.
"My baby brother..."
No longer a lonely child, I have someone to protect when I grow up.
I wander if mummy was this happy about having a girl when I was born.
I can see the soft, tired smile on her face,
To say "I love you from now on"
My mummy looked so happy,
As she laid back on the hospital bed, holding onto baby brother.
An image of when there was love in my family,
An image I'll always hold onto.
I won't forget my baby brother.
I will always remember the short time I had with him.
Even though he didn't make it through the night,
I didn't understand what the doctors had said,
But my mummy told me that the angel's had to take baby brother away.
She said that God
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Cancerous Love
My emotion's like a tumor laughing in your face
Cancerous love, gangrenous pain, I feel lost in its pace.
Deadly love that spits out hell; all is coming from below
I've lost my grasp on what was love; I've lost it all, I was too slow…
So there's cancer everywhere, heart is broken, jaws will rest…
No more nights to savage, kill, take a trip into death's nest.
Cancerous love's a great mirage; all is fading now to black
You've returned; you're here right now; you've lost my mind along your track.
Storm is rising from within; all I know is trapped beneath
Now I succumb to old pain wondering why I can't breathe…
Oh my God, I feel so reaped, I'm thereby marked by my own sin!
Thoughts from this severed head, lies of the unholy and unclean…
Your tumorous love steals away my life, yet I still live…
And your cancerous lies steal away my youth, they cleave
And your chance is all you've taken against me, I bleed,
All until the next red dawn, next tomorrow's cancerous seed&
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