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Trapped in the mall
Trapped in the mall
Alex had always hated having to go shopping. His mother and sisters often had him drive them around when they went shopping.  He always found it to be incredibly boring and thought he would escape it when he moved out. Now that he got his own apartment though, he had to furnish it and that meant a long mall trip. He kept pushing it off and even today he went late so that he couldn’t spend a long time there. He walked through the mall just wanting to get done as soon as possible. The first stop was to go get some furniture where maybe he could just buy a bed for today. The only thing he really wanted was some exercise equipment as he was rather scrawny. He was also kind a bit small, but there was nothing he could do there.  Nothing seemed to catch his eye as he paced around the store until he found a nice looking bed in the back. It was stashed away in the corner and there was a small barely visible crevice between one side and the wall. It looked ver
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The TG Harem 4 - Chase/Chelsea :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 966 43 The TG Harem 5 - Ryan/Ryana :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 770 47 TG Comic - Draco Malfoy and Sweets :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,959 190
Playing with Sis
Playing with Sis
There was an aura of anxiousness hanging through the air. It was a Friday afternoon and 10 year old Jenny was at home with just her 15 year old brother Daniel for the weekend as their parents went to a wedding. She couldn’t have friends over when her parents were gone, and Daniel never wanted to play with her. This time she had something that could help with that problem. She had a bit of an odd friend named Alexis that gave her a solution.  Alexis said she knew how to hypnotize people and taught Jenny the skill. Jenny was a bit skeptical, but she had nothing to lose.
She knocked on her brother’s door to ask if he wanted to play. Daniel responded with “I got homework to do; I can’t play your little girl games right now.”  Jenny knew he would say no and decided to go with plan b. She needed to get him to let her test it out to see if it works. “My friend says that you can hypnotize anyone. Will you let me try it out on you?&
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The TG Harem 6 - Collin/Clhoe :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 628 46
RQ-Wrong Costume (Asuka Langley tg)
RQ-Wrong Costume (Asuka Langley tg)
Paul looked at the shelves trying to find something he wanted. He was going to a convention the next day and he came to this cosplay shop to find an outfit. After a while of looking he saw something that caught his eyes. A couple of plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion! Paul decided that was what he wanted and asked the shopkeeper for one of them. He was trying to point at one of the Shinji ones, but the shopkeeper accidently grabbed an Asuka plugsuit one that was right next to it. Paul was so excited over what he found that he failed to notice the mistake even as he payed and left the store.
Immediately when he got home he got straight to opening it up. When he pulled out the outfit he noticed that the color wasn’t right, the suit was supposed to be blue and white, not red with a bit of black. However when he saw the orange cups on the chest of the suit, he realized that he had bought the wrong suit. “What should I do?” Paul thou
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The TG Harem 7 - What the Hell is Going On? :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 450 119 Interactive Musical TG - BUBBLEGUM POP :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 497 39
Infectious Music Part 1
Infectious music (Part 1)
Jesse rummaged through the apartment trying to clean it up. He was a bit busy with college so it had been a while since he had last cleaned it. Eventually he found something that caught his eye. It was an old mp3 player he had never seen before. After some thinking he figured out it was a mp3 that belonged to one of his old girlfriends. Oddly enough there was only one song on the mp3 player. She bragged once about having gone to Japan and having a one of a kind song recorded just for her. She said it was magical and that if you listened very closely to what it said it would change depending on who was listening. He never believed it of course, but he always thought it was strange. It was also kind of weird that she would forget something so unique. His place was pretty dirty so people lost stuff there all the time, but it still stood out to him.
Deciding to ignore it he remembered that she said the song was amazing and life changing, but he never got the chanc
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Lucas was unhappy as he stood inside his new room in his new house. His family moved into this new house that was pretty cheap for its size. All the neighbors said that it was haunted by a ghost, and that was the reason it was so cheap. Not just did he move into a possible haunted house, but his new room used to belong to a young girl. Most of the stuff in the room was packed into the attic, although the room still smelled pretty girly. After all of the unpacking it was night time and Lucas fell fast asleep. As Lucas laid in bed the ghost Jessica hovered over him. She did not like having a boy live in her room. She looked at the boy and could see that he was about 13 only slightly older than her. She got the idea to possess the boy so she wasn’t stuck in this room. Since Lucas was asleep she had full control over his body. She would have to be careful for the time being, so tonight she just went up into the attic and snuck in some of her stuff.
Lucas felt rather odd as
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Crumbs of time :iconricky4:ricky4 167 53
TG Anime of You - Part 2
Anime of You – Part 2
My head slumped. Mayu's arms wrapped around me but I could barely feel them.
She blurted out, "Okay, you're a boy. You're Neil. But you're still my friend...right?" I glanced up. Her eyes trembled.
I reached up to squeeze her arms and she relaxed a little. I nodded. "I'm still your friend."
She announced back, "And I'm still your friend. Do you need anything? Water? Stomach pills?"
I could use both. I remembered bringing some stomach pills in my weekend luggage…before though.
Reluctantly letting me go for the moment, Mayu went over to the closet, pulled out my luggage, and set it on the bed. It was a little different. But the big difference was on the inside.
Mayu unzipped it and hunted through the side flap. I looked down at the clothes. They were the clothes of a girl. Nothing too fashionable, but I noticed a few swimsuits and bras on the side. I looked away in embarrassment.
Mayu fished out some stomach pills and paired them with a cup of water
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The Necklace (Anthro Dragon TF/TG/MC)
Keith was exploring a cave off of the Gulf of Mexico. It was a little known one, and almost no one had been through it before. It was something that made Keith quite excited for what kind of treasures he could find. There was some mystery to it to. No one who went in spoke of what they saw, those that made it out anyway. 
He walked through the corridors, flashlight in hand. It was quite moist and some water dripping from the ceiling, it was near the ocean after all. Some of the paths were a tight fit but Keith made it work. He continued down through the cave before finding a rather large door with a lever next to it. 
Although Keith thought it was odd, he pulled the lever down. No one ever goes in here so it couldn't be anything too dangerous. The giant door opened to what looked like a giant city. He looked around and saw no occupants, and made his way down the main path. It would lead him to a room with a small chest. Keith approached it excitedly and slowly opened it.
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TG Anime of You - Part 6
Anime of You – Part 6
As I woke the next morning, there was a moment where I almost felt like I did before. But it soon passed with strange itches and a painful ‘rigidness’ that made me turn bright red and swarm around the covers like a worm eager to go back into its cocoon until it changed into something else. My salvation was just a few feet from me but Mayu was away and I knew I would hate myself if I altered her mind to believe I’d always been Kyoko.   
I shuffled over with my bed sheets around this strange, boyish body. I felt concerned by the pain of the ‘rigidness’. I hoped that was normal. It tried to take my mind off it by looked around this new closet I’d inherited. After a good bit of searching, I stumbled upon a boy’s school uniform like the one in the artwork.
I wondered a bit why I was wearing something else and not the uniform noted in the artwork. I wore the skintight outfit in the castle reality and my cloth
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Kisekae - Witch TG :iconrealityrifter:RealityRifter 169 10
Complaints - Part 7
The customer with the air purifier brushed back his thick, brown hair. He smiled and said, “Want I should rewind and dial back again?” He nudged a shoulder on the edge of the counter.
Unintentionally, Korri brushed back a bit of her hair too and adjusted her scrunchie. She shook her head and answered, “No. It’s fine. Could I see your receipt?”
Dee found his customer not nearly so cordial. He poked the counter with his finger as he spoke. “I am disgusted with this establishment. Its products have caused me extreme and undue harm and distress! I am distressed!”
Dee let a long breath go through his nose. He reached over to tap the laminated piece of paper. The customer flailed his arms as though a hornet was attacking him. “I don’t want any of that…horse pucky! I got it over the phone! I’m so sick of it!”
The air purifier customer, as he drew out his receipt, remarked quietly, “I always thought this place was cool…
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Don't Mess With Nikki (TF/TG) [CONTEST ENTRY]
It had been a year since Nick Scully had forcefully become a freak of nature. Not quite human, not quite an animal. It was something in between, something that would later commonly be referred to as a vixen. Not only did his species change, his gender had been forcefully swapped. Ultimately he learned to make his, now her way; taking on the name "Nikki."
The group that made her like this? The Moons. They ran the town of Dunwhich. Let's just say they were the last group of people you wanted to meet. They were ruthless, and didn't let anything stand in their way. Somehow they had gotten material to transform people. The Moons had used it to get back at the people they had problems with, and even filmed the sequences. The Moons had a big operation going. A really big one. One that wouldn't keep running if Nikki had anything to say about it.
Ever since the incident, Nikki had dedicated the year to learning everything she could about the Moons, and how they were able transform people. Her p
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Society of Maidens Ch 2:Lovely Angel
Society of Maidens: Lovely Angel
“Aieeeee!”  Another couple of girlish screams pierced through the air, though the girlish part was very new for the victims.  Alexis laughed to herself as she thought of how she might have overdone it a bit. She looked over the former Obelisk Blue guys who were now a couple of cute girls wearing pink versions of the Obelisk Blue girl’s uniform. Alexis got the new girls off the ground and checked how they were doing. When she was sure they were fine, Alexis sent the new members of the Society of Maidens off. The girls giggled and skipped on over to duel their former dorm mates to recruit them. Alexis couldn’t help but grin as she watched the girls go off; all she wanted was for others to see her as a duelist and not just a girl. She giggled, now they had no choice and she couldn’t be happier.
She wondered how Jade was doing with her part on the assault on the Obelisk Blue dorm. Alexis and Jade got into a completion
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RQ-Backfired (Jude Mathis to Agria TG/Twinning/MC)
RQ-Backfired (Jude Mathis to Agria TG/Twinning)
“What have I gotten myself into?” thought Jude. All he wanted was to go to the research center to tell his professor something. It got him attacked by both guards and a crazy girl who used lots of fire. Now he was a mysterious girl named Milla looking for a strange device in the facility. The two entered a room where Jude saw a weird cannon and sorts and examined it to see it was called the ‘Lance of Kresnik’. Just then he saw the insane girl from earlier madly typing away as she started up the machine. Jude winced in pain as the machine began draining the mana out of everyone in the room. The crazy woman named Agria just laughed even as her mana was being stolen. “It’s all worth it just to see the looks on your faces.” However the machine malfunctioned as it violently released some of the mana absorbed from Milla knocking her into the water below. She survived but was carried away outside.
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RQ- Jen 10(Ben 10 Omniverse Tg)
RQ-Jen 10(Ben 10 Onmiverse Tg)
“What a disgusting planet.” Hiding away in Undertown was a dark purple alien made up of energy. The Alien, Luna was part of a species called Anodite.  She was very proud of her race and looked down on many other species, especially humans. She hated having to be here on this planet, but she needed to mess with another one of her race. Another Anodite named Verdana married a human and had some children. This act angered Luna immensely and when she learned that Verdana had a grandson and granddaughter, she knew what she had to do.  “Time to get their attention.” She said before beginning her plan of causing a rampage.
Luna walked around until she found a spot that would be suitable for her scheme. She still couldn’t understand why Verdana would leave Anodyne for a mess of a planet like this. She and Verdana used to be the best of friends, until Verdana abandoned her and chose to stay with some inferior race. She smile
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Doubled-Up Influence :icontg-cradle:TG-Cradle 255 4
Angelique Freaques (TWEWY TG)
Angelique Freaques (The World Ends With You TG)
It was another day and another mission in the Shibuya UG for the players of the Reapers Game. “Where am I?”Neku wondered as he rubbed his head, getting up off the ground. He looked around and figured out that he was in A-East. “Where’s stalker?” he thought before hearing her voice call out. “Hey Neku! It’s about time for you to wake up. We already got the mission for today.”  Shiki told him. “We got a mission? I don’t remember seeing a counter on my hand.” Neku thought as he checked his hand confirming there was no counter. He checked his phone and saw the mission text (Today’s mission is to reach Molco. No time limit.) “It’s a good thing we don’t have any time limit today. We can take it easy, maybe even do some shopping.” Shiki said. “We don’t have time to relax, try thinking. They probably have a time limit waiting for us.
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Amazonian TG
I sighed, the golden throne cold against my fingers, half numbing them as it bit into my back.
"Anything I can do for you, Androdaira, my queen?" asked Antibote, bowing down before me, arms held forward to offer a plate. I ignored it, my fingers darting for a black lock of hair instead, letting it slide through my fingers as I regarded the girl I'd made to guard me.
I should be happy, I reminded myself. I'd overthrown a kingdom with my gift, turned the warriors they sent into Amazons, taken a throne. My enemies were my servants, and guards; Even Antibote herself had tried to kill me, once upon a time - now she protected me, and my people thrived. Not that I was ever allowed to see them, of course.
Sighing, a gave her hair a tug, making her stumble forward with a gasp that sent a flash of guilt through me. I shoved it down with the ruthless memory of her trying to kill me. "What would you do if I asked you to kiss me?"
"If that is what you desire, my queen," she said, her face a blank s
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Losing control [request/tftg] :iconkoekoek19:koekoek19 52 11
Maddie's Compensation

- "Wake up Madison. Bedtime is over already." 
- "I really can't understand you sleeping like that, but whatever." 

"Hng... huh? Where am I?"
- "Being in that position must look familiair to you." 
"TF? Is that you? W-What are you going to do with me?"

- "It's time for you to give some things back that you've taken." 
"Wait, what? I haven't taken anything! I am not a thief." 
- "The lifes you've taken and changed, it's time for you to undergo the same. I put this all together myself, a little inspiration from you ofcourse."

"No! I never meant this to happen!" 
- "It's okay, this will compensate enough, I think.. Now just relax and look at the pretty pink screen." 
"Pink screen? Th-that.. one.. over there..." 

- "You're a horny and slutty bimbo... hor
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Anouk's Birthday Present - collab :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 514 8 Bimbofication collab :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 401 14 Interactive Musical TG - TECHNO - CLOSED :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 471 100 TG Caption - Love messages :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 381 25 TG Caption - Halloween and back pain :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 413 27 TG Caption - Cheering up :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 336 28 TG Caption - Bringing down the house :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 245 57 Nerd to Beaty - YurixTheWanderer Collab :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 308 13 Kisekae - High Class TG AP (request) :iconrealityrifter:RealityRifter 268 29 TG Caption - Try it before criticizing :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 213 40
TG Anime of You - Part 8
Anime of You – Part 8
I looked at the sleeved paper and I felt less confident than her…him. But I didn’t want to diminish the light in his eyes. I asked him, “Do you still want to head back to town?”
Mayu sighed with the paper in his hands. “I’d like to put things right. Or at least know we can. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of this without knowing that. Even the catboys. And…this fantasy hasn’t really turned out so fun.” He slipped his shirt back on.
The walk to town took a while. And it was harder to navigate the dense branches in my adult body. Town itself was much the same as I remembered it.
Some people stopped to greet me. Everyone seemed so nice. There was one lingering look from an old man which creeped me out but the smiles of the townspeople more than made up for it.
Our home was much nicer than the one in Yuji’s memories. It was three stories with very nice glass work on the front. Mayu slid open the door a
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TG Anime of You - Part 7
Anime of Your – Part 7
Some part of my mind immediately flashed into action. I looked all around for signs of their direction. I recalled what Katsu had taught Yuji about trails. I noticed the fine details. I could tell the fresh footprints from the old.
I cut through the dense forest. Branches were broken along the way. I worried after a while that they intentionally wanted me to follow them. But I had no other choice. I ducked around trees as quickly as possible.
I was fast but not fast enough to catch a glimpse of them. After a while, it seemed they were getting more careful. There were less signs of their direction but still enough for me to pick up. My heart was racing but Yuji wouldn’t let it overtake me. He was going to be strong for his brother. He was going to show him how much he’d learned and how much he’d done.
I felt such great admiration for him.
Yuji even had a rough fighting style which used his small size as an advantage. I worried what Mayu
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Shy girl to party bimbo :iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 181 29 Com: Zero No Tsukaima TG - Page 4 :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 341 14 Fantastic Disasters 2 :icongordy20:Gordy20 53 0 Chip Titans - Over[cyborg]Load's new recruits :icongojiro7:Gojiro7 179 14 Kisekae - Brat TG :iconrealityrifter:RealityRifter 80 4 Firelight 2350: A Cybernetic Transformation :iconryusuta:Ryusuta 125 302
The Perfume (Anthro Shaymin TF/TG/MC) [TRADE]
Jax had just entered into Celadon City, the aroma of flowers filling the air. An aspiring Pokemon Master to be, his journey brought him here to challenge the gym leader. He checked into his hotel to stay at while he prepared for his battle, challenging people to friendly battles in order to train his Pokemon up more to ensure they were ready to take Erika on. He did this for every gym leader and it brought him and his Pokemon closer each time. 
He didn't make it just about training though. The tourist in him forced him to buy at least one thing from all of the towns he visited to keep a memento, especially if there wasn't a badge to be gotten in that town. He made sure that he didn't get anything too big, since he would have to carry it until he got back home. Jax would get things like post cards or a unique item the town was known for. 
And recently, Celadon City has had a new claim to fame, their perfume and cologne shop. They had sprays for humans and pokemon alike and eve
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Mass Field Experimentation (Re-done) :icontg-cradle:TG-Cradle 168 19 The Other Side W.I.P #2 :iconakira-keinehoffnung:Akira-keineHoffnung 44 8
A transformative Adventure: Beginning

 Erica looked at the strange girl before her. Sure she asked for a body guard who was experienced with supernatural phenomenon's but she never would expected this strange woman dressed in what appeared to be some sort of Coplay to show up at her office. "So miss umm.." Erica said struggling to remember this woman's name. " My name is Aoi Sukekosusikakushi The 3rd." The woman said, her voice was high pitched but monotone .
    "Right so the reason I need a body guard is because the news paper I work for had decided to have me report on the recent influx of supernatural phenomenon." Erica explained. "Normally I would pass the work on to some scrub..well I did but said scrub went missing and hasn't been seen for days."
"So you decided to hire a body guard so you can locate your lost compatriot." Aoi said still monotone. " Yes that's right. but I also need to get material for my article."
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Society of Maidens Ch 3: Battle of Heroes
Society of Maidens: Battle of Heroes
The waves rocked the island while a yacht rested at port. Relaxing on the yacht was a silver haired youth. The youth was not a student, but rather the professional duelist Aster Phoenix. “ Man, a lot of weird things seem to be happening here on this island. Whatever, I don’t get too much free time so I should just forget about it and relax.” Aster had his break interrupted when he heard a lot of shouting. He turned his head to see some girl with long brown hair running towards the yacht yelling and gesturing dramatically. Aster sighed, it was probably just a big fan of his, at least he escaped dealing with them so far. “Hey! You’re that professional duelist that came here to the academy right?” The girl asked him. “Yeah that’s me, Aster Phoenix, but no autographs plea-” “Perfect!” the girl interrupted him as she pulled out her pink and white duel disk. “The name’s Jade, an
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