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SELF-PAiNTiNG HiPSTER :iconeddy-shinjuku:Eddy-Shinjuku 3,490 109 Spider-Man (Millennial Visions) :iconred-eye-designs:Red-Eye-Designs 73 26
temporal resolution
and her chorus
not noticed she
steps and resteps,
breaths in a chest
fraught with stitches.
her missive
displaces case and
tense switches.
lenses lavish
with corrupt
data riches.
and her chorus
in vision her
flecks and reflection,
sections inspect
naught but itches.
she misses
predated shapes and
hip switches.
lust lavished
for just a hint
of her digits.
and her chorus
seen, seamed,
strung and restrung.
fragments in stagnant
formation itch. his
distaste and his
density hitches.
for her ruts
are abysses.
and her chorus
sending and
the same digits.
in effect
revisiting ditches
well worn
like the stitches
and she
is undone
at the core.
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petaldeath :iconnk-chan:nk-chan 296 47
Can Christians Like Dragons? EXPANDED: Part 1.33
Can Christians Like Dragons?
Expanded and Updated Edition!

The Original: “Can Christians Like Dragons?”
Update Installment 1: “Punishments and Curses”
Update Installment 3: “Draconic Traits”
In other words, is it un-Christian to be a fan of massive, fire-breathing reptiles? The reason this question is being addressed is because many Christians have decided that dragons are satanic/demonic. They say that this is the only conclusion you can draw from what we know of dragons in The Holy Bible. But is this true or is there more than what meets the common eye in The Sacred Book? Let us explore The Bible, ancient legends, and modern science to see if there is anyt
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Finally THE VOICES! and... Armie Hammer? Cool.
Okay guys, I found an article today for Cars 3 and I finally know the voice actors of Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm along with some added character info on them and... well I'm so excited and have a lot to say about it that I'm going to spork it, showing line by line and comment. EEEPPP!
It’s mobile millennials vs. mid-size cars with midlife crises in Disney-Pixar’s next movie, Cars 3, the second sequel in the billion-dollar franchise, skidding into theaters this June.
I've already said that Lightning is going through a mid-life crisis in this movie and I'm glad somebody brings that up.
Also the Cars franchise as whole with it's merchandise and such? It's worth 10 Billion, behind only Star Wars which is worth 12 Billion. I'm actually kind of surprise but then again Disney bought Marvel and Lucusfilm for 4  billion dollars each and Pixar? 7.4 billion! That was back in 2005 five when Disney was having trouble in the animation de
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