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Rainbow 'Danger' Crash :FIM title cards series :iconjowybean:Jowybean 668 102 Ant milking Leafhopper nymph (Selenocephalinae) :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 150 7 SAVE COWS :iconradenwa:RadenWA 539 535 Ants waiting for honeydew :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 165 18
(Women with various morphs and tf changes)
"Welcome Lilly!" She told her best friend as she opened the door. "Ready for game night?"
"I sure am! I found this old game in my attic" Lilly said, revealing the game she was holding. The box was kind of dusty, but the title said Distort. The two girls walked into Emma's living room, and set up the Game.
"So how do we play?" Emma asked. She opened the top of the box, and two stacks of cards fell out. She searched the box, but found no instructions.
"Well," Lilly began, "We shuffle the deck of cards. Then one person picks up a card, then the next person picks up a card and so on. I left one card at home, but we should be fine"
"So how do you win?" Emma asked.
"I'm not really sure," Lilly said "Lets just play for fun anyway"
"Alright. You are the guest, so you go first" Emma said. Lilly picked up the card, and her face instantly gained a puzzled look? Her card read:


Gain four extr
:iconcomputer-faced:Computer-Faced 29 2
The Twelve Days of Christmas :iconpen-umbra:Pen-umbra 120 30 Milking Robot :icondesignerkratos:DesignerKratos 103 51 Last of the Polar Bears pg 3 :iconlcibos:LCibos 271 30
Fairy tale
I stand in the milk house,
wishing I were painting a mural
instead of a white ceiling
While the pulsator pounds in the back of my thoughts
like a heartbeat
I knew a story when I was younger
about a man swallowed by a monster
who cut and climbed until he cut out out its giant heart
and watched it fall
and I always thought
that the gush and throb of a monster's pulse
must sound a lot like our milking parlor
as warm milk rushes
through a tangle of jar and piping arteries
to feed a stainless steel heart 
Like my dad says
"painting is a good thinking job"
but somehow,
my thoughts don't come out practical or helpful
they come bursting with color and whimsy
and solving none of the world's problems
So here I stand
rolling warpaint onto a sleeping giant 
with milk for blood
and glass for veins
a sleeping giant, but a fearsome one
:iconthe-story-spinner:The-Story-Spinner 12 18
~ eight
this isn’t our maiden voyage,
we’ve been on this
journey since our stars first
aligned, yet you still
spill your guts out into 
the sea every time
we hit a wave. 
:iconcrystallized-skies:crystallized-skies 11 0
Eight Maids a-Milking :iconwintersmagic:wintersmagic 79 62 Nurse Hanabi :iconpooky-cherie:pooky-cherie 108 2 Commission: Jessy Girl! :iconbokcutter:Bokcutter 209 15 Emoolia Cowpilla :iconcandithewildpig:CandiTheWildPig 57 33
The Teen Nursery Camp
"But mom I don't want to go to summer camp. I'd rather stay home and hang with friends". Steven complained. His mom diagreed saying "you can't be trusted staying home alone Steven".  Steven and his mom arrived at the camp. "Here we are". His mom said. She walled him over to the building to get signed in. A nice young girl was sitting at the table smiling, welcoming them to the camp. "Hello welcome to Camp Link the best place for a teen to relax and have fun. My names Sarah I am one of the counselors here". Steven's mom happily said "nice to meet you this is my son Steven".
 "Nice to meet you Steven, we are happy to have you stay with us for the summer you will have a great time here making new friends and having fun". Sarah smiled. Steven putting on fake smile said "thanks". Steven's mom hugged Steven and said "well I have to get going, got to head back and  pack for me and your father's cruise line, have fun sweety".
His mom then exists. Then Sarah said "well follow me
:iconlorenzopaddedup:lorenzopaddedup 25 1
Exploding Breasts TG
Exploding Breasts
Even though I was a guy, the day I started growing breasts was a pretty normal day. I didn't have any strange sensation or weird itches or anything like that. I did have a dream which felt quite vivid overnight but which left me when I woke.
I walked into bathroom, trying to pull some of the seemingly-fantastic detail out of the haze of my thoughts, and slipped off my shirt.
Cracking my neck a few times, I glanced in the mirror. The area around my nipples was pressed out a little bit. Nothing too serious but, considering I was used to heavy-lifting at work and my muscles had adapted to that, it did surprise me.
I thought that perhaps I was eating a bit too much and something like a junior version of my Uncle Brad's 'moobs' were starting to show. And I didn't think any more of it at the time except to remind myself to eat a little less and exercise more.
The rest of that week was loaded with veggies and sit-ups. My best friend Adam came over a few times and chee
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 500 201
Milking Time(censored ver) :iconmw-magister:MW-Magister 868 71 Candy of Expansion Page 1 colored :iconbutlova:ButLova 299 4 Don't Drink the Water :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 693 18 Shiku and Julia milky belly special 02 colored :iconanubis2pabon288:Anubis2Pabon288 775 22 Milking Time :icondrcreep:DrCreep 131 34 Tangerine Fever :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 824 38 Tropical Refresher :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 370 10 Angelique :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 398 17
Wonder Woman At the Dairy Farm, Conclusion
Wonder Woman, or Wonder-Cow, was pacing restlessly around her stall.  She had just recently been milked again, which had made her very happy; but, she wanted something else now, something that was making her move around the hay-lined floor restlessly.
She knew she was different than the others in the stalls nearby; the ornate apparel she was wearing attested to that fact.  She was special somehow, though she wasn’t sure why.  She could feel that there was something missing, something she couldn’t quite remember.  And, any time she made the effort to think hard and try to remember, her head started to hurt.  A lot.  Not thinking about it, on the other hand, didn’t hurt at all; and so, she was trying less and less to recall what it was that was missing.  
She knew she had a name, but she couldn’t quite remember that, either.  The various men who had been coming and going had mostly called her simply ‘cow’, and a
:iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 48 34
Relics of An Ancient Race :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 448 32
Wonder Woman At the Dairy Farm, Part 1
Wonder Woman was relaxing at the Hall of Justice on a warm, sunny Saturday.  She had just finished a series of brainteasers designed to help keep her mind razor-sharp, and she was sitting alone in the lounge now, sipping a glass of tea, when her Justice League communicator broke the silence, beeping loudly.  She put down her tea and answered the call.
“Diana,” the voice on the other end said, “It’s Superman.  I need your help with something, if you have some time-”  The sound was cracking badly from the start, and then it suddenly cut off without warning.
“Hello? Superman?” Wonder Woman tried to reply, but the line had gone dead.  She walked outside, hoping for a better signal, and she was able to pick up a faint one, but her repeated attempts to contact Superman again were in vain.
She was off-duty as it was, so, without informing anyone in the Hall, she took to the air, flying towards the source of the signal, a few h
:iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 57 23
Depths of Phendrana :iconmr-jolted:Mr-Jolted 438 18 Milk it :iconmichellecter:Michellecter 257 6
Wonder Woman At the Dairy Farm Part 2
Dr. Gabriel Mundy sat in his lab, perusing a number of computer screens in front of him.  A world-renowned scientist, Dr. Mundy was considered the Earth’s leading authority on metahuman/alien physiology.  As a result, he found himself constantly in the employ of those entities that wished to do harm to the ‘superheroes’ of the Earth.
As a result of one of his most recent transactions, he had gained ownership of a nice-sized chunk of Red Kryptonite.  He knew as much about its properties as anyone on the planet; typically its effects on a Kryptonian were a temporary transformation  into something else.  By itself, Dr. Mundy knew the effects of the red rock on, say, Superman, would last about 24 hours.  But Dr. Mundy had found a number of substances which, when kept in close proximity to the red Kryptonite, could make its effects last somewhat longer.
Three days earlier, as Dr. Mundy was working on an experiment with cow DNA in his lab, Supe
:iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 38 9
White Gold - A Lact/WG Chapter 1
[Note: This is a combo WG/Lactation story, a commissioned Novella for tarquiniuss in 8 parts. Never done Lactation before, but I'm going to give it my best shot!] 
  “120 Pounds.” The woman said, “Little on the small side to be a juicer.” Isolde took that and turned it over in her head. The woman before her was old (maybe in her 40s) and wasn’t a pound over 140, so she didn’t quite understand where she was pulling that from. It probably didn’t matter much; the woman was partly right in any case. Except for that term, what must be some kind of industry slang? “Juicer”.
    But then, wasn’t that what she was here to do? Or, rather, what her parents had dragged her here to do? She cast her mind back, recalling how they had tried to ply her weight with second helpings at dinner, with extra treats. She had grown f
:iconbrothermayo:BrotherMayo 60 21
Abducted :iconlocofuria:locofuria 243 81
Milking at TransFarms (Sketchy Shortie)
Cows graze idly on the prairie, tails swishing and flanks jiggling gently as they pad along the grass. They look just like any other animals, on any normal farm—but these animals were once human. I should know, I’m one of them.
Before you start getting worried, I guess I should clarify something: no, we’re not cursed; yes, we’re all here by choice. We’re at T. Farms, a lush and beautiful piece of property owned by TransFun. It’s a sort of a home-away-from-home for the transformation-minded.
In reality, I’m actually a very successful engineer by the name of George Hist, but right now I’m just a cow, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the way I spend all of my vacations now, as a large and plush female heifer who can sunbathe and sleep all day.
And yes, I know that male cows can do the same; I have a reason for being a woman. And that reason is walking up to our pasture right now, a grin on her face and a bucket in her hand
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 29 4
got milk? :iconprisonsuit-rabbitman:prisonsuit-rabbitman 515 44 contaminated milk :iconchaos-07:chaos-07 202 29 AUC 2.5 :iconelek-tronikz:elek-tronikz 247 37
White Gold - A Lact/WG Chapter 2
Combo Lactation/WG Story Commissioned by tarquiniuss, Part 2 of 8.
    Isolde found herself to be quite hungry that night, after the county exhibition. Luckily, her mother and father were quick in giving her quite the celebratory feast when she got home. Not that they had cooked, mind you, but they ordered out, and that was something to be glad about. Isolde was surprised that she had gained as much as she had for the exhibition on just her mother’s cooking alone.
    When they had all gathered to eat, she told them what she wanted to do. That she wanted to become a professional, to make milking her lifestyle and career. She knew a lot of little girls probably wanted to do it, there were probably even boys who wanted to, but she also knew exactly what they were going to say about it.
    “You want to be a milker?” Her father asked, nibblin
:iconbrothermayo:BrotherMayo 20 8
Upcoming Comic Conceptual Designs :iconcreativore:Creativore 82 28
White Gold - A Lact/WG Chapter 4
    Combo Lactation/WG Story Commissioned by tarquiniuss, Part 4 of 8.
   The hormones came easy. That was the first thing that made Isolde feel a little dirty. Penny made the phone call to her parents, and they had brought them up first thing. It helped that Isolde had never told them of Piave’s strict anti-hormone policy, but she thought they might have brought them to her anyway. Especially if she acted crushed enough that they wouldn’t. They were both closed-minded sods, and while she loved them she was still very glad to be away.
    The second thing that made her feel dirty was not the fact that it was cheating. She was doing this for the good of Piave, in the long run. And her own personal goals were in line with theirs, for the time being anyway. No, what made her feel really bad was the way that Penny had started looking at her. Or rather, not looking
:iconbrothermayo:BrotherMayo 16 10
Valentines Colored Fat Girl :icontsarman:tsarman 170 3 Elsa McBorden :icontavaresg:tavaresg 66 3 Katy's Filling Up :icontsarman:tsarman 222 6 Backed Up Miltank :iconticki-ticki:Ticki-Ticki 61 10 Patreon Raffle 6- pg1 :iconlilly-moo:Lilly-moo 100 11 GIANT BOOBS :icontsarman:tsarman 108 1 Bella Grace, the Cow :iconbenezia:Benezia 74 9 Pumping: Katy's Find :icontsarman:tsarman 64 5 Sponsor Stream 6- page 6 :iconlilly-moo:Lilly-moo 44 5