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Yule 2011 Information
Yule in an Easy To Follow Format
What is Yule?
The word itself is its most modern form derived from the old english words, ġéol or ġéohol and ġéola or ġéoli, with the former indicating "(the 12-day festival of) Yule".  Some other popularly known names are: Winter Solstice, MidWinter, Yuletide, The Longest Night of Winter. It is the astrological marking of the beginning of shorter winter nights. Yule was popularly celebrated ages ago by Nordic and Germanic people who recognize the holiday for feasting and merriment.  Yule is the pagan holiday for the Winter Solstice, which is now-a-days characterized by Christmas, a celebratory holiday in Christianity, and its many branches.  It was once celebrated from late December until early January. Christians have adopted the pagan holiday and filtered some of its many traditions and it has become known to them as Christmas, which is December 25th; every year. Yule is charted di
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A Midwinter's Eve
A Midwinter's Eve
Berk was sometimes referred to as the ice-cube of the north. Rain, snow, and hail seemed to constantly fall there. There was a short period of time between the spring when it rained constantly and the winter when the very seas froze that was actually inhabitable. However, that season had passed, much to the great disappointment of every inhabitant of Berk. The air was now icy, and if anyone tried to fly on a dragon with less than four layers of heavy clothing on, they would be frozen solid.
It was during one of these frigid days of winter that Hiccup was sitting beside the heating coals in the forge using the dim glow of a nearly extinguished candle to inspect his handiwork on a snowshoe attachment for his prosthesis. The snowshoe part hadn't been the problem, it had been the actual attachment part that had troubled him. At first he'd tried clipping it.
'Step step plop…' Hiccup mused, remembering his face plant into a large drift. It hadn't taken
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Salamander TF
Al, short for Apollo, was woken up around 10:25 by sunlight filtering through his window. He pulled his covers over his head in a rather futile attempt to sleep a bit longer. After seven minutes, he gave up and got out of bed.
It was a Monday, which would mean school for Al if it wasn't midwinter break. Plus, his parents were up in Canada for their own personal vacation. It was pretty sweet.
Al tossed some frozen waffles in the toaster, just as the doorbell rang. He quickly threw some sweatpants and a t-shirt on, as he was in just his boxers, before going to open the door.
"Hello..?" Nobody was there. However, there was a small, white cardboard box. He picked up the object, which was surprisingly heavy, and found a sticker on the front.
In a simple font was written "META.EXE"
Al closed the door and popped the lid off the box. Inside was another, this one some kind of metal.
"That's weird," he said to himself as he took out this new container and slid the lid off. Inside t
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