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Oberon by GENZOMAN Oberon :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,843 142 +Merida - Midsummer Night's Dream+ by larienne +Merida - Midsummer Night's Dream+ :iconlarienne:larienne 3,970 104 Midsummer bonfire by Thunderi Midsummer bonfire :iconthunderi:Thunderi 1,609 177 A Tendency to Breath by darkdex52 A Tendency to Breath :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 2,404 276 GND-Speshul -Midsummer Madness by Pika-la-Cynique GND-Speshul -Midsummer Madness :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 1,307 541 Titania's Daughter, Colored by GingerKellyStudio Titania's Daughter, Colored :icongingerkellystudio:GingerKellyStudio 524 102 The Wind Chimes by cosmosue The Wind Chimes :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 1,776 212 Oberon by MelissaFindley Oberon :iconmelissafindley:MelissaFindley 1,326 103 summer delight by A-l-a-s-s-e-a summer delight :icona-l-a-s-s-e-a:A-l-a-s-s-e-a 4,742 541 Summer Night Dreams I by Quit007 Summer Night Dreams I :iconquit007:Quit007 1,959 372 Festival by bokayeh Festival :iconbokayeh:bokayeh 512 50 The Midsummer Fire Festival by The-SixthLeafClover The Midsummer Fire Festival :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 1,310 114 Puck's Introduction by MelissaFindley Puck's Introduction :iconmelissafindley:MelissaFindley 1,405 140 Midsummer Night on Iceland 2016 by PatiMakowska Midsummer Night on Iceland 2016 :iconpatimakowska:PatiMakowska 542 57 Feeling Blue by cosmosue Feeling Blue :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 1,647 179 Wood Nymph Ind 14 RESTRICTED by Elandria Wood Nymph Ind 14 RESTRICTED :iconelandria:Elandria 621 189 +Chii and Midsummer Night's Dream+ by larienne +Chii and Midsummer Night's Dream+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,034 133 +Midsummer in Lilac Forest+ by larienne +Midsummer in Lilac Forest+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,395 108 The Disease of Dancing Flowers by darkdex52 The Disease of Dancing Flowers :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 1,626 167 Ahh! It's finally summer! by RavenMontoya Ahh! It's finally summer! :iconravenmontoya:RavenMontoya 1,088 210 Midsummer Dreaming by trystianity Midsummer Dreaming :icontrystianity:trystianity 508 257 I know a bank by SteveDeLaMare I know a bank :iconstevedelamare:SteveDeLaMare 481 115 Afternoon Crime by humon Afternoon Crime :iconhumon:humon 4,482 1,054 Midsummer by CindysArt Midsummer :iconcindysart:CindysArt 176 107 Do you ever come back? by gedomenas Do you ever come back? :icongedomenas:gedomenas 705 50 Titania, Queen of Faeries by TheIronRing Titania, Queen of Faeries :icontheironring:TheIronRing 690 61
After the wet season, before
the midsummer night's drought,
I flight for the floodplains, where
the northern downpour bleeds out
and sweeps its love to the mouth
of my lungs. I sleep in the crux
of an oxbow, let my dreams flux
and flow fractured, deltaic. For this
is the way I piece myself apart,
a resolution, my absolution
in a new avulsion.
During the day, I move south
towards the river mouth, picking
pebbles, coral fangs from the riverbed.
A loose tooth is a common truth
in these parts. Bones are febrile,
eyelashes are made of chalk, salt.
Tears turn brackish. They cake
and crack on the flats of my hands.
This is my Pangaea,
this swollen geography,
this slacken land.
The point of no return.
Here, all else ends.
By dusk I meet the saltmarsh
and dehusk, grow halophytic
in the nightlight. I pull out
my hair, my fingernails, and
fill the gaps in my spine
with reed rhythms, saline.
The final rite: turning flesh to grass.
Tomorrow, morning mist
will drag the whitewash back,
ashes to ash.
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 126 51
Midsummer's Eve by Pajunen Midsummer's Eve :iconpajunen:Pajunen 1,335 165 A Midsummer Night's Dream by LordRenzo A Midsummer Night's Dream :iconlordrenzo:LordRenzo 236 124 +Tea Fairy+ by larienne +Tea Fairy+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,201 130 Midsummer Night 2 by LadyGusiaa Midsummer Night 2 :iconladygusiaa:LadyGusiaa 252 53 midsummer night's dream by Zaratops midsummer night's dream :iconzaratops:Zaratops 749 87
Polishing Venus
I wear a blue plastic retainer at night. It's painful, tight on my teeth, as if my mouth has outgrown it. I don't put it in often enough, so the shape of my jaw twists and changes, until I remember how much I despised braces and consent to slip it in, and I lie awake at night, loathing the imperfection of my teeth and the ache that pulses there as my mouth readjusts to the wires and plastic that force my jaw into the correct position.
I wear glasses too – ugly things, dark maroon on top, with a thin, squishy plastic wire on bottom instead of another rim. Not many people know I have them. When I was a kid, I had the rimless kind – some part of me believed them to be less noticeable. I'd pop the lenses out and tell my father I slipped on the gravel at recess so I could get away with days without the slippery plastic ridge balanced on my nose, and the glances I got for being the only nine-year-old with glasses. Nowadays, I use contacts, and I slip my glasses case under my pillow
:iconwildwolfmoon94:WildWolfMoon94 430 140
Titania, Queen of Faeries by TheIronRing Titania, Queen of Faeries :icontheironring:TheIronRing 227 22
A Midsummer Day's Dream
It was a warm summer day like any other, hot and lazy as the electronic clock read “twelve thirty-two.
The weather peaked at its hottest and I couldn’t peal myself from the computer screen even if I wanted to as I talked to Kenta, a buddy from high school and classic game console and video game junkie. His room was a tangled mess of connections from even the old Atari systems with stuff like Pac-Man inserted into the slot and the old SEGA and Nintendo posters plastered all over the walls the last I saw it, but it’s too hot to even walk the four buildings’ length to visit and go down memory lane with those classics as he does.
I still have a few of my old consoles from when they first came out, but he buys all his stuff online and then does maintenance on them to make sure they work right if it’s secondhand from a place like EBay.
(Author’s Note: I’m sure you can come with some better screen names for the chat -_-)
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