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Oscillation :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 423 94 Laboratory Glassware Letters. Realistic glass text :iconalexandraf:AlexandraF 178 21 Osteodiplopada :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 159 24 Invasion :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 138 21 Red Blood Cells Fang Necklace :iconsagicorndreams:sagicornDreams 141 43 Alloy :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 150 28 Impact :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 162 46 Outpost :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 92 17 Remnant :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 100 10 Multi-Swirl :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 112 27 Strange fungi :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 164 93 Turbine :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 100 26 Vertigo :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 119 17
The Rosalia Virus
The purpose of this "essay" is to provide further analysis of an important and key element in the plot of Trauma Team, the Rosalia virus. Out of the 3 (perhaps four) strains that have appeared in the Trauma Center series so far (GUILT, Stigma, Rosalia and perhaps Neo-GUILT), I find Rosalia the most interesting out of them. This is in fact, because it's based on something that exists in our world and shows that not only "toxins" like GUILT are scary. In this world, there are a lot of scary and incredibly interesting diseases. I'll try to keep this as entertaining and lighthearted as possible, keeping down with scientifical ridiculous words that can make us go "LOLWUT". After all, what I want is that is to help provide another look at Rosalia, which may change a bit your view of the game, for something better. Also, while I won't be completely addressing the whole plot and the ending, I advise you to have finished it first, as there may be serious spoilers mentioned around this.
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I etched colour into our cultured limbs,
Informing you to start the clock and
Mind your white-gloved fingers.
A three-ringed show. Blue bodies
Antagonise colleagues of grotesque growths
Embedded in thick jelly, conjuring litmus sorcery.
You squeeze out solution plops with your glass dropper,
As I prepare knives, noting their movements and
Trapeze ease. Clean releases. So to  
Lines of tangled tissue suspended in
Lithe agar, quivering like tightropes,
Tense beneath our lenses. Fine scalpels
Prod the odd formation, prising flesh gels
Apart and mutilating our carefully calculated charts.
Microscopic melodrama. Subject of spectacle.
Stop the clock.
We scrutinise the molarity of all the imbibed chemicals,
Audit the apparatus and
Corroborate the papers. Were there
Defects in the method?
A congenitally flawed hypothesis?
Did my bloody hand tremble too much,
Did I lose my concentration?
Frustrated, I cleave the faulty specimens
to fractious slivers, and ask
If we can start the entire thin
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Macrophage :iconjordanwalkerartist:jordanwalkerartist 37 3 Fantastic Voyage :iconlexlothor:LEXLOTHOR 23 7 Molten :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 44 8 Fracture :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 43 4 Grinder :iconabstractedeye:AbstractedEye 42 9