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7: Elle at Sea
Elias strode down the passageway, eager to see the look on Elle's face when she realized just how dire her situation had become. Something about seeing the look of helplessness on her face excited him, and he knew that it would work in his favor. After all, how could she continue to defy him if she had no choice but to obey him?
Elias climbed the companionway and stepped into the bright morning sun. The familiar roar of the ocean filled his ears, and he sucked in a lungful of salty sea air. He smoothed the front of his dark shirt, tugging the sleeves at his wrists before adjusting his collar. He was never one to appear on deck unkempt, evident by the gleam of his boots and the seamless press of his black breeches. And he had to admit, he wanted to look presentable for his bride to be, for if he appeared to her in muddy boots and dusty clothes as he had the night before, what would she think of him?
Elias glanced around the deck, and spotted Elle easily. She was leaning against the rail
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2: Elle's Escape
Mias stared at Elle's sleeping form beside him. She hadn't moved all night—he knew because he hadn't moved all night either. He was still lying back against the headboard, watching her steady breathing and enjoying the rise and fall of her breasts beneath her lacy white bra. He had stripped her out of the gown she had been wearing, wanting her to be comfortable as she slept, confused as to why he cared about her comfort at all. His grin widened as her chest rose, deciding that caring about whether or not Elle was comfortable had to be the best damn idea he ever had.
Sunlight poured through the open window, a slant of light cutting across the bed and Elle's creamy white legs. Mias adjusted himself on the bed, and Elle shifted slightly before going still once more.
She would be awake soon, and Mias was suddenly aware that he had been lying on the bed in his clothes. He tried to smooth the wrinkles in his slacks and shirt, sighing with frustration when he realized not only was he a w
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11:Elle's Wedding Day
"Miss! Miss!" Thomas cried.
Elle opened her eyes with a groan to find Thomas leaning over her, his little hands on her shoulder as he tried to shake her awake.
"What time is it?" She croaked.
Stretching, she turned onto her side and glanced at the porthole, frowning when she saw that it was still dark.
"It's just after dawn!" Thomas said, sitting beside her on the narrow bed.
Elle sighed, tugging the thin sheet more tightly around her shoulder. She had made it a habit to sleep as late as she could, not because she was depressed, she assured herself, but because it meant less time spent anywhere near Elias, and more time spent devising a plan.
"Why on Earth are you waking me up so early?" Elle asked, just as a deafening BOOM rocked the ship.
Elle shot up in the bed, grabbing Thomas protectively around the shoulders. "What the hell was that?" She shrieked.
Thomas laughed. "It's alright Miss, just a signal shot to let Tearny know we intend to make port."
Elle stood up and stretched
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