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We are We, the Hunters of greatest knowledge and spell-blood. We use spell-words to hunt and to Change our bodies to rocks or trees. It has long been forbidden to Change to other Hunters or Hunted, or to kill others of We; yet it happened, and without it We would not be living.
This is that tale.
This is a tale from before the Fire, before the Dark, when the world was still green and the sky was still blue.

We had a Pack in the north, running free under the moon. The hunt was good. The Pack was strong and the prey was weak. The prey was a Hunter, a small running-Hunter; and so he turned, hissing spell-words, but he was claw- and tooth-strong, not spell-strong.
The Pack closed in. The youngest drew first blood, hissing. Wait, the running-Hunter hissed in simple-speak, but the Pack would not wait after a wounding, and they sprang upon him; yet his flesh was familiar. The youngest shrieked as the blood on her claw turned black. It was not running-Hunter blood, but spell-bloo
:iconsolarune:Solarune 99 90
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The Meteorite
By the eerie glow of the campfire I sat, shivering in the cold winter air as I glanced at my companion, his face lit by the warm orange glow of the campfire. Sitting on a camping chair, I pulled off my gloves and stuck them by the fire, warming them up. It seemed that no matter how thick my gloves were, they still seemed to become numb with cold.
My actions seemed to prompt my companion to snigger, giving me a look of amusement as I rubbed my hands together. Between the three of us, I was probably the most heavily dressed, wearing a jacket, jeans, and a layer of thermals underneath to keep myself warm. My friend, on the other hand, simply wore jeans, t-shirts and jackets, as if to mock me for my lack of threshold for resisting the cold.
"Yeah, yeah..." I muttered as he was about to say something, trying to brush off whatever smart comment he was about to make. It was mutually understood between the two of us that I wasn't entirely used to cold weather, having come from the tropics, but
:icongadzooooks:Gadzooooks 24 10
Unforgiving space by tadp0l3 Unforgiving space :icontadp0l3:tadp0l3 138 12 Meteor Shower by Web5teR Meteor Shower :iconweb5ter:Web5teR 1,110 186