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This Day Aria (Colt Version) w/ Lyrics
[King Metamorphosis]
This day is going to be perfect.
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small.
All those Armor loving bores, say I look great in uniform.
What they don't know is that I have fooled them all.
[Shining Armor]
This day was going to be perfect.
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small;
But instead of having cake, with all my friends to celebrate.
My wedding bells may never ring for me at all.
[King Metamorphosis]
I care not a thing about the ring. I won't partake in any cake.
Vows,well I'll be lying when I say.
That through any kind of weather. I'll want us to be together.
The truth is I don't care for her at all.
No,I do not love the bride for my heart is dead inside;
But I still want her to be mine.
[Shining Armor]
We must escape before it's too late;
Find a way to save the day. Hope? I'll be lying if I say,
"I don't fear that I may lose her, to 1 who wants to use her.
Not care for, love, and cherish her each day."
For I oh-so love the bride. Oh i
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1
"Chase, it's time to get up!" I rolled over, not wanting to get out of bed. I was so comfortable…in fact, I had slept better tonight than I had slept in a long time. For so many nights now I had slept so uncomfortably…and I would only sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours at a time. Part of the reason was because my bed was a bit too small for me. The twin size bed was fine when I was still 6 feet tall…but now I'm 6 feet and 5 inches and athletically built! My feet dangle off of the sides and I can never get comfortable. Then there are the nightmares and thoughts that fill my head. The thoughts of going to school…and the people that were there. It seems odd, right? I mean, why would someone like me be afraid of my peers at high school. The fact wasn't that I wasn't really afraid of them…they were afraid of me.
I'm not a bad person! I'm no bully! In fact, for the first part of freshman and sophomore year…I was beating down on the bullies
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 2)
Chapter 2
“Are you sure that’s all that happened? That’s all you can remember?” My father asked. My father was extremely anxious and he was pacing my bedroom nonstop. He was still wearing his button down suit and tie with the overcoat...a sure sign that he was upset, because he always took off that coat when he came home. Mom was sitting next to me on the bed with her arm around me. She was gazing at both me and dad, trying her best to remain calm.
“Dad, I told you everything I know!” I replied in frustration. “I just…woke up like this.”
“Did you eat something out of the ordinary last night?” My dad pressed. “You’re not on any drugs are you?”
“Paul, that’s enough!” My mom hissed. “I served all three of us the same dish last night. And I know for a fact that my boy would never do drugs.”
“Would you look at our boy, Stacy!?” My dad bared back. “He
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Metamorphosis (Chapter 4)
“Is everything alright, dear?” Mom asked. I didn’t answer her right away. I was too busy thinking and trying not to focus on the events of the day.
After what felt like an hour of sitting in a hair salon, mom was finally driving me home. I couldn’t help but feel the weight of my own head as it felt like my hair now seemed so…different. The salon lady had been nice I suppose. When we walked in she was very friendly and asked if I’d ever been there before, and then took me back to get my hair done. I didn’t exactly know what to expect of course, but I wasn’t sure how to feel about the outcome. They pulled on it, washed it, combed it, pampered it, there were times where I thought my hair would be pulled out or something, but in the end, it was not. When they showed me what I looked like, I was kind of in awe. It wasn’t done up in any special way, but it looked a lot cleaner and it looked softer…clearly more feminine. I think sh
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The Facility Page 1 by Wrenzephyr2 The Facility Page 1 :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 691 55 Wolfling by lessthanhuman Wolfling :iconlessthanhuman:lessthanhuman 1,426 125
Too Many Drinks - Part I
4:47 AM
A blurred and painful awakening disrupted Chuck’s dormancy as his eyes slowly focused on his digital alarm clock.
The blinking colon between the hour and the minute counters violently drummed the seconds of his alcohol induced torment.  Chuck’s head bellowed upon waves of whiskey infused headache.  How had he managed to drink so much?  
More importantly, what happened last night?  The evening was a muddled conjecture of missed connections and happy accidents.  The late hours of a night’s outing at his local pub usually lead to a booze-infused discussion of politics, religion, and sex, soon obliterated by a cleansing alcohol-fueled memory wipe.
Something prolific, a profound moment, had managed to escape the mental gravity well of his binge.  A monolith, no... a person had managed to survive in his memories until his awakening.  
Suddenly, a tide of recollection swept over his mind.
Chuck cringed at the realiza
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The Facility Page 7 by Wrenzephyr2 The Facility Page 7 :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 840 30 Wolfboy 2 by DaeStock Wolfboy 2 :icondaestock:DaeStock 592 92
A Devil in Paradise
Day One
Sam watched the jagged Miami skyline melt into the horizon as the cruise ship chased the sun towards the Bahamas. He pondered his reasons for agreeing to a seven day single’s cruise as he looked out over the sea, entranced by the seagulls hypnotic soaring.
Sam was a chiseled, hansom man with an insatiable lust for beautiful, athletic women.  He had perfected an efficient process of seduction that produced perfect results and no unwanted byproducts.  At first, he was in search of love, but he had quickly grown addicted to the fruit of his labor.   He was in love with the lustful hunt and capture, his slain prey were merely trophies to be forgotten upon the next challenge.
The ship’s foghorn sounded, reviving Sam from his trance.  He looked around the decks of the vessel, scouting for potential targets.  The cruise ship was populated by a perfect one-to-one ratio of men and women, but few women were doing much to peak Sam’s interest.  Sam decided to find a bar;
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Vixen by OdysseusUT Vixen :iconodysseusut:OdysseusUT 687 90 The Facility Page 6 by Wrenzephyr2 The Facility Page 6 :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 752 20
Clubbing TG
Luke always hated going clubbing. He hated the noise, the heat and that the girls in the club were all sluts who didn’t have a brain cell between them… however he might think that because they were never interested in him. See Luke was not the best looking guy, with his severe acne and poor physique girls never really seemed to pay him much attention. He was also quite an introvert person, and being in a big crowd with people grinding on each other just made him uncomfortable. He would much rather stay at home then be in a place like this.
His friend Harry however revelled in this animalistic environment. He had much more success with girls in clubs, and liked to brag about how many girls he had managed to make out with. Harry had gotten tired of Luke ruining his fun with his moping and complaining, so he decided that it needed to change. He bought some pills from a guy hanging round the club, who with a sly grin told them that it would make his night a whole lot more inter
:iconbobmiester567:Bobmiester567 209 9
Too Many Drinks: Prologue
7:00 AM
A cold red colon pulsed with each painful digital chirp of the alarm clock.  Light began to infiltrate the slowly opening brown eyes of a young woman as she awoke from violent sleep.  A petite and feminine hand emerged from underneath the comforter, falling abruptly on the snooze button of the clock radio as the alarm was quelled.  Long white-tipped finger nails decorated the hand as it submerged below the bed sheets.
7:11 AM
The alarm clock’s agonizing binary tone returned, pulsing in sync with the clock’s red colon heart.
“You’re late! Get up!” said the female voice from outside the room.
The young woman rolled onto her side and silenced the alarm.  Sweeping the quilt and sheets away from her body, she twisted to sit upright on the edge of the bed, her feet hovering just above the floor.  She stood up and stretched her arms above her head, her petite and perky bosom teasing the fabric of her baggy light blue
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Industrial Evolution by freeny Industrial Evolution :iconfreeny:freeny 3,154 276 Commission: Werewolf-Wolffire by lycanthropeful Commission: Werewolf-Wolffire :iconlycanthropeful:lycanthropeful 384 70
Too Many Drinks - Part III
12:31 PM
Harmony clutched the white cotton panties Sandy had discarded before bathing and placed her free hand on the small of Sandy’s back, guiding her toward Chuck’s room.  “Let’s see if we can throw an outfit together that doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing potato sacks,” she teased.
Sandy bit her lower lip as she tautly sauntered to the room she had known as a male, apprehensive towards being seen in public in her new anatomy.
“We’ll start with the panties.  I realize they’re tight, but that’s all we have to work with right now, Sandy,” Harmony reminded Chuck of her newly chosen name.
Sandy slotted her petite feet through the apertures of the panties.  As she slid them toward her waist, she noticed they slid with less friction, thanks to the smooth nature of her freshly trimmed lower body.  The panties slotted tightly around her waist, aggressively wrapping her robust bottom. A
:icondiscoadam:DiscoAdam 240 14
Too Many Drinks: Epilogue
4:38 PM
Sandy sat cross-legged on the sofa, her bulging stomach straddled between her thighs. A laptop rested precariously on her calves as her large stomach prevented her from placing it closer.  Cleavage bounded from her low-cut blue camisole that strained to encompass her pregnant proportions.  Black yoga pants clung to her legs as they were the pants she felt most comfortable in these days.  She strained to reach the keyboard while typing in a new search query, her arms contorting around her bulbous stomach and enlarged bosom.  She was thoroughly annoyed with her huge chest and inflated abdomen, wishing they were less of a hindrance.
She pondered how long it had been since she was able to see her feet while standing upright.  She recollected on memories of the sudden obstruction of her view that was her new, large bosom.  Over the past eight months, her stomach had expanded, growing with and finally surpassing her ample breasts, now filling much
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